The Best Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees for Remote Appreciation (2021)

Gift ideas for your top-performing employees can be tough: you want to strike that balance between professional and personal. Does a branded tumbler or tote, or a cell phone charger or keychain with your company's logo on it really convey to them how much you care? We think not.

What's the best way to show appreciation for employees?

The truth of the matter is that the ideal corporate gift isn't something that comes from Amazon and isn't delivered in a stainless steel, logo-ed travel mug. Personalized gift boxes can help you find that sweet spot between professional and personal, a gifting strategy that will undoubtedly deepen your employees loyalty to you by proving to them that they are more than the work they do.

When's the best time to purchase a corporate gift for employees?

Since you’ll want to ensure that your holiday gifts arrive during the holiday season, it’s time to make your move. Late October to late November is the best time to order employee gifts for them to arrive on time, but pay close attention, because each seller is different in their send schedules!

What are the best corporate gift ideas for employees?


Celebrate States

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While it's not always possible to grab the backpacks and hit the road to celebrate every on-the-job milestone, Celebrate States is a fun gift box that gives your employees the chance to bond over a shared travel experience of a different variety. Journey as a team to different destinations with a monthly box that centers around a new location, and explores the states through classic goodies, local small-batch treats, maps and fun facts.


Mixed Single Cup Club Membership

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When you know the job is demanding but there just isn't a power bank to juice up the team, opt for caffeine sent by way of the Single Cup Club. Perfect for the break room or home office, Keurig owners will love the convenience of the Mixed Cup Membership, a monthly delivery of 15 handpicked artisan K-cups, 5 of each new brew from the sponsored roaster. They'll enjoy it all -- light, medium, dark and flavored blends!


SnackSack Classic

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Skip the business card holder and head straight to the snacks, because everyone needs fuel in the tank to keep moving forward on the job! A great thing about SnackSack is that they offer customizable gift options that work for all employees, available in classic, vegan, gluten-free and vegan+GF boxes. Keep the break room stocked with a mix of seasonally flavored snacks, like protein bars, pretzels, dry fruits, cookies, chips and more.



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Far better than a coffee mug emblazoned with your company name, are the bold and delicious brews poured into it, and the cookies served alongside it! That's what makes the Gourmet Box by Match Made Coffee such a great gift idea for employees. Every month they'll be treated to a curated selection of 2 craft coffees, and 2 freshly-baked cookies that have been hand-selected as the perfect match to each roast.


Monthly Mocktail Box - Raising the Bar

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Instead of meeting up at the bar for happy hour after a long day on the job, show employee recognition by sending a unique drinking experience with the Monthly Mocktail Box from Raising the Bar. This cocktail courier features fabulous alcohol-free beverage kits that make it easy to serve up delicious, sparkly concoctions. Get them prepped with all that's needed to mix, stir, and shake up an innovative, seasonally-flavored mocktail.


Mix Box

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Nothing says employee appreciation like sweets, making the Mix Box a fun curated box for those who love baking (and eating!) desserts. Each month, subscribers get everything they need to make from-scratch desserts -- clear step-by-step instructions, pre-measured ingredients and useful kitchen gadgets. Desserts change monthly, although the crowd-pleasing cinnamon bun option is always available to swap out.


We Craft Box

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One of the best corporate gifts for employees who are parents, We Craft Box sends a monthly themed story along with 4 or more coordinated crafts. Help kids get off screens and explore their creative side with a craft kit that brings all the necessary materials, along with straightforward photo instructions. Just what your valued moms and dads need, give them the gift of stress-free activities for their kiddos!


Monthly Popcorn Subscription

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No need to worry about dietary restrictions with a naturally vegan and gluten-free food gift from Kernel Crate. Popped fresh just days before it's sent out, every delicious morsel of popcorn delivers a one-of-a-kind taste experience. They'll unpack 3 bags of uniquely flavored popcorn, including sweet treats, like cinnamon roll and horchata, or savory delights, like BBQ bacon and pickle. It's the ultimate grab bag for popcorn lovers!


The Adults & Crafts Crate

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Show employees your appreciation for their hard work with a kit designed for crafty adults. A gift of different variety, each month brings detailed instructions for a new project where they'll learn a new crafting technique, like clockmaking or engraving. An all-inclusive kit, The Adults & Crafts Crate delivers materials, tools and accessories to create trendy home goods. It's a thoughtful gift for employees who need a little creative downtime.


Escape the Crate: An Escape Room Adventure shipped straight to your door.

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Let your employees take family-and-friend game night to another level with Escape the Crate, an escape room in a box. Every other month, appreciation gift meets an adventure filled with riddles and puzzles to solve. Unbox all the accessories and props that are needed to make an escape, like ciphers, letters, and sleuthing tools. This is one of the most exciting gift ideas to remind employees that life doesn't have to be all work and no play!


Mystery Adventure Club Subscription

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A unique corporate gift for employees with children, Mystery Adventure Club delivers a bi-monthly interactive experience for children. Families will unbox a fully-contained mystery with clues to follow, characters to get to know, and stories to inhabit. Everything needed to solve the mystery is included. Support fostering imagination and critical thinking skills with a one-of-a-kind gift that definitely beats promotional products!


Read & Relax Box By Introverts Retreat

From $37.00 per box
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Can a custom corporate gift be less gift card and more care package? There's no rules against it, and what's more, investing in your employees' mental well-being with a little relaxation support can up productivity! With Read, Relax & Recharge by Introverts Retreat, they'll get a reminder to hit the pause button and direct their focus inward with deluxe body care goodies, essential oils, pampering products and a good read.