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10 Heartfelt Subscription Box Gifts For Your Sister

Your sister has been graciously receiving gifts from you since birth. The pressure is on to get her a present that makes up for years of handmade candy necklaces and pasta collages.

If you want to give your sister a present she’ll really appreciate, go for something she can actually use like monthly jewelry subscription boxes or cooking kits .

We’ve chosen 10 unique gifts for your sister below that will score you that precious thank you hug.

1. Journey Books


Price: $10.00/mo

What You’ll Get: It doesn’t matter if you’re the older or younger sister, you can always help her get organized to reach her life goals. Plus, journaling is good for her mental health and de-stressing. Journey Books includes a planner filled with to-do lists, task notes, calendars, and prompts to get her journaling.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 25th of every month

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2. Hopebox


Price: Starts at $29.00/mo

What You’ll Get: For sisters who rarely get time to themselves, Hopebox is a a sort of self-care monthly subscription filled with inspiring stories of healing and your personal note. She’ll receive 6-15 handmade, vegan items such as body products, hot drinks, gourmet treats, and knitted goods.

Shipping: Ships worldwide immediately after purchase

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3. Elixir & Company


Price: $34.99/mo

What You’ll Get: If your sister is a social butterfly who enjoys cocktails and margaritas, she’ll be thrilled to receive an excuse to throw a party every month. Elixir & Company picks the garnishes, mixers, bitters, sodas, and fruit for 2-3 servings of a fun cocktail of the month.

Shipping: Ships in the U.S. within 1 week of purchase

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Price: $12.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Jewelry subscription boxes are perfect if your sister has an affinity for nice things but not much time to shop for herself. MintMONGOOSE chooses 3-4 dainty, trendy earrings, bracelets, and necklaces as well as a few extra beauty accessories to make her feel special. Everything is valued at 2-3 times the cost.

Shipping: Ships worldwide the 15th of every month, first-time orders ship within 48 hours

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5. Rosehive Superfoods Box


Price: $34.95/mo

What You’ll Get: If your sister is into clean eating or healthy foods, get her a snack subscription box that will fuel her workouts. Each vegan Rosehive box includes 1 herb, 1 superfood powder, 1 surprise, 1 recipe, 1 drink, 1 snack, and 1 cooking ingredient.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada on the 15th of every month

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6. Astral Box


Price: Starts at $40.00/mo

What You’ll Get: If your sister is a free spirit who believes in positive energy and balance, she’s probably a glowing goddess. Each Astral Box is centered on a new theme and includes 4-5 items such as crystals, aromatherapy and beauty products, spiritual tools, and more. All items are also cruelty-free and curated for good vibes.

Shipping: Ships worldwide during the second week of each month

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7. Scribbler


Price: $29.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Maybe your sister is like Jo from Little Women and will end up writing a great novel about your childhood. No matter where she gets her inspiration, Scribbler is the ultimate writing subscription box offering writing themes, prompts, and professional guidance she needs to put her ideas on paper. They also throw in 1 newly released fiction book every month.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada on the 21st of every month

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8. Farm to People


Price: Starts at $29.95/mo

What You’ll Get: You know your sister’s eating habits best. If she’s a healthy snacker who likes to support local and buy non-GMO foods, Farm to People is perfect for her. She’ll receive 3-5 or 5-8 full sized snacks, pantry foods, and cooking supplies straight from farmers in America.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. in the middle of every month

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