The Best Candle & Wax Melt Subscription Boxes for a Fresh Spring

The moment a candle is lit, the atmosphere and ambiance of a home instantly changes. If you're looking for a deluxe surprise gift or wish to treat yourself to the simple pleasures that a candlelit lifestyle inspires, it's time to skip the sensory overload of Yankee candles and virtually sniff through the monthly candle subscriptions on the Cratejoy Marketplace! Filled with limited-edition and unique scents, a range of candle sizes, and plenty of soy wax melts, too, monthly subscription services offer artisanal craftsmanship and a joyful experience.

Whether you want a curated mix of scented candles and home goods, a luxury candle-of-the-month club, or a box that caters to your individual scent preferences, we're here for you! Create a tranquil environment or help that special someone bask in a warm glow with some of our favorite artisan candle subscriptions.



Monthly Medium Box

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Find your favorite scents with a candle club that cares about your fragrance preferences with Wickbox. A practical and luxurious gift that, each subscriber begins the personalization process by completing a scent profile. Then, each month, they'll unbox a surprise medium candle, hand-poured in an elegant reusable jar, intentionally selected to match any home decor!



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Make a difference in education with the KOS Candle Club, a monthly candles-for-a-cause subscription! Subscribers enjoy hand-poured small-batch soy candles that feature new scents, while 10% of profits are donated to educational nonprofits. From a scene-setting date night subscription to a sweet "thinking of you" gift, this subscription is a win-win.


Candle Therapy - Monthly subscription

From $16.50 per box
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Pure ingredients, therapeutic-grade fragrance oils, steam-distilled plant extracts and a simple, stylish jar is what you can expect from a monthly subscription to Monterra's Candle Therapy. No overpowering scents here –– each eco-friendly, clean-burning jar candle aims to enhance your mood and overall well-being through subtle, healing aromatherapy.


Fire and Nice

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More than just a candle, Fire and Nice makes it easy to create a mindful self-care routine with high-quality products crafted from the finest cruelty-free ingredients. Perfect to create an at-home spa day experience, encourage relaxation with a themed mix that includes an aromatic natural candle and pampering products, like handmade soaps, face masks and body care items.


The Rustic Barn Candle of the Month Subscription

From $31.31 per box
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Perfect for indoor and outdoor fellows, the all-natural vegan soy candles from the Rustic Barn are here to brighten any home. Each candle is scented with essential oils and handcrafted in the USA from soy wax and a metal-free, ring-spun cotton wick. Send a self-care surprise, complete with seasonal scent, with an 8oz jar and a 4oz tin candle for up to 75 hours of burn time.


Fire Doll Candle Club

From $21.00 per box
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Right from the first box from Fire Doll Studio, candle lovers can embrace cozy comforts with a candle-of-the-month club or a quarterly box filled with seasonal candles. Each subscription option is curated to send warm vibes by way of high-quality votives, pillars and jar candles that fill the home with inviting fragrances. From New York to California, it's time to treat yo'self to sweet-smelling relaxation.


Vegan Soy Candle Subscription Two Large 16 oz candles

From $39.58 per box
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Want to ensure that your home is filled with candles that guarantee a clear, soot-free burn? Join the Purple Vertigo Candle Club and get top-quality natural candles delivered right to your front door. Along with delicious scents, each vegan candle is phthalte-free, and made from pure soy wax, therapeutic-grade essential oils and clean-burning cotton wicks.

Candles & Wax Melts


Smelly Club

From $20.17 per box
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Sporting clever names like 'Baked Bread', 'Crazy Cat Lady', or 'Gimme Coffee', each box from The Burlap Bag Candle Club delivers the month's scent to candle lovers who share a good sense of humor. Pick up a fun thank-you gift or a little stress relief with a family-run monthly box that features a softly-scented soy wax candle, hand-poured in a 9oz amber jar.


Candle & Melt of the Month!

From $14.33 per box
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Can't decide if you prefer the soft glow of a candle or the subtle scent of a wax melt? With the Candle & Melt of the Month box from Wax & Wit, you don't have to! This woman-owned-and-operated club celebrates all things home fragrance by sending a 9oz candle and a wax melt every month. Sample even more delicious scents with plenty of monthly variety and samples, too.


Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co. Box (Ships Free!)

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Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co. is here to deliver extraordinary candles and wax melts for discerning noses. With plenty of options to choose from, subscribers will get just what they're after. Whether you want candles, wax melts or a mix, simply choose to get a monthly scent surprise or pick from your favorites so you know exactly what's on the way.


Only a Little Wild - Soy Candles - 2 Small Tins / Month

From $25.00 per box
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From only a little wild to wild and melty, The Wild Susan Company packs a fragrant punch with 4 unique subscription options that are filled with top-quality soy candles and wax melts. No matter the size, the emphasis of each box is on clean, long-burning candles and wax melts made from quality ingredients that feature unique scents named with Austin pride.


Wax Melt Subscription Box

From $27.00 per box
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Whether you're looking for a unique housewarming gift or a Mother's Day treat, the Wax Melt subscription box from Perfectly Soy Candles is filled with plenty of scent variety. Each month brings wax melts in themed shapes and 4 different phthalate-free scents, each lasting a week, along with a special extra like a tea light, votive, or sweet treat.