The Best Empowerment Boxes for Girls, Teens, & Women (2022)

Who runs the world? WOMEN. And here on Cratejoy, we have a bevy of motivational boxes to empower and inspire ladies through Women’s History Month and beyond. We’re talking about every type of gal…from girls to teens to boss babes.

Each box featured here is selected for its ability to inspire, encourage, empower, and elevate females, so what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner queen with our top box picks below!

For Imaginative Little Girls to Tweens,


The Girl-a-Tude Subcription Box!

From $19.99 per box
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“Empowering girls 1 t-shirt at a time” is the motto of this unique box. Catering to all ages, Girl-a-Tude delivers 1 t-shirt, an age appropriate gift, and a personalized note every month. They curate each gift box around a female empowerment theme, making this subscription extra awesome for little ones in their formative younger years.


WISHBOX - Quarterly Box

From $43.99 per box
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When it comes to young girls, sometimes all they need is a reminder they’re awesome…and that you’re thinking about them. Specially curated for cuties aged tween and under, WISHBOX is a seasonal subscription sent every three months…just enough to make each box feel special. What’s inside? Every themed box delivers a collection of fab new products she’ll use to jazz up her outfits, in the classroom, and on the playground to share with her friends.

For Sparkling Tweens to Teens,


Organic Goddesses

From $55.00 per box
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While A Genie’s Dream is an intriguing choice for women of all ages, we especially recommend it for teens to college-age young ladies interested in exploring new aspects of who they are. The box encourages mysticism and helps subscribers explore spirituality with tools of the trade like tarot cards, essential oils, soy candles, and crystals…plus picks to pamper her, decorate her space, inspire her style, and cater to her monthly cycle.


One Girl Inspired

From $35.70 per box
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Made to motivate girls aged 13-18, One Girl Inspired packs each box with journals, personal development books, tech gadgets, and more to help strengthen her self confidence and help her accomplish her goals. And, because we are talking about teen girls, after all, the box is also suitably stocked with fun finds like nail polish, beauty items, jewelry, and other small accessories.


IBBEAUTIFUL for Teen + Tween Girls

From $29.00 per box
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Is she beautiful? Of course she is! Uniquely so, because she’s a person all her own. iBbeautiful helps teen girls realize their incomparable inner beauty and strength with a selection of useful, uplifting items that build confidence and celebrate individuality. (Think beauty products, accessories, jewelry, and more.)


Hey Doll! Teen+Tween Subscription Box for Girls

From $47.00 per box
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Whether she’s a tween recently embarking on her womanhood journey or a teen navigating the complex social nuances of high school life, Hey Doll is here to help. This bi-monthly subscription delivers a varied selection of themed items she’ll find empowering and intriguing: everything from books to body products to remind her she’s worthy, smart, and beautiful–inside and out.


Cultivate Kindness Box

From $15.99 per box
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Teach her to choose empathy and understanding with the Cultivate Kindness Box. In addition to including a tee and up to six deluxe items to pamper, educate, inspire, and delight, this subscription is curated to give back to charities. Think about it! Each box could be helping to feed the hungry, save animals, clothe the needy–you name it. It’s the box to help her feel good and make a difference while indulging in some self care.

For Grown Gals & Lovely Ladies,


Smartass & Sass *SHIRT-ONLY* Subscription

From $17.95 per box
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Smartass & Sass is a gift and subscription service for snarky women and cynical a**holes. They hand-select handmade products from artists and businesses that not only support women, but are also sure to make you giggle. How about that for girl power?



From $55.49 per box
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You never outgrow needing encouragement. And, true to its name, Hopebox™ delivers the ultimate in tangible hope. This treasure trove of self care, including everything from aromatherapy to body care, also includes a personal message to inspire faith in anyone struggling. Even better, items are selected from artisans with their own stories of renewal to inspire and empower the recipient every single month.


Monthly Barbella Box

From $54.99 per box
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Women are STRONG. (In so many ways!) Barbella Box helps empower women to be the healthiest versions of themselves with fitness essentials like crossfit and weightlifting gear to inspire wellness journeys now and encourage them into the future.


Wild Woman Box

From $37.08 per box
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She’s adventurous. She’s outdoorsy. She’s brave, she’s bold, and she’s utterly unafraid. If this sounds like you or someone you love, go ahead and hit subscribe on the Wild Woman box. This box fuels her natural grit and inner power with snacks, body products, and inspiration aplenty for all her adventures.


Sparkle Hustle Grow Entrepreneur Box

From $61.42 per box
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Entrepreneurial sorts will find plenty of support for their glass-shattering ambition with the Sparkle Hustle Grow box. This subscription gives women everything needed to meet goals and make dreams a reality, including office supplies, self-help books, and connection to a community of kindred spirits with the wisdom to help them grow personally and professionally.


Self Care Kits for Motivated Women

From $37.00 per box
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Brimming with workbooks, self-help, and themed reads, Success Crate helps entrepreneurs, team leads, and anyone freshly embarking on a professional journey reach goals and find strategies to take careers to the next level. Plus, each kit includes useful office items, notepads, journals, and more she’ll appreciate on the job…and on her way to the top.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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You can’t run the world without treating yourself. That’s why TheraBox is so special. Created by therapists, this monthly self-care package eases stress and promotes well-being with happiness-promoting activities and plenty of goodies to soothe the soul and pamper the body.


Box for Boss: Selfcare & Business Items for Busy Entrepreneurs

From $42.99 per box
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If she’s already the boss…or aspires to become one, BOX for Boss has everything she needs to boost her spirit and build her business acumen. In addition to office essentials like stationary, tech essentials, planners, and ideas to keep her organized, the box also features self care…because you can’t be your best without feeling your most fabulous. Designed with a 360-degree approach to wellness, this is the box for women who want to become their best selves at the office and every day.



From $17.04 per box
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You’re worth it: that’s the message behind the Feeling Fab box. This much-buzzed about box promotes beauty, health, wellness, and spirituality–all in one charming package. Taking care of oneself is of utmost importance; you have to encourage yourself before you can encourage others, after all. So treat yourself!


180 Degree Self-care Lifestyle Box

From $52.98 per box
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Once a month, pencil in a DIY self-care day with the help of the 180-Degree Lifestyle Box. Curated with items from small businesses (many of them women-owned), this subscription delivers special treats for the body and soul designed to remind subscribers to enjoy a little me time. Enjoy everything from beauty products to home decor and way more.