Behind the Box: An Interview with atomicpost

Welcome to Behind the Box, our new series to introduce you to exciting merchants on the Cratejoy Marketplace! Each of these merchants has a unique, important story to tell, and we’re eager to help spread the word.

Today, we sat down with Terry, the founder of atomicpost! This brand-new subscription box, sibling of more established science box MATTER, is perfect for those who want to learn new things and look cool doing it. Every month, atomicpost teaches subscribers about various scientific history, while sending a curation of themed swag like pins, patches, decals and stickers, concept art, and more. Subscribers can select between a prehistoric- or space-themed subscription.

As Terry says, “Science is sexy again!” Learn more about how atomicpost helps you learn -- and express your love of science with fan gear -- below.


Tell us your story! What inspired you to launch your business?

We love science. And after running one of the coolest science shops in the universe for a few years, we’ve realized that we’re not alone in our scientific love. atomicpost is for anyone who loves to learn something amazing and immediately share it with others.

That sounds like a great mission. What do you hope to accomplish with atomicpost?

Spread accurate science and encourage curious minds.

Why is your business unique? What do you offer that the world should know?

We make our items exclusively for atomicpost each month, so they cannot be found anywhere else. We are dedicated to promoting factual scientific knowledge in popular trends to help make intelligence "cool.”

Tell us a bit more about your curation process. How do you decide what goes into the box each month for your customers?

Each month is a different selection from the chosen theme: prehistoric life & spacecrafts. A new species of prehistoric animal or a new space mission is featured each month, respectively. We likely to alternate monthly between popular "crowd favorites" and more obscure, overlooked selections.

Awesome! Anything else you want customers to know?

atomicpost is for anyone who likes to learn something weird and immediately tell their friends. But with atomicpost, you also get mementos for the things you learn to help spark up conversation and make the world a smarter place.