The Best Gardening Subscription Boxes: Seeds, Plants, Succulents, Oh My!

Gardening can be intimidating for anyone who believes they don't have a green thumb. If you're a beginner who hasn't had the best luck when it comes to maintaining at-home house plants, sit tight because our list of plant subscription boxes will have you growing a beautiful garden in no time! There are many benefits to adding a bit of greenery to your home, and fear shouldn't get in the way of designing your beautiful relaxing sanctuary.

The great thing about monthly subscription boxes and plant-of-the-month clubs is that they make gardening easy, simple, and fun to do solo or with the family. Grow your houseplant collection or start your herb garden no matter if you live in a house or an apartment in the city. Who doesn't want to look reap the benefits of getting quality air and staring at a beautiful windowsill all day long?


My Garden Box

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A bestseller for good reason, My Garden Box gets rave reviews from happy subscribers who love their ingenuity and attention to detail. Each box brings a unique DIY project that makes living decor, providing all that's needed to pot and display a wide variety of indoor or outdoor plants in fun and clever ways! Unbox all you need, including a healthy plant, soil, pot, gravel and illustrated growing and care instructions.



Succulents Box

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Say "aloe" to some new little friends with the Succulents Box, a budget-friendly monthly subscription that gives you the perfect opportunity to grow a collection of cheerful succulents or air plants. Perfect to make sure you get a little happy mail every month, you can receive between 1-4 easy-care plants in 2-inch plastic pots or clay pots, plus plant identification cards and specific care instructions.



SEED CLUB PRO MEMBERSHIP 🌱 Urban Organic Gardener

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Want to know where your food comes from? Start growing it right at home and you'll get to see the whole process from soil to plate! Offering 2 subscription tiers to meet your specific container or outdoor gardening needs, Urban Organic is here to send you either 1 or 5 mystery seed packs, guaranteed to be the highest quality organic heirloom seeds, matched to your unique space and sunlight requirements.


Monthly Seed Subscription

From $10.00 per box
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Gardeners know that fresh air, sunshine, and home-grown produce are just a few perks of the pastime. So, use this season to get prepared for another round of playing in the dirt with a little help from Easy Come Easy Grow, a monthly seed subscription that's focused on sending a wide variety of high-quality herb and vegetable seeds. Each month's box focuses on seasonal seed packets to ensure healthy, vibrant plants.


Cactus Seed Club

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For those who have always wanted a cacti garden, the dream can be made into reality with home delivered seeds. Get everything you need to start your Cactus Club with a monthly delivery of two varieties of seeds, an info card, care instructions, and a planting guide. From the Purple Prickly Pear to Saguaro, learn and start your garden at an affordable price!