The Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes of 2021 for Wellness and Goodies

Self-care means something different and wonderful to all of us. While we often think of it as beauty products and an hour spent pampering your physical body, mental health and wellness is just as much as part of self-care as fitness and bubble baths are. The best self-care subscription boxes make you feel like you forgot time and space for a little bit. You're able to turn inward to that quiet place that restores you.

What are the benefits of the best self-care subscription boxes?

If time is something you need in your day to find that quiet, a subscription box gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy it. Subscription boxes remove the decision fatigue of picking out new things. The special hand-curated collections of things you probably wouldn't have found yourself. The routine of a subscription box adds more time for mindfulness to your day. That peace of mind alone is a therapeutic activity.

What are some of the best self-care subscription boxes for new practicers?

A box with a variety of items in a section that's appealing to you is a great place to start. If skincare products are your jam, a beauty box like Therabox is a great option. If wellness products and adopting a new habit is what you're seeking, the 180 Box is a colorful and inspirational monthly arrival of self-care items. If home decor and comfort is what relaxes you, a hygge box is a great option to keep your space fresh and relaxing for ultimate stress relief.

What is the most popular subscription box for self care?

Below are some of our beloved self-care subscription boxes on the Cratejoy market who curate incredible boxes each month. Whether you're looking for a monthly or quarterly subscription, a box of healthy snacks or cruelty-free body-care products, we've included a little something for everyone.

1. Seasonal Earthlove Box


Price: Starts at $59.95/month

Why You'll Love It: Featured on Rolling Stone and Oprah, Earthlove is a mindful, eco-conscious lifestyle brand that brings a beautiful curation of self-care products to your door. Snacks, tea, wildcrafting, wellness, apothecary, aromatherapy, gardening, and clean beauty products like face masks are just some of the items that could be in each box. More, the boxes come with eco-challenges: guides and tips from a beekeeper and regenerative farmer. Self-care is an internal act, but ruminating on the larger world at hand can help us see our place in it.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S.; first box ships within five days of order, subsequent boxes ship quarterly in March, June, September, and December

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2. Hopebox™


Price: Starts at $50.99/month

Why You'll Love It: If calming anxiety is what you're seeking, Hopebox is for you. Named after the idea of inspiring hope even among the most restless minds, the self-care items included in each box speak to the soothing nature. Jewelry, snuggle buds, organic soaks, scrubs, and meticulously curated items are paired with inspiring stories of hope and renewal. Sometimes what we need is to look outside ourselves to find the strength to power within.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S.

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3. Read - By Introverts Retreat


Price: Starts at $23.00/month

Why You'll Love It: Relax, recharge, at home, alone: that's what Introverts Retreat states with their seller listing, and it is spot-on! If a good book, gourmet sweet and savory snacks, and a hot drink is your jam, then Introverts Retreat is the subscription box for you. Select from coffee, loose leaf tea, or cocoa for your drink. Subscribers receive a previously published in novel in a selection of three genres, and the best part is the Introverts Retreat Best Book Promise. If you don't like the book you get, let them know and they'll ship another!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S.

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4. Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit


Price: Starts at $39.00/month

Why You'll Love It: From the first box, Charka Box subscribers love the particulary-curated selection of items that are always vegan and cruelty-free. Guided meditations and yoga pose cards accompany these wellness goodies along with digital downloads of yoga classes, music, and books to really create the experience you're looking for when you settle in.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S.

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5. Nail Shack


Price: Starts at $XX.XX/month

Why You'll Love It: NAILShack is a beloved subscription box for those who unwind best with a manicure and self-made designs. This custom curated nail pack comes with easy-to-apply nail polish strips in designs that vary in each monthly subscription box. Each NAILShack comes with four full sets of nail polish sticker strips, one for each week until your next box arrives.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 10th and 25th

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6. Mindful Box by Mindful Souls


Price: Starts at $39.97/month

Why You'll Love It: Looking for a self-care box that will take you deeper into healing energy work? The Mindful Box by Mindful Souls helps you discover how everything from crystal work and aromatherapy, to affirmations and sacred jewelry can enhance your health and wellbeing. Simplifying spirituality and making it accessible for everyone, each monthly box will help you get acquainted to an array of spiritual tools and explore your innermost self.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. immediately after ordering, with renewals shipping on the 7th of each month

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7. Bath Blessing Box


Price: Starts at $37.99/month

Why You'll Love It: Every Bath Blessing Box is devoted to serving up some top-shelf pampering and helping you create a spa experience from the comforts of home. Prepare for a fragrant unboxing experience where you'll uncover full-size artisanal bath and body goodies made with all-natural ingredients and therapeutic essential oils, like scented soaps, hydrating body butters, bath salts, and fizzy bath bombs.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from U.S. between the 15th-20th of every month

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8. Sips by Box - Personalized Tea Discovery


Price: Starts at $15.00/every 3 months

Why You'll Love It: If sipping a fresh-brewed cup of tea in your comfiest loungewear is what self-care looks like to you, Sips By is here to help you discover your favorite tea flavors and brands. Fun and affordable, send a monthly gift box to yourself that's designed to match your unique flavor preferences. Simply take an online quiz detailing what you like, and unbox 4 premium teas, enough to brew 15 cups, that have been hand-selected just for you!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 2 weeks of ordering

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9. Coloring And Classics


Price: Starts at $14.00/month

Why You'll Love It: Devoting just 30 minutes a day to a calming activity has been proven to reduce stress, ease tension and improve your mood. With Coloring And Classics, refresh those energy levels by flexing those mental muscles with downtime activities that combine creativity, imagination and problem-solving. Each box brings 1 new hardcover book in a preferred genre, 1 adult coloring book, and 1 activity book, including everything from drawing how-tos to mind-bending mazes.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. within 2 business days from ordering, with renewals shipping on the 1st of each month

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