All Girl Shave Club Review | March 2017

All Girl Shave Club

Subscription Box: All Girl Shave Club

  • $10/mo for 3 Blade Beauty (razors only)
  • $15/mo for 5 Blade Babe (razors only)
  • $18/mo for 3 Blade Beauty razors  & shave butter
  • $25 for 5 Blade Babe razors & shave butter
  • $30 for 3 Blade Beauty & discovery products
  • $36 Blade Babe & discovery products

Shipping: Ships to Canada and United States
Details: All Girl Shave Club offers a luxury shaving experience at an affordable price. Not only will you receive premium razors, but you will also be surprised with specialty shaving and body products like shave butter, exfoliators, scrubs, and creams.

Each set comes with 6 refill cartridges, and the two sets with discovery products come with 8 total refill cartridges. Choose from Pink Champagne, Flirty Mermaid, Vanilla Cupcake, or Cotton Candy for Shave Butter scents (if applicable).

All Girl Shave Club

Shave like a girl: This premium razor comes with not one, not two, but six replacement blades! The handle itself is pink and has a nice weight to it, complete with a rubberized handle for better grip. Each razor refill contains a Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip and pivot head. Essentially, this razor makes my drugstore razors look like the kid-friendly safety scissors equivalent of razors.

Whip it good: This whipped shave butter helps you achieve the perfect shave and has the scent “Pink Champagne”. Ladies, this smells so good.  Its scent profile is described as the following: “Crisp, refreshing aroma of sparkling white wine with nuances of pomegranate and green apple, with hints of rose and geranium.” Give me this scent in ALL the forms – perfume, lotion, hair mousse… I would like to slather myself in this.

Other shave butter scents include Flirty Mermaid (berries and citrus, wrapped in white florals on a base of soft amber), Vanilla Cupcake (rich vanilla with a warm, lingering sweetness), and Cotton Candy (a fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry on a dry down of musks).

All Girl Shave Club

Verdict: All Girl Shave Club has my legs feelin’ like a dolphin because they’re SO smooth. I usually dread shaving or get too lazy about it, but I am actually excited to shave with these babies! I also appreciate that it ships bimonthly, as I am realistically not going to go through all six razors in a month. Definitely recommend this fun and practical subscription!