Anime & Manga Subscription Boxes for Every Unique Fan (2022)

Anime is now spanning generations of Western popularity, amassing millions of anime fans around the globe. What makes Japanese animation so appealing to anime lovers? It's really quite simple. It's different -- and yet familiar with a distinct style of animation and high-quality storytelling.

Well, we are coming at your with a roundup of some of the best anime subscription boxes for otakus of all ages. Whether you like to binge popular anime series in one sitting, stock up on merch from your favorite anime fandom, or squee over all things kawaii while nibbling on Japanese snacks in colorful, charactered packaging, we've got monthly subscription boxes (some direct from Japan) filled with anime-themed goodies from all your favorite franchises!


Manga Spice Cafe Subscription - Month to Month

From $45.95 per box
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Bam! Just like that, you've unboxed an at-home manga cafe experience with a mystery box from Manga Spice Cafe. A simple way to get a taste for what it's all about, each pop culture-filled snack box is designed for those 15+, bringing all the manga cafe essentials, including a warm welcome from a sweet maid character, 3 newly released manga, a mix of Asian snacks and a cafe drink item.


Fangirl Monthly Box

From $18.50 per box
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Ideal for cosplay fans and anyone who gushes over Japanese characters, right from the first box of Fangirl Monthly, you'll be treated to collectibles of your favorite anime and manga series. Unbox a collection of fandom-inspired necklaces and accessories, a custom storage pouch, and a fan art postcard, all sporting fun, original designs. Want a sneak peak of next month's theme? Head over to Instagram and check it out!


The Mage's Emporium

From $26.33 per box
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The Mage's Emporium is a budget-friendly loot crate for self-proclaimed otakus -- a box that's all about indulging your favorite hobby! Prep yourself for high-quality geekery with a box of good-condition used manga, cards, and other fun add ins, like soaps and keychains. Featuring both shojo and shonen genres (ie. Pokemon and Dragon Ball), this box is suitable for all ages.


LGBTQ Manga Box

From $40.00 per box
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Subscribe to an anime crate that combines two of your favorite things -- manga and snacks! This isn't just any otaku box, the LGBTQ Manga Box explores queer romanticism with boy love and girl love themes. Each box introduces you to a new series, kicking it off right with Volume 1, and treats you to an assortment of tasty (and slightly wacky) snacks, like flavored Pocky, lollipops and fruit-flavored gels.


3D Light Lamp Box - Trending Anime, Manga, Games & Decor 3D Light Lamp Surprise Box For Geeks!

From $27.33 per box
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Want to geek out your dorm room or home with the exclusive items packed into the 3D Light Lamp Box? Well, just as the name suggests, you're in for a bright and shiny fan experience with a monthly delivery of a 3D LED Light Lamp in the shape of some of your favorite anime, manga and video game characters. Each lighted figurine is from a popular fandom, like My Hero Academia and Star Wars!


Mystery Manga Box

From $40.00 per box
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Indulge your passion for anime with a grab bag style subscription box. Prepare to be surprised with the Mystery Manga Box, a month-to-month subscription that sends 1 manga (Volume 1 and brand new), and snacks galore! Crack open a good read as you munch on sweet and salty Japanese treats, like fun-flavored Kit Kat bars and cheese rings -- followed by a fizzy drink to wash it all down.