6 Religious Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Posted by Devonya Batiste

Maintaining your faith requires more than just going to Mass or church every week. God is with you every step of the way! Share His love through these 6 religious gifts for your loved ones!


1. Crown of Thorns Necklace – $18.00

As a beautiful reminder for all that He’s done, give your friend a Crown of Thorns Necklace from Faith & Timreys! This gorgeous accessory is made out of bronze and has a 18-inch chord. As they place it around their neck, your friend will thank you for this symbol of forgiveness and patience.

In March of 2016, The Believers Box featured a similar Crown of Thorns necklace!


2. “I Know The Plans ” Water Bottle – $14.99

Working out is great way to cleanse your body, and cleanliness is next to godliness! Motivate a loved one to purify their body with the “I Know The Plans” Glass Water Bottle! Not only will they get the hydration they need but they’ll also receive the powerful Jeremiah 29:11 verse that will keep them going! It carries 20.oz of water, has a leak-proof twist-on cap and is completely BPA free!

Loved+Blessed, a Christian subscription, recognized the clarity of a healthy body and mind so they included a water bottle in their August 2017 box!


3. “It Is Well With My Soul” Prayer Journal – $20.00

Head back to school in style! These 5×7" hardbound journals are both practical AND pretty! {📷FaithRileyPhotography#

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He hears our prayers every day and every night but sometimes it’s nice to write down your hopes. By gifting your friend a “It Is Well With My Soul” Prayer Journal, you are offering them a place of solace between high-quality sheets of paper. They can jot down anything concerning them and plan their prayers before saying them out loud. This journal is a hardcover, has 120 lined pages, and a white ribbon bookmark.

These kinds of items are a safe way to remember His plan and Joyful Devotion included a prayer journal in their May 2016 box!


4. Lemonlyptus Soy Prayer Candle – $21.00

If your friend is catholic, they’ll appreciate being able to offer a votive through a high-quality candle. The Lemonlyptus Soy Prayer Candle is perfect because soy burns slow and is better for the environment. This candle is hand-poured using only non-GMO soy and a cotton wick, completely all-natural!

Soy candles are popular enough to be featured in Hopebox’s June 2017 subscription!


5. My Intent: What’s Your Word? Card Game – $10.00

When God breathed life into Adam, He gave us the ability to rationalize. My Intent is a company that believes that each one of us should communicate deep ideas so they created What’s Your Word? Card Game. It’s a thought-provoking activity that opens up discussions about who we are and what things await us in life. Because of My Intent’s faithful approach, any religious loved one would enjoy playing this game with friends and family.

It was so enjoyable to play that FaithBox decided to feature What’s Your Word in their January 2017 box!


6. 3Strands ‘Vises’ Bracelet – $16.00

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In order to follow in His footsteps, we must look past our flighty material needs. So instead of buying something for sheer enjoyment, give your bestie a 3Strands ‘Vises’ Bracelet! 3Strands is a Global organization that helps battle human trafficking. By gifting this 3Strands ‘Vises’ Bracelet, you are helping fight the good fight while also putting a smile on your friend’s face.

Saint of the Month, a Catholic subscription, believes in this cause and featured this exact bracelet in their first box!

Each one of these gifts is a wonderful way to reach out to a Christian friend. Another excellent way to walk in His light is monthly reminders of holiness through Christian subscription boxes. If these sound like just the kind of positivity you or a friend needs, you can find them and other religious subscription boxes on the Cratejoy marketplace!


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