The Best Beef Jerky Subscriptions for Carnivores with a Snack Habit

The best beef jerky combines great tasting ingredients, thickness of cuts, unique flavors and superior meat products, all rolled into one. Beef jerky is not all created equal, in fact, ‘perfect jerky’ is dependent on how it’s sourced and made. If you’re a meat lover who enjoys meat dried and shriveled, or you're following a paleo or keto diet and are on the hunt for a protein-packed snack that fuels, you’ll be stoked to know gourmet beef jerky is trending.

Imagine going from just your average run-of-the-mill Slim Jims and gas station varieties to becoming a bona fide beef jerky connoisseur. We’re giving you a head start by rounding up the best beef jerky subscriptions to add to your snacking repertoire. Here are some of the best subscription boxes to satisfy all your jerky cravings. Nom, nom, nom…


Stick in a Box

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With years of dried-meat curation in the bag, Stick in a Box features delicious jerky that aims to satisfy. Offering 3 different subscription levels that send anywhere from 2 bags of jerky up to a whopping 21 jerky products, there’s a box of flavorful, small-batch dried meat that'll work for every budget. You can choose to take it easy on the monthly supply of dried meat or go all in. Expert tip? Go all in.


Jerky Snob

From $15.49 per box
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Jerky is expensive to buy on a whim, and quality, tasty jerky can be hard to find. Luckily for you, curators at the Jerky Snob go out of their way to find only the best jerky around, and offer it up at an affordable price point. Not only does this box make the perfect gift or treat for any jerky lovers, it serves up quality jerky from select craft jerky brands who guarantee they use no preservatives, nitrates or MSG.


Beef Jerky of The Month Club

From $19.00 per box
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SumoJerky averages 5 stars for each review on the marketplace, and for good reason! Each box arrives with a handpicked curation of flavors and styles of craft jerky that go beyond the gas station varieties. A favorite for gifting, SumoJerky's Beef Jerky of the Month Club comes in four subscription options: 2 bags, 4 bags, 6 bags, or 12 bags.


Two Flavor Membership

From $20.00 per box
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ClubJerky delivers the finest, hand-crafted jerky minus popular name brands. For jerky fanatics who want to try different jerkies, unique flavors and meat types from around the world, like venison or snake, this monthly box delivers 4 bags of high-quality craft jerky each month right to your door. Sample the wide world of jerky makers one bag at a time!



From $11.05 per box
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LOLJerky delivers a protein-rich healthy surprise that's perfect for jerky gents and ladies. No matter what their taste persuasions are, dedicated curators set out to showcase delicious dried meat offerings from independent small producers. Choose to get between 1-8 bags of low-sugar, low-preservative artisanal jerky in lots of different flavors, including classics, like Smoked BBQ, and new flavors, like Aloha Teriyaki and Sweet Citrus.


6 Bags / Month

From $21.00 per box
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Enjoy everything from Hot Habanero to Hickory Smoked jerkies from Nativo Beef Jerky. If you're looking for a jerky gift that will last a long time and still taste as fresh as when it was produced, this is what you're after. The makers use a focused drying process that's cleaner and healthier, and yields a superior artisan jerky. Open the bag, take a bite and enjoy smokey, spicy jerky every month.


Little Jerk

From $25.75 per box
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You, my dad, everyone and their cousins are sure to find a craft beef jerky brand that ticks all the boxes with Box of Jerks. This beef jerky subscription box sends subscribers jerkies that are full of flavor and character. All made from smaller, local producers, there's no supermarket jerky here. Try out a single box or send yourself some healthy snacks on auto-pilot with a monthly subscription.


Righteous Felon 6 Pack Sampler

From $25.00 per box
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Righteous Felon is one of our newest marketplace additions, but it's already made a splash. With unique flavors like Truffle-O Soldier (a taste of the frontier) and Bourbon Franklin (bourbon vanilla), this craft jerky brand is perfect for those who also appreciate good packaging. The bulls on each bag match the vibe, and the 12-pack sampler even comes with beef sticks.