Back to School Tips to Make Your School Year Great — Even in 2020

The "glass half-empty" way to look at it is that we've never seen a back-to-school season quite like this one, thanks to the global pandemic that is COVID-19. The "glass half-full" story? Your child's teacher has had more than an entire summer to prepare for the fall of 2020. So even if back-to-school shopping looks a little different and your morning routine won't be the same, you might find that you'll be pleasantly surprised by how engaging hybrid, online, and socially distanced in-person classes can be.

Learning can happen through a variety of mediums, and educators across the country are laser-focused on making sure your child's elementary school, high school, and any extracurricular activities are as engaging and exciting as possible — no matter whether school starts with the traditional bell, or the opening of a laptop at home for learning through digital media.

Your kiddos wake up on the first day of school excited and nervous; help them ease into a school routine with these back-to-school hacks, no matter what school looks like this fall.

If You Have Young Children


Keep in mind the power of consistency and school routine. By now, coronavirus has likely not just interrupted your routines: it has probably encouraged some new ones now. Spend some time thinking about the school routines you can keep from last year, and those that will need tweaking. Your youngest ones might have trouble understanding face masks, for example, or might miss their friends. All of these reactions are normal and to be expected.

Consider encouraging your young schoolchildren to learn even from toddlerhood with exactly the toys they need with Hoppi Box. These pre-K activities are curated by child development experts and each box, filled with high-quality, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable toys, is especially tailored to your baby’s age and developmental milestone. Even if the pandemic means you can't make it to preschool the way you were, rest easy that your child is getting the stimulation she needs from Hoppi Box.


Another great option for young kids, whether you use them as additional supplementary activities sure to get their mental gears turning or as a homeschooling activity, is iSprowt. For school-aged children ages 5-11, iSprowt is designed specifically to inspire young minds. Aligned around the national science standards to help kids excel at school and in life, created by teachers, adored by kids, and loved by parents, each hands-on kit is packed with 6-15 STEM projects, an exciting educational adventure book, Level Up activities, mazes, puzzles, search-a-word games, and videos. Who says schoolwork has to feel like work? With iSprowt, your young learners can take virtual learning into the real world of their own backyard.

If You Have Teens or Tweens

Remember that thing called a schedule? We know, it's tough to get back on track after any summer, let alone the summer of COVID-19. Want to stick to a schedule? Create a printable one, and hang it somewhere prominent for the family to share. There are simple ways to prioritize time management so that your teen or tween can stay on track, whether they're rushing through school mornings on their way to in-person classes or rushing to their laptops to engage in virtual learning.


Whether they're at school in person or at home, you'll want them properly fed for the best brain fuel. That's where SnackSack comes in. SnackSack's mission is to kick unhealthy snacks to the curb! Each monthly collection of smarter snacking is curated from 11-15 amazing brands. They center every month around seasonal themes and flavors, and you can choose from 4 Snacking Plans: Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Workplace. Smarter snacking is one of many simple ways to better learning. Why not start now?