The Best Relaxation Gifts for Pampering without the Price Tag

Kick off your shoes and close out another year with a well-deserved break! Whether you're shopping for a loved one or even yourself (because you deserve it, too!), carving out time to pamper, relax, and indulge in self-care is essential to living a healthy and balanced life. With our selection of monthly subscription services from yoga boxes to bath and body gift sets, there is an endless list of tools that'll help you achieve the perfect zen all year long. Make grounding your mind, body, and spirit a priority in the new year with these relaxation gift boxes that will help you slow down and unwind.

What are the best relaxation gift boxes?


Bubbles & Books

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Spoil your loved one with a pampering book and bath relaxation gift basket that will surprise any book nerd. With ten subscription tiers to choose from, go on a blissful bath journey with this gift box that includes all-natural artisan bath products, handcrafted soaps, face masks, and other fun luxury body goodies. Nothing unwinds the mind more than soaking in a warm bath and getting lost in a new thriller or romantic sub-genre novel.


Mental Wellness Box

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Mindfulness practices have proven to relax the entire body and quiet the mind from the daily chatter that may go on. Each Mental Wellness Box delivers sensory items that you can smell, taste, feel, and be inspired by, like journals, art pieces, delicious teas, and handcrafted soap. All 6-8 intentionally picked-out tools aim to help you ground and recenter yourself whenever you need to take a breather.


Do A Shot Of Yoga Deluxe Box

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Whether you're a yogi or beginner looking to start in the new year, the Do a Shot of Yoga! is your all-inclusive introduction into the yoga world. Roll out your mat with a new yoga lifestyle book or journal, self-care items, and products that will master your yoga poses. Make a pact with your best friend in the new year to try something different by getting her a matching box as a Christmas gift! Each subscription comes with access to a Facebook community where you can meet and interact with other yogis!


180 Degree lifestyle box

From $44.00 per box
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With the holiday rush winding down, treat yourself to a DIY luxury spa day with a self-care box. Each 180 Degrees Lifestyle Box includes 6-9 full-size lifestyle items from small and women-owned businesses like beauty products, home decor items, and tasty treats that will soothe your soul, mind, and spirit. Treat yourself to some relaxing "me time" so you can take on the new year rejuvenated and ready!


The International Wine of the Month Club - Premier Series

From $48.95 per box
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Sometimes relaxing means pouring yourself a nice glass of wine to enjoy with your delicious meal. The International Wine of the Month Club delivers two bottles of red, white, or a mix of two premium wines from award-winning boutique vineyards accompanied by a newsletter with tasting notes, recipes, and food accompaniment suggestions. Nothing says stress relief than spending some quality time exploring your flavor palettes.



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Feel fabulous inside out with a box dedicated to helping you squeeze some self-care into your busy schedule. Although it may seem impossible to slow down and relax at times, this wellness and self-care box includes all the tools you need such as natural beauty items, pampering body products, inspirational affirmations, scented candles, and gems to help you prioritize yourself.


Deluxe Artisan Handcrafted Self Care Spa Candle and Bath Box

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Draw a warm bath, throw on an eye mask, and feel yourself drifting to a relaxing destination with themed bath gifts from Fire and Nice. Each box comes with 6-8 full-size self-care products curated around fun seasonal scents and products like summer-inspired rocket pop bath bombs and fall-inspired toasted marshmallow sugar scrubs. This makes for the perfect holiday gift for busy moms who need a moment to themselves to relax and unwind.


Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit

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The study of chakras aka energy points has been around since 1000 BC and continues to be a mindful insight into how our body reacts to imbalances within ourselves. Make self-care your new year's resolution with a nine-month journey exploring and understanding all of your chakras with a self-guided Chakra Box. Each box includes 9-12 vegan and cruelty-free items, stickers, aromatherapy rolls, herbal teas, gemstones, guided meditations, and other online goodies tailored to guide healing and realignment ending with Ascension.


Owl and Moon Apothecary Box

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Sprinkle in a bit of magic to your relaxing rituals with an apothecary gift set with positive witchy vibes. Each box from Owl & Moon Apothecary is curated by a reiki master and approaches relaxation from a holistic approach. Find your zen with this fun and unique gift box that includes hand blended aromatherapy products, vegan artisan soaps, metaphysical gifts, and intention candles that will have you feeling lighter than a feather.


Mental Health & Self-Care Box

From $44.99 per box
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Acknowledging our emotions is the first step in balancing our overall well-being. The Mental Wealth Box is the perfect gift for anyone looking to explore self-care practices and how they correlate to our mental health. Unbox this subscription with a loved one and use the 4-6 carefully curated products, tools, activities, and educational resources to understand more about anxiety, PTSD, and depression,


Stress Free Box

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It's impossible to have 365 good days without a few bad ones creeping in. There are many calming properties to rubbing and smelling essential oils like health and mood enhancers. Be ready for that one inevitable day with a subscription to Stress Free Box. Each subscription box includes a premium 30 day supply of supplements and a mood essential roll-on to help you calm and adapt to the different stresses in life. All products follow Good Manufacturing Practices and are organic and gluten-free.


Simplicity Teas | Loose Leaf Wellness Teas of The Month Club

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Drinking tea has proven to boost to provide many health-boosting benefits like chamomile for aiding insomnia and peppermint for helping with digestion. Sip and brew your new year glow with a tea subscription dedicated to delivering 100% organic teas in a variety of unique flavors like passionfruit black tea, white grapefruit, almond oolong, and turmeric. Enjoy your beverage hot, cold, with a little bit of honey or straight up that will 100% guarantee to help you destress the body.


Bath Bevy | Bath & Body Goodies

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Wash away the day's stress with a spa gift box tailored to help relax tired muscles and give your mind and body the tender love and care it deserves. Schedule a post-holiday spa date right at home with a fizzy collection of handmade bath bombs, body lotion, bubble bars, and whipped soap scrubs that will lather your skin into moisturizing delight. Treat yourself or a new mom in your life with this spa gift basket filled with unique seasonal products that she enjoy all year long.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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One of the sticking points with self-care is actually allowing ourselves to take some well-deserved "me time." Whether sending it as a birthday gift or a Christmas gift, TheraBox can give that gentle nudge that sets them on the path to swapping out stress for joy! Get souls smiling with mindfully curated self-care delights, including everything from relaxation essentials like aromatherapy and lifestyle products to self-discovery journals and happiness activities.


Coloring And Classics

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Ideal for clearing the mind and keeping busy, Coloring And Classics is a unique subscription box that aims to bring a small dose of serenity into the daily grind. Devoting just 30 minutes a day to a calming activity book can change both mood and mindset. Uncover that potential with a gift box full of downtime activities that combine creativity, imagination, and problem-solving with a new hardcover book, an adult coloring book, and an activity book.


Hempa the Explorer

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From seasoned users to complete newbs, Hemp Crate Co is a monthly CBD discovery box that can help tackle everything from skincare struggles to sleep disturbances and anxiety. Available in 3 subscription options, choose between Health & Wellness, Hempa the Explorer, or Furry Friends to enjoy a sampler of top-shelf items including full-size oils, balms, sprays, tinctures, gummies and practical pup products!