Make Flying a Breeze: Fun Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy on Airplanes

7 Great Subscriptions to Make Flying with Toddlers a Breeze

All airline passengers are familiar with the stress of being seated near a crying kiddo – no one more than that little one’s parents!

“We’re really great about limiting his screen time at home,” my friend, the parent of an 18-month-old, told me recently. “But when we’re flying? All bets are off. You want your movie on my iPad? You want your movie also playing on Daddy’s iPad? Whatever it takes to keep him happy – he’s got it.”

Anxiety about keeping young children quietly entertained for long stretches of flight time (plus the glares of flight attendants and childless passengers) keeps many new parents at home in the first years of their children’s lives.

But traveling with kids can be fun and rewarding. With the right attitude – and some awesome airplane activities in your tool belt – you can enjoy family travel with kids aged five and younger.

Subscriptions to the rescue!

With children, travel planning and more, sometimes just keeping your head on straight is challenging enough – who’s got time for shopping?

For busy parents, subscription boxes for kids can be life savers, delivering new toys, self-care items and more to your home each month. If you’re not already on top of this on-trend shopping model, here are a few ways subscriptions can make flying with kids a breeze.


Or, if you’re trying to outfit your family for a last-minute trip, check out Healthy Living Kids. This box takes a whole-child approach with fun, healthy snacks (with the option to select gluten- and nut-free on check-out) as well as toys, crayons, activity books, travel games and more, all curated by children's health experts. As an added bonus, this one ships within 3-5 days of ordering, so it’s great for last-minute vacations.


Unplug for screen-free quiet play

We all know to bring headphones (and back-up batteries for the headphones – and back-up batteries for the back-up batteries!) for quiet entertainment during plane rides. But if you, like most parents, are savvy about screen time, the learning-forward, quiet-time-focused Two Pink Balloons subscription has got your back.

Touting itself as “active early learning with no batteries required,” this subscription box delivers a felt lapboard and a variety of felt board activities, puzzles, coloring books, busy bags, pretend play items and more for children up to age 6. Products are handmade and crafted with child and toddler travel in mind, and each box centers on a different theme to keep your kiddos learning, even when your whole family is on the go. Guaranteed screen time-free!


Focus on creativity and learning

When your kids are so little, developmental milestones seem to come at lightning speed. Keep your children’s minds growing while you keep them entertained with subscriptions that emphasize creativity and play-learning.

The Little Learners Busy Box takes busy bags to a whole new -- boxy! -- level. Designed by a former teacher, this subscription comes with 5+ prepackaged activity kits per box you can mix and match to keep your children entertained, immersed and learning, even on long-haul flights. Plus, travel activities are designed to be re-usable, to enhance the long-term value of each shipment.