It’s Pisces Season! Find Gifts They’ll Love

As a fellow water sign (Scorpio, checking in!) I have been drawn to Pisces my whole life. When I meet someone and it instantly clicks like we’ve known each other our whole lives, more often than not, it turns out that they're a Pisces. The zodiac sign covering people born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces is truly one of the most magical signs in astrology: sensitive, gracious, intuitive, and imaginative.

Not surprisingly, I have many near and dear Pisces friends in my life, so I am well-versed in finding the perfect gift for them. What a Pisces truly wants is a present as unique as they are, whether it’s something that relates to their (many) creative hobbies or a present that feeds into the hidden current of nostalgia flowing through their hearts. Since it’s finally their season, let’s talk about what we can give to our beloved heartfelt, sincere, and watery visionaries.


The Art Club Box

From $45.00 per box
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What You’ll Get: Pisces deserve art that is as unique and ever-growing as they are. One-of-a-kind wall prints, mugs, hand-stamped bandannas, screen printed shirts, stickers: you name it, if it’s quirky, cool, and artsy, your Pisces friend is probably going to cherish it. I have found so many of my best gifts for Pisces friends at local craft markets and through discovering new artists online, and this box is perfect for delivering them something new that they’ve never seen before.

Shipping: Boxes ship around the 11th of the month.

Review: “I believe in supporting small businesses and promoting new products. This box does that. Small company with in-house made products. Great quality and not your ordinary products. These are fresh, relevant, thoughtfully-made. 10 out of 10.” — Sheresa C.


Soul Gifts Box - Personalized Crystal Subscription Box

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What You’ll Get: I have never met a single Pisces that didn’t have (or really want!) a robust rock collection. I think that there is something stoic, solid, and mystical about stones, minerals, and rocks that calls deeply and personally to people born under this sun sign. This box offers crystals that are personalized and curated just for your Pisces! Fill out a short survey and then you’ll have the perfect gift for your favorite fish.

Shipping: Orders placed before the 16th of the month will ship on the 20th of the month, orders placed after the 16th will be shipped on the 20th of the following month.

Review: “I’m thoroughly enjoying every ‘surprise box’ of minerals each month. It’s akin to taking a Crystals, Rocks & Minerals Class 101. How does she know exactly what’s going on in my life AND THEN that remedy shows up in my mailbox? Purchase this for yourself and gift it to a friend. You’ll both be better off with that additional boost each month. Do it!” — Don P.


Craftee DIY Box

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What You’ll Get: Most Pisces love a beautiful, aesthetic project—especially if it’s DIY and very hands-on. Supporting them in their creative endeavors is easy with this box, as each craft is gorgeous and teaches them a brand new artistic skill that they’ll cherish forever.

Shipping: Boxes ship on the 20th of each month.

Review: “I subscribed to Craftee because I needed a pick-me-up. They have not disappointed. Each kit has been something that I’ve enjoyed with easy-to-follow instructions. The leftover materials can be used to continue practicing the newly acquired skills. The materials are high quality and everything that is needed is included in the kit.” — Jennifer W.


Sip & Scent (Beverage + 4oz Candle)

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What You’ll Get: Pisces love their rituals, particularly if it involves the combination of a candle and a cozy hot beverage. I can completely envision every single one of my Pisces friends sitting in their comfiest outfit, on their comfiest chair, with their favorite mug full of their favorite hot drink, blowing ever so gently on the wisps of steam so that it’s just the right temperature before the first, divine sip. This box is the epitome of that simple pleasure.

Shipping: Boxes ship by the 10th of each month. Orders placed after the 4th will be shipped the following month.

Review: “I LOVE this subscription so much!! I chose the Sip & Scent box and am so impressed. It has high quality items and is packaged beautifully. Will definitely be checking out the other boxes.” — Emily B.


Explore Local Box Monthly

From $45.00 per box
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What You’ll Get: If you have Pisces people in your life like the ones in mine, they love to travel, but hate to leave the house. (A thing I very much share in common!) Feed that travel itch while allowing them to keep their homebody status through the Explore Local Box, which showcases the artisan local products a new US city has to offer each month. Bonus points: They’ll also love finding and supporting new, favorite local businesses and adding them to their itinerary for when they do travel.

Shipping: First box ships within three days of purchase. All subsequent boxes ship the first week of the month. Order by the 14th to receive this month's box!

Review: "A really great gift. I gave this to my parents and they call me every month to tell me what they got. The products are high quality and it has really nice packaging. It is a perfect gift! (And I didn’t have to deal with shipping anything. It shipped directly to my parents. Nice and easy!)” — Bailey P.


The Plant Club

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What You’ll Get: I truly believe that all water signs are inherently drawn to plants. The ritual of watering them and nourishing them through that water helps us connect to our own watery interiors and emotions. Pisces love to love, so tropical houseplants are usually the best choice for them. This kit comes with all the care instructions your Pisces will need to have a thriving greenhouse around them.

Shipping: Due to state agricultural regulations and shipping restrictions, The Plant Club cannot ship to AZ, AK, HI, or Puerto Rico. Packed for seasonal care during cold or hot weather. Ships the 15th of each month.

Review: “Loved the entire experience. Planted my Monstera in the lovely decorative pot with the included soil and placed decorative rocks on top. Looking forward to my next plant. A great gift from my kids for Mother’s Day.” — Maryjo M.


Desk Stash - For Fans of Unique Office Supplies

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What You’ll Get: Pisces love a one-of-a-kind gift above all else—and they won’t be expecting this one! Full of awesome office supplies and desk accessories, this box will help your favorite Pisces make their work desk as special and thoughtful as they are. Practical, fun, and different: what could make a better gift?

Shipping: Ships quarterly.

Review: “Everything is always a delightful surprise. The items are super cute and useful. I never feel I am receiving junk with this box. It's freakin' awesome.” — Mayra M.