The Best Dog Subscription Boxes Under $50 (2022)

Pooches, doggos, puppers… whatever you want to call them, dogs are the best of the best. No matter how horrible the day has been, dog owners know that their furry friend will be ready to greet them at the door with a wagging tail. A self-care box just can’t do what a dog can! It’s time to become the ultimate pet treater and give back to your unconditionally loving pal with some of the best subscriptions designed just for them!

From natural grain-free dog food and chewy treats to dog toys and cute collars, give your pup all the pampering they need with one of these dog-friendly subscription services.

For all dogs,


Dog Mom Box

From $40.00 per box
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Spoil your fur babies like it's Christmas every month with the Dog Mom Box. Toys, treats and gifts––including plenty of dog-mom swag––make it so that doting dog moms can enjoy alongside their puppers with a unique gift box curated specifically for them! Whether you opt for a month-to-month plan, a three-month or six-month plan or a full 12-month subscription, you're both in for a good time.


Monthly PupJoy Power Chewers Box, Treats & Toys, All Natural

From $37.00 per box
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It doesn't matter if they're a purebred or a shelter dog, your best bud deserves the world! Customized to your dog's size and needs, PupJoy is especially curated to bring you what you want, when you want it. Treat the special dogs in your life to a monthly subscription that delivers organic treats and artisan-made toys to make your friendship stronger than an XXL rawhide.


Treats Only Everyday Care Package Subscription

From $34.95 per box
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Daisy-Care's mission is to create memorable moments between you and your pooch. When this month-to-month subscription arrives at your front door, you can expect that an exciting unboxing experience awaits for your four-legged BFF (and you). Celebrate a puppy birthday or your adopt-a-versary with a box of toys, treats, teething bones, wellness goodies, and more!


BoxCat Giant Seasonal Cat Subscription Box

From $37.00 per box
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Treat your doggo to something fun and unique with BoxDog. What does every good dog need? That's right -- handmade bakery dog treats made from only the finest ingredients, vegan skincare items for a healthy, shiny coat, doggy clothing, and high-quality toys, gear, and gadgets. This special box is also highly-rated and totally worth it for large dogs and aggressive chewers!


Mystic Pup Box - Bimonthly Plan

From $45.75 per box
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Loyalty, love, and companionship: just a short list of what dogs offer us! The gang at Mystic Pup think it's high time they get in on a little self-care action, too. Featuring a monthly theme that's all about self-care and spirituality, this pup box delivers a mix of all-natural treats and toys for pup, along with aromatherapy, tea, candles, crystals and more for you.


12" Bully Sticks - Bundle of 10

From $55.00 per box
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Ideal for energetic dogs, allow Bully Bundles to take care of all your bully stick needs. Similar to the Bullymake Box, this monthly box is here to deliver safe, natural, and thick bully sticks for all the super chewers in your household––well, at least of the canine variety! Bully sticks are made from 100% digestible, dehydrated beef, making them safe, healthy, and long-lasting, too.

For specific dog breeds


Deluxe Wag Swag Box

From $44.00 per box
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Have a small dog who can be finicky when it comes to toys and treats? The small business pros behind Tiny Tails Box have put in all the work to find just the right mix of goodies for your small wonder! This is not a toys-only box. Unbox a mix of healthy, high-quality treats, a couple of cute, well-made toys, and a surprise item. And, for a little doggy fashion, opt for the Deluxe box option.