The Best Gift Boxes for Each of the Five Love Languages

In 1992, a new language quietly began to circulate. First in newspaper reviews, the whispers in happy hour barrooms, then on daytime talk shows. In two years, the book that described how to relate to your loved ones through what makes them feel loved sold 137,000 copies. This is before eBooks, before podcasts, before audiobooks. This was a full-on embrace of the way we express and experience love. This was The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Dr. Gary Chapman.

You likely know the love languages already, but if you don't, you can check out our explainer here. The basic breakdown is:

Acts of Service: One feels loved when someone helps with the little things in life.

Physical Touch: One feels loved when connecting physically, from holding hands to couch-cuddling.

Quality Time: One feels loved with undivided attention and active listening.

Receiving Gifts: Also known as Gift-Giving, one feels loved when a heartfelt gift shows meaningful intention.

Words of Affirmation: One feels loved when they receive expressed affection, whether spoken or written.

Now, here are the perfect gift ideas for each that combine how they love with what they love.

Acts of Service


Anchor of Hope Box

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If your partner's love language is Acts of Service, the Anchor of Hope Box is the perfect fit that supports charity. The opportunity to give back is often overlooked by overwhelming schedules, so tap into that small good deed for them. All of the artisan products, which include bold jewelry, colorful textiles, and self-care goodies, are made by cooperatives that help trafficking survivors learn valuable skills. This box is a love letter for Acts of Service speakers for the support they offer vulnerable women.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club - Monthly

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If grocery shopping and going to the farmer's market for them are the surefire way to speak your mate's primary love language, look no further than Hot Sauce of the Month Club. The delight in new flavors each month, especially in their sauce cabinet if they're "big on sauces," will remind them of the small ways you express love for them.

Physical Touch


Ultimate Adult Boxes For Couples And Singles| Monthly.

From $43.50 per box
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Now the Physical Touch language is not about sex. It's about physical intimacy and connection, usually in the small hand-holding ways. However, if your partner is seeking a little spice, Seductive Pleasure is the box for them. One to two full-size toys arrive each month at 50$ off retail monetary value, making every night a reason to celebrate a special occasion.


Mix Box

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For fun outside of the bedroom, a cooking or baking subscription fits the bill perfectly for physical touch. The sensory experience of creating something together is what makes Mix Box so perfect for connection. Monthly desserts waiting to be baked from scratch arrive with pre-measured ingredients and video tutorials so bakers of all skill levels can create something magically homemade delicious. Now share who licks the bowl, y'all hear?

Quality Time


Date Night In Box

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Quality Time is relishing in your best friend's undivided attention. What better thoughtful gift made for spending time together than Night In Boxes' Date Night In. A complete date night in one, each box comes with a curated theme expressed through small gifts of activities, accessories, quality snacks, chef-curated dinner menus, and suggestions on how to have an evening at home unlike any other.


Travel Through Music

From $150.00 per box
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Perfect for the music lovers who bond over travel, Safiya's World Music Playlist explores a new destination each month with musical experiences curated each month. The goodies from each place and the adventure in each box are packed into an amazing board pass-style package that really mimics the experience of traveling. If your partner loves getaways, this is a meaningful gift for them.


Escape the Crate: An Escape Room Adventure shipped straight to your door.

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With a new adventure every other month, Escape the Crate embraces the excitement of adult play with this award-winning subscription service. Each game delivers a one- to two-hour game night with puzzles, letters, ciphers, and clues aplenty. Gift recipients will love the unique thought of each storyline.

Words of Affirmation



From $17.04 per box
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Feeling Fab is the most fitting self-care gift for Words of Affirmation-speakers. With self-care checklists, affirmations, and inspirational quotes in each box, this monthly box is like a love note of small tokens that emphasize just how fabulous they really are.


Scribbler Box Subscription

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Often, but not always, Words of Affirmation-speakers are writers. They express their imagination, they have a way with words, they thrive on the positivity, the affirmation. Scribbler is the perfect box to support their own journey with words with tips from best-selling authors and writing gifts that encourage their own expressions of love.