The Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes in 2021

If social distancing taught us anything, it’s that sometimes we have to take things into our own hands -- in the bedroom, too. Sex toy sales were booming while people everywhere looked to enhance solo play, spice up distanced relationships and add a little excitement in the bedroom, especially while the world outside was placed on hold. And the trend continues!

What are the benefits of a sex toy subscription box?

But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, a trip to the sex shop or a scroll down a spicy site can leave your head spinning. So. Many. Choices. Sex toy subscription boxes offer a way out of decision fatigue. The fantasy box will arrive discreetly on your doorstep each month bearing sexy, high-quality products that are dedicated to the big oh! What could be more exciting than that? And, it doesn’t matter what your situation is, boxes that cater to pleasurable play are curated for all types of couples and desires. It's time to live your best sex life.

(Also, this should go without saying, but this post is NSFW. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!)

What are the best sex toy subscription boxes?

1. Mystery Pleasure Box™ Sex Toy Subscription Box


Price: Starts at $59.99/month

What's Included: Mystery Pleasure Box is a subscription service that caters to same-sex or opposite-sex couples, and adventure seekers of all stripes. With a little something for everyone, discovering new bedroom accessories has never been easier -- and so affordable! Products change every month, so subscribers can explore a variety of high-quality sex toys, lubricants, lotions, and sexy accessories, all handpicked by industry experts.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 1st Friday after ordering, and then between the 13th-16th of future months

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2. Empress Mimi


Price: Starts at $33.33/month

What’s Included: Box reviews from happy subscribers say that Empress Mimi knows how to make any woman feel like royalty. Each monthly box sends lingerie and luxe sleepwear made of slinky, silky fabrics that offer a flattering, form-hugging fit for women sized XS to XXL. Opt for a beauty-on-a-budget box or max out with the Empress box filled with a lingerie set, loungewear, accessories and spicy lifestyle products!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.K. within 3-5 days of ordering, and then on the 7th of future months

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3. Adult Sex Box


Price: Starts at $52.67/month

What’s Included: Whether you're looking to change up your solo routine or spice up your relationship, the Adult Sex Box curates a mix of adult products that can take you from foreplay to a sensational finish. No matter your sexual preferences or kinks, from sensual and playful to fun and flirty, each box comes customized to your unique tastes, bringing toys, costumes and novelties that are sure to excite.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from Canada within 1 week of ordering

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4. Kink Crate


Price: Starts at $47.50/month

What's Included: Turn your bedroom into the pleasure parlor with Kink Crate and discover the ins and outs of a new adventure in every box! Curated for both novices and those with experience, this sexy subscription offers an assortment of kinky sex toys and useful accessories like vibrators, blindfolds, whips, cuffs and leather bindings, along with an informative handbook filled with helpful instructions and tips to keep things fun and safe!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 1 week of ordering, and then in the 4th week of future months

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5. LoveDrop | Bi Monthly Subscription Boxes


Price: Starts at $28.00/box

What's Included: Keep date nights fresh and fun with LoveDrop, a bi-monthly subscription box that will help you take it to the next level between the sheets. Each box is curated with both partners in mind and brings 2 steamy items like sex toys, lube and sexy games that enhance intimacy in a variety of scenarios. With discreet packaging, no one will know what goes on behind closed doors!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 10th of each month

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6. Surprise Honey!


Price: Starts at $39.99/month

What’s Included: Instead of just announcing your presence, as in, "Honey, I'm home!", get dressed to excite with Surprise Honey! Sex toys and accessories, along with lace, straps, garters, thigh-highs, and even gummy undies, will help you act out your sexual fantasies and try new things. Convenient, affordable and plenty of fun, each monthly box delivers themed surprises and gives you something to look forward to.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 5-10 days of ordering

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