The Best Pampering Gifts for the Stressed & Selfless

For all those who think that self-care is a divine responsibility, we couldn’t agree more! No one should be made to feel anything shy of incredible for relishing time spent soaking in a bath-salt infused bubble bath, and ritualistically slathering on the body butter afterward. The fact is, spa day enthusiasts and people who love to be pampered appreciate quality when they see (or smell or touch) it.

Here at Cratejoy, pampering is a profession that’s taken very seriously. Splurge-worthy care packages and pampering gift boxes make great gifts for so many on your list. Treat a new mom to a much-needed relaxation gift or surprise your best friend with a best-selling spa gift basket. When you choose a home spa gift for a loved one, you encourage them to take a breather from the day-to-day routine. Here are some of our fave gift ideas that are guaranteed to spoil in all the right ways!


Scent Club Box

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The handcrafted green beauty products from Wicked Good Perfume are all made in-house from sustainable, vegan ingredients, making this a unique gift set for anyone who wants to pamper themselves with items that are good for body and planet. Along with essential oil-scented goodies for home and body, like countertop sprays, hydrating lip balms and skincare items, each box sends a clean, solid perfume that's indescribably fragrant.


The Clean Beauty & Skincare Box - by Laurel & Reed

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Laurel & Reed is a great gift for giving any beauty routine an instant upgrade. Packed with luxurious beauty products, this 5-star monthly box is packed with over $100 worth of top-shelf clean beauty essentials that are all vegan and free from toxins. Curated to bring only the top brands in the industry, the lucky recipient will unbox women's skincare products, like serums, face masks, dreamy hand creams and more.


Bath Bevy | Bath & Body Goodies

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It's time to unwind with a gift subscription to Bath Bevy! Send the restorative power of baths to loved ones everywhere with a few simple clicks and keystrokes. The perfect gift for bath lovers, each monthly box goes all in on the time-honored tradition of indulgent baths, delivering a mix of handcrafted body products, including all-natural scented candles and soaps, bath bombs, moisturizing shea butter body lotion and plenty of chill vibes.


Mother Snacker

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Tell mom to put down the Dyson and push that load of laundry off until tomorrow when you pamper her with a Mother's Day gift that's utterly delicious. Mother Snacker delivers a decadently sweet dessert discovery box that's filled with a unique assortment, including full-size desserts, freshly roasted coffee, top-quality beauty products, and sweet words of love and encouragement.


InJoyBox For Her

From $40.00 per box
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One of the best gifts to pamper faithful women, InJoyBox For Her prides itself on spreading joy with a personalized touch. Each monthly box is themed around an uplifting Bible passage, and brings a curated mix that promises to be inspirational, practical, tasty and fun! And, to give it an extra special touch, there's a personalized gift item bearing the recipient's name, and prayers and well wishes for those who need it most.


Cookie of the Month by Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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Perfect for those who think the secret to life is continuous small treats, the Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop is here to deliver a gift of home-baked cookies month after month. Pamper foodies and loved ones with an insatiable sweet tooth by sending out a dozen small-batch cookies made in New York City from mostly organic ingredients. Choose from classic chocolate chip cookies, monster cookie pie, or the baker's choice!


Crystal Variety Box

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Always after the highest quality, the Crystal Variety Box from Enchanted Crystal is a spiritual gift that serves up crystals and minerals that have been hand-selected for their quality and energy shifting and shaping potential! Whether it's a birthday gift or a Valentine's Day gift, they'll unbox a mix of beautiful crystals in different shapes, sizes and colors, along with a hand-designed cloth grid to practice sacred geometry.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

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Give a gift that pampers mind, body and soul with a one-of-a-kind therapist curated self-care subscription. TheraBox sets out each month to offer stress relief and joy! With fun themes like “Vitamin Sea” or “Blossom”, each box brings an inspiring mix of self-care and wellness goodies, like candles, journals, botanical aromatherapy, body care essentials, like vitamin E serums and exfoliating scrubs, and a mindfully-created happiness activity.


Wickbox: Monthly Medium Box

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Allow us to illuminate you with a pampering essential that smells divine and casts a warm, golden hue. Wickbox is the stuff of candle-lovers self-care dreams -- one medium sized luxury candle that's made from superior wax and wicks and poured into a beautiful container that can be reused after the burn. And, the best part about it, each subscriber fills out a scent profile to ensure they get fragrances that match their preferences.


Owl and Moon Apothecary Box

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Take care of her on a spiritual level with a pampering gift from the Owl and Moon Apothecary. Sure, Amazon can deliver a gift quick, but when you shop from small business curators like this, that special someone gets handcrafted goodness made with TLC. She's in for a fragrant unboxing experience filled with everything from essential oil-scented soaps and beauty gifts to reinvigorating crystals and a whole lotta magick.


Mental Health Care Package

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When it's been a long week, a long day, or even a long hour, turn to the Anxiety Self-Care Box. A thoughtful gift for those who struggle to find balance, the Mental Wealth Box will take her through a DIY mental health journey, teaching her the basics of what it all is, along with skills and coping mechanisms that can see her through the hard times. Plus, the info comes with self-care necessities to help her gracefully ease into it all.



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In life, there are those who stop to smell the roses, and those who never slow down. Feeling Fab is made for both! This wellness-centered self-care box is the perfect way to give her an excuse (or a not-so-subtle clue) to slow down and direct her focus inward. Send a calming gift box filled with candles, skin and body care goodies, like eye masks and shower steamers, gems, affirmations and plenty of self-love inspo.