The Very Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea lovers know there’s just something so special and satisfying about enjoying a cup of tea. Perhaps it’s the ritual of preparation. From hearing the tea kettle whistle on the stovetop and selecting the morning’s tea blend to taking in the aroma of a steeping tea bag, making your tea can be a centering experience.

Perhaps it’s the presentation. There’s something for everyone to love about the look of tea time, whether you find dainty teapots and tea sets irresistible or prefer the utilitarian aesthetic of an electric kettle or tea infuser for loose leaf tea. Or, maybe you simply appreciate the humor of a quirky tea mug or the function of an ergonomic travel mug.

Perhaps most of all, it’s the discovery of new favorite teas. There’s so much for an enthusiastic tea sampler to experience: classic black teas like English breakfast tea and earl grey; awakening herbal teas like matcha green tea and chamomile; exotic types like chai tea or oolong...options are endless for those sampling different teas. Not to mention, any variety can be served hot or as an iced tea brew.

If you love tea and want to share your passion with fellow tea drinkers, you’ve come to the right place. Tea subscription boxes make great gifts for tea lovers, and for coffee lovers looking to expand their palettes. They also make perfect gifts for birthdays, to say congratulations, and are a great way to sweeten up special seasons like Mother's Day and the holidays.

Here at Cratejoy, we have subscription boxes featuring high-quality tea, tea accessories, and tea gifts galore to delight a deserving loved one. Whether you want to order your tea lover a monthly tea subscription or a sampler tea box, or you‘d like to treat them to a tea gift set including a unique teacup or tea party accessories, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift among our array of subscription box gift ideas.

13 Subscription Box Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

1. Simple Loose Leaf Tea


Why They’ll Love It: This subscription expands a tea lover’s taste buds with unique, uplifting, gourmet loose-leaf tea every month. For a bit of personalization, choose from Original, Herbal Decaf, Green Tea, or Black Tea to perfectly suit your tea-riffic friend.

What You Pay: Starting at $13.75/month

What They’ll Get: Four hand-selected, resealable zipper pouches of premium loose-leaf tea in every shipment. Plus, each membership receives 4 cotton filters in the first box for easy single-cup brewing.

What Subscribers Say: “I can't begin to let you know how much I LOVE this box. I've always drank tea, but never really branched out and tried different varieties. I purchased the sampler box and couldn't be happier. I love the way they explain the origin and flavors along with the brewing time/temp for each variety. I may gift a subscription for my daughter-in-law if the 2nd box is as impressive.” -Angela

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2. HoneyComber Club


Why They’ll Love It: It’s the sweetest complement to your tea lover’s daily cup. Honeycomber Club delivers premium raw honey from family-owned and operated bee farms. And, each box includes informational leaflets describing each honey in the monthly curation.

What You Pay: Starting at $21/month

What They’ll Get: 3 raw honeys from family-owned & operated bee farms across the USA.

What Subscribers Say: “Love the variety and information on these honeys! Jars are nice sizes, not just samples, and subscription is a very reasonable cost. One of my favorite subscriptions!” -Linda

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3. Sips by Box - Personalized Tea Discovery


Why They’ll Love It: It’s the ultimate in customization! Your recipient will take a quiz to pinpoint their perfect picks, then they’ll be matched with delicious teas from over 150 global tea brands. How amazing is that? They’ll even get a personalized printout in their box describing their selected brews.

What You Pay: Starting at $15/month

What They’ll Get: Four premium, top-rated teas chosen by their unique preferences (15+ cups total!).

What Subscribers Say: “I've always wanted to be a tea drinker but everything I tried from the grocery store was underwhelming. This box has helped me learn so much about different types of tea and now I drink tea all day long. It's seriously been life-changing!!” -Noel

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4. Tea, Simplicity Teas: #1 Rated Loose Leaf Tea Discovery Box


Why They’ll Love It: It’s one of the top-rated tea subscriptions for a reason! Tea, Simplicity Teas delivers a bounty of 100% organic teas and vegan blends, beautifully packaged with brewing and tasting instructions. Even better, each subscriber receives a cute and reusable loose-leaf tea infuser in their first box.

What You Pay: Starting at $19.17/month

What They’ll Get: Four full-size tea selections giving 30-40 cups a month. First box includes a tea strainer!

What Subscribers Say: “Tasty teas, cute packaging and a beautiful tea strainer. For the price this is an excellent subscription. Highly recommend!” -Danielle

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5. Wickbox


Why They’ll Love It: Know what rhymes with tea time? Me time. Invite your gift box recipient to indulge in a bit of self pampering with Wickbox. This subscription delivers a luxury candle made to match their scent preferences. What better way to illuminate a daily cup?

What You Pay: Starting at $26.95/month

What They’ll Get: 1 surprise medium luxury candle per month curated to unique scent preferences.

What Subscribers Say: “The candle surpassed my expectations. It was delivered quickly and the glass is gorgeous! The fragrance is beautiful too, and I’m a real scent snob! I also love the card that comes with it.” -Ianthe

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6. Steep Society Tea Club from Sips by


Why They’ll Love It: Perfect for tea drinkers still figuring out their favorite flavors, Steep Society Tea Club from Sips by sends a curated collection of pre-selected teas. There’s no personalization, so it’s a surprise every month! An informational card with ingredients and brewing instructions for each tea is included, so it’s a lesson in every box, too.

What You Pay: Starting at $15/month

What They’ll Get: Four premium, top-rated teas for 15+ cups total.

What Subscribers Say: “This is a fantastic box for trying new things! The variety is excellent!” -Natalie

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7. Tea Runners


Why They’ll Love It: It’s like taking a journey with every taste! Tea Runners sends subscribers premium brews from around the globe, all centered around a central theme or seasonal selection.

What You Pay: Starting at $21.25/month

What They’ll Get: Enough tea for 30-50 cups in every shipment.

What Subscribers Say: “I was gifted a subscription as a Christmas present, and have thoroughly enjoyed each of the teas that I have received since. Each tea is unique and the black and herbal teas are really well balanced. My favorite teas, though, have to be the pure teas — each has so many subtleties of flavor that I'm forced to sip it slow to enjoy every bit” -Cristina

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8. Tea Wonder


Why They’ll Love It: Every month is a whimsical trip to Wonderland with Tea Wonder! This Alice in Wonderland-themed box delivers the ultimate tea party with delicious brews fantastically curated with tea party props and clever surprises. It’s just the indulgence to bring Chesire smiles to your loved one’s life.

What You Pay: Starting at $31/month

What They’ll Get: A month’s supply of artisanal teas and tea blends, honey or another natural sweetener, and special gifts from Wonderland.

What Subscribers Say: “The tea is delicious. The little touches, the wrapping, the charms, made opening the box an event. Looking forward to next month.” -Sherryl

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9. Read, Relax & Recharge - By Introverts Retreat


Why They’ll Love It: It’s an invitation to ignore phone calls, cancel plans, and enjoy their perfect cup...along with a good book. Consider this heaven-in-a-box for an overworked introvert.

What You Pay: Starting at $36.99/month

What They’ll Get: A novel, a snack, a candle, and their choice of coffee or tea, delivered monthly.

What Subscribers Say: “I purchased two of these book boxes for a birthday gift for my daughter and she is loving them. She has received 2 each of the Read, and the Read & Relax boxes. She says everything is lovely!!! Tasty treats and drinks, divine smelling candles and bath products, and she is very much enjoying the book selections. I so appreciate the option for her to choose her books or have them be a surprise. It is so unique for a subscription box to offer and I love that. I will definitely be renewing her subscription once my gift has ended.” -Jacqueline

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10. Personalized Iced Tea Subscription by Free Your Tea


Why They’ll Love It: Summer’s coming, and this iced tea subscription helps them keep their cool with iced tea selections perfectly tailored to their exact specifications.

What You Pay: Starting at $16/month

What They’ll Get: The 1st shipment includes 6 samples to help them hone their preferences; subsequent shipments give recipients a daily cup of one tea made just for them, plus a free sample of a new tea to try.

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11. Vintage Teacup Club


Why They’ll Love It: It’s not just tea’s a time-honored tea experience with the Vintage Teacup Club. As the name suggests, each shipment includes a teacup and matching saucer to surprise and delight vintage lovers and antique addicts alike. Tea and biscuits are included for the perfect little tea party in a box.

What You Pay: Starting at $24/month

What They’ll Get: A vintage teacup and saucer set, paired with tea and biscuits.

What Subscribers Say: “Bought this as a birthday gift for a friend, and she LOVED it! Could not be happier. So glad this box exists! She was looking for an antique/vintage teacup, and I wasn't sure where to find one, and then came this!! Yay!” -Maddie

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12. Personalized Tea Subscription by Free Your Tea


Why They’ll Love It: Talk about made with love. This monthly loose-leaf tea subscription treats your friend to tea blended just for them based on their unique preferences.

What You Pay: Starting at $16/month

What They’ll Get: The 1st shipment includes 6 samples to help them hone their preferences. Subsequent shipments give recipients a daily cup of one tea made just for them, plus a free sample of a new tea to try.

What Subscribers Say: “I’m very happy that I discovered Free Your Tea! It’s been enjoyable because of the convenience of their service but also because how many other teas I have learned about from their selection! Definitely, a great holiday gift :)” -Michael

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13. Authentic Books


Why They’ll Love It: It’s the perfect recharge for introverts! Authentic Books indulges all their senses with a self-care experience including books, beauty, music, and more (including tea, obviously).

What You Pay: Starting at $38/month

What They’ll Get: Hardcover new releases, a themed soy candle, themed cocktail or tea, custom book music playlist, and self-care and beauty products

What Subscribers Say: "I can't love this book box enough! It's the most amazing book box I have encountered and it's a TREAT YO SELF moment for sure! If you're a reader and love self-care then this is for YOU!" -Rachel

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