The Best Gifts for College Guys Are Useful, Unique Subscriptions (2021)

Hard work, late nights, memory-making, stress and loads of fun: this is just a glimpse of college life. The Cratejoy marketplace makes it easy to send your son, nephew, brother or friend a gift box that’s curated specifically to meet all his student needs, and filled with practical gifts (think coffee and snacks), cool gifts, and a little connection to help him feel less homesick.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift or care package to send directly to your favorite college student or grad at college campuses across the country, this handy gift guide will point you towards fun, practical and cheap gifts for young men!

What are the best gifts for college guys?


VINYL MOON Membership

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Whether he's listening on his fave wireless headphones or blasting it out of his high-end bluetooth speaker, VINYL MOON is a great gift option for all music loving students. Help him add new tunes to the soundtrack of his life by sending him the latest volume of Vinyl Moon, an album pressed on color vinyl with custom-designed jackets and inserts, that features a tracklist of 10 trendy, scene-worthy artists.


The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

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Since students' social lives are a little more relaxed these days, send a fun gift that will treat him to hours of challenging gameplay with The Deadbolt Mystery Society. Perfect for gamers and puzzle lovers, he can fly solo or work with a group of friends, diving into a well-written mystery that's packed with suspense, clues, puzzles and secret codes just waiting to be unraveled. And, it's a great gift for high school guys, too!


Exotic Noods

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Meals made in college dorms leave plenty to be desired, but by gifting your college guy a monthly subscription to Exotic Noods, you can help him level up his ramen noodle game! Send a tabletop delight that features premium ramen packs, just-add-water bowls, or a combo of both. Plus with a month-to-month subscription you can ensure he's got 3-8 easy-to-make meals right on up to his college graduation.


Cold Brew Club Monthly Subscription

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College girls and guys both can get behind one thing -- coffee, and lots of it! The Cold Brew Club has just what they need for those 9am classes and all night study sessions. Skip the coffee maker entirely and opt for easy and convenient cold brew that's delivered in a fridge-friendly pouch. All they have to do is add water, fix it how they like it and serve it up hot or cold.


Basic Man Subscription

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Ensure that the big man on campus has clean wardrobe basics at all times with the monthly Basic Man Subscription. A useful and practical college gift, instead of a new trendy outfit that he may or may not like, this box focuses on comfy, durable essentials. He'll get a coordinated set that includes a fresh pair of odor-resistant boxer briefs, a long-lasting pair of socks, and a cozy, solid T-shirt in a wide range of colors.


The Hop-Heads Beer Club

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One of the best gifts for all the college boys 21+ is the Hop-Heads Beer Club. This monthly box will keep his dorm room mini-fridge stocked by sending an exploratory 12-pack of hoppy craft beers, including Pale Ales, IPAs, Imperial IPLs and more. Each month features new American and international craft beers from a variety of breweries and an info-packed newsletter detailing each pick.


Comic Mystery Box

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Give him a break from textbooks and case studies by treating him to a stack of his favorite reading material with the Comic Mystery Box. Great to send as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a gift for any special occasion, each box is curated around his favorite comic characters, sending 15 vintage or present-day collector’s comics. He'll unbox new and back issues, variants and first editions, all meticulously inspected and in like-new condition.


Fresche Box

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Fresche Box is a great way to get him the toiletries he needs, and it's more fun than an Amazon gift card! A discovery box for premium products, each month sends 5 sample-sized items that are perfect to try before he buys. He'll complete a profile of what he'd like, including skincare, haircare, shaving necessities, beard oils and other beard care goodies, then he'll get a surprise mix of some of the best products on the market.


Jerky Snob

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Dudes who care as much about their daily workouts as they do about academics can get a quick protein boost from Jerky Snob. Ideal for keto dieters, paleo enthusiasts, and everyday snackers, each box delivers a handpicked selection of high-quality artisan jerky. Choose from 3 different subscription tiers to send him the best of the best in dried meat, in both classic and original flavors.


Dungeon Crate™

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Pick up a graduation gift or any-day gift that's perfect for D&D fans who have a dedicated playgroup. Dungeon Crate will help take his tabletop set-up to the next level. Curated by fellow gamers, each month's box brings handpicked RPG goodies, including downloadable adventures, campaigns and battle maps, corresponding Reapers minis, dice and other gameplay props that are perfect for both DMs and players.


He Time by My Me Time Box- JUNE BOX SHIPS JUNE 5th

From $62.50 per box
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School is stressful. Since there's no denying that, hook him up with a box that gives him a gentle nudge to look after himself and take a break when he needs it. The He Time box is designed exclusively for men, packing in premium, Etsy-quality grooming necessities and lifestyle essentials to help him look and feel his best. He'll get a mix of goodies, like skincare items, aromatherapy or a hydro flask to keep him hydrated.


All He Loves

From $45.00 per box
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Convenience and preparedness are vital for college success, and the All He Loves Box is here to deliver just what he needs. Crammed full of lifestyle enhancing products, each month brings premium must-haves including everything from handyman tools and high-quality tech gadgets to survival gear or a stainless steel tumbler, dishwasher safe, of course! Since time is in short supply, let the pros go through all the trial and error of finding the best.


Enigma Fellowship

From $20.50 per box
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Want to send your college kid a gift that will get his head out of the books and off Netflix for at least a couple of hours? Enigma Fellowship is perfect at providing entertaining playtime! Adventure is the name of the game with this escape room-style gaming experience that's complete with intricate stories and interactive puzzles and clues. Plus, he has the choice of going it alone or inviting friends over to give it that old college try.