5 Artistic Coloring Book Subscription Boxes

Posted by Madhu

Kids enjoy coloring, but did you know they have elaborate adult coloring books to help reduce anxiety and stress?

Make your newest family activity art time through coloring and art subscription boxes. You’ll stimulate your child’s imagination while giving yourself a little relaxation time away from screens.

These 5 coloring book subscription boxes can provide you all the materials to get started!


1. Monthly Coloring Club

Monthly Coloring Club

Price: Starts at $6.00/mo

What You’ll Get: With proven Therapeutic Value™, there’s no better escape from day-to-day life than a monthly coloring club. Choose between 6 digital printables or 6 thick, 110lb card stock with two different design options.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 20th of every month

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2. ScrawlrBox


Price: £15.00/mo

What You’ll Get: How are you meant to color if you don’t have the right tools? ScrawlrBox sets you up with 6 art supplies and utensils such as markers, pencils, paint, and pens as well a print from an artist to inspire you.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 17th of every month

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3. Doodle Art by CraftyKizzy

Doodle Art

Price: Starts at $8.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Doodle Art makes sure your kids can get excited about coloring time, too! The first subscription option includes 2 coloring cards, envelopes, washi tape, gel pens, stamps, and a few mystery items for flare. The second option includes 6 cards with envelopes, stamps, and themed stationery treats.

Shipping: Ships worldwide. Check listing for shipping details.

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4. Chroma.club


Price: Starts at $8.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Chroma.club uses eco-friendly materials to deliver you a bespoke, intricate coloring book with challenging art that you can frame. Support artists and fuel your creativity with a little help from them.

Shipping: Ships worldwide within a week of subscribing

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5. Peace Love and Wine

Peace Love and Wine

Price: Starts at $9.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Combine your love of wine with mindfulness, charity, and coloring art. You’ll receive wine-related printable coloring pages, accessories, home goods, meditation activities, wine deals, and much more. A whopping 60% of proceeds is donated to ALS Association, the Arts, Medical Research.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 15th of every month

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