The Best Subscription Boxes for Teens in High School

School’s out for summer! But, contrary to Alice Cooper’s long-loved exclamation, it’ll be back, and probably before you or the kids are ready for it. For some teens, it’ll be a return to the halls of high school. And for younger tweens, well, they may be gearing up to enter high school for the first time.

Think back. High school was the best of times but it was simultaneously the most challenging of times. In high school, you’re discovering who you are, making lifelong friends, and experiencing more firsts than you ever will...all while preparing for a vast, unimaginable future ahead. It’s such a momentous, magical time in life, and that’s worth celebration, commemoration, and it’s certainly worth preparation.

What can we do to ready teens and tweens for another year of milestones and memories? Here at Cratejoy, we have numerous subscription boxes that are great gifts for helping high school-age teens maximize these impactful years. And, we have something for every type of teen! Are they bookworms? Maybe hands-on learners interested in the sciences? Or maybe they’re burgeoning fashionistas ready to make every hallway a runway. There’s something amazing to unbox for every kind of kid. Read on for our best selection of subscription boxes to help teens survive and thrive in high school.

Top 20 Subscription Boxes for High School Kids

1. MEL Science


Here’s a fun way to disguise learning as a whole lot of fun. MEL Science is a STEM subscription box that brings engaging experiments and STEM projects directly to a teen’s door. It’s a great way to expand on interests they’re discovering in class already. And yes, these experiments are totally safe, easy, and make learning STEM irresistible.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Science-curious kids who enjoy hands-on learning.

Price: Starting at $29.99/month

What Subscribers Say: "MEL Science is absolutely amazing! I've never seen a STEM product that combines hands-on experiments with VR and AR technologies and live lessons with science teachers. That's really a lot for the price! My son was so excited about VR lessons - he said it was like being an Antman. Even for us parents traveling inside molecules in virtual reality was a blast! And the experiments were a lot of fun too. Along with the explanations from teachers, it all makes a 360-degree educational experience!" -Angela

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2. Paper Kitty


Whether your teen prioritizes passing notes or passing class, she’ll love Paper Kitty. This stationery subscription adds whimsy to the daily to-dos with high quality, truly unique paper pens, staplers, and more she needs for all her studies.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Teen girls who want to add a little fun and whimsy to their daily routine.

Price: Starting at $13.17/month

What Subscribers Say: "My first Swan Bliss box is fantastic! It had notepads, bookmarks, a pen, a coin purse, an eraser, note cards and envelopes, and planner pages. There is much more here than I anticipated and I'm very pleased." -Mary

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3. Unplugged Book Box


Enforce screen-free time and veer teens towards cerebral pursuits with this amazing book club. Created with the understanding that modern tech is detrimental to well-being, this monthly subscription box encourages subscribers to turn off and turn inward via oh-so-essential self-care...and a great book, too.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Reading enthusiasts who appreciate a bit of “me time.”

Price: Starting at $38/month

What Subscribers Say: "Let me start by saying I’m extremely picky with subscriptions and books. Unplugged Book Box (I mainly get the Young adult box) has yet to disappoint me and I’ve gotten 11+ boxes. The books are always interesting and usually ones I wouldn’t think to buy, which means my comfort zone is expanding. The items are always high quality and I’ve never had any bad reactions (medical or personal). Considering what is included each month the boxes are well worth the cost." -Alivia

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4. Subscription plans


Confidence can come from the most surprising of places. And having creative, manicured nails sends a clear message to the world: I matter, I’m beautiful, and I make time for me. Chika Nails is a priced-right way to treat teens to deluxe nail beauty products they can use at home on their own (after their homework is done, obviously).

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Glam girls who talk with their hands.

Price: Starting at $9.99/month

What Subscribers Say: "This is the best nail polish wraps subscription that I've tried on this site! I will be sticking with Chika Nails over the others I've tried! They not only cost less, you get more polish wraps, more variety and you can pick the ones you want! I even got some nail decals I wasn't expecting. ❤️😉 This is Definitely worth the cost and so much fun! My wraps last about a week and even if you have short nails they look great. They look wonderful on long nails too!" -Karen

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5. Creation Crate


Engineers in the making will love Creation Crate. Packed with tutorials and all the tools needed to complete monthly projects, this subscription box delivers illuminating learning experiences directly to a curious kid’s doorstep. It’s perfect for summer learning, homeschooling, and screen-free fun (no gadgets needed).

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Science-minded whiz kids 12 and up.

Price: Starting at $29.99/month

What Subscribers Say: "My 13 year old son becomes super busy when he gets the box. And he has a VR and PS4, yet when the box arrives, he jumps off those games and starts working on the new project." -Kenya

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6. Owl Post Books


If you’re looking for engaging but age-appropriate books for an avid reader, you’ve come to the right place. Owl Post Books is not your normal book subscription! Each box is carefully curated by an educator who's been teaching for 15 years, ensuring top-quality book selections for bright, curious kids.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Various age groups, including a 14+ young adult age group.

Price: Starting at $29.99

What Subscribers Say: "We love Owl book subscription. I got it as a Birthday gift for my step-daughter and they pick out some books she would have never picked out on her own but she loves them. Highly recommend this as a gift!" -Adeline

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7. Find Your Wings Subscription


If you’re shopping for a girl who loves all things sparkly, cool, and fashionably fun, she'll find this subscription box absolutely irresistible. Packed with crafts, self-care, stickers, and accessories, it invites teens and tweens to explore, create, and discover themselves in style.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Fashion-savvy kids ages tween through teen.

Price: Starting at $27.08/month

What Subscribers Say: "This box arrived yesterday and it delivered on its promise! It was jammed packed with oodles of stuff that my daughter adored. I scored major mom points! Not only did it have age appropriate beauty supplies, but it contained arts and crafts supplies that she can be entertained for hours. My daughter definitely "Found her Wings" with this subscription box... looking forward to more products from this company." -Sarah

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8. EYESCREAM Beauty Bag


It’s like Birchbox...but better. EYESCREAM delivers a monthly selection of makeup and skincare to help her learn how to express herself. From the first box, it presents the best way to learn about new brands on a budget and grow a beginner’s makeup collection.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Teen girls experimenting with makeup and beauty products.

Price: Starting at $12.50/month

What Subscribers Say: "Love everything on my box. It's my first received and I was amazed with all the products." -Nora

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9. Bitsbox


Get your tween on the STEM fast track with Bitsbox. This crazyfun STEM subscription box literally teaches kids how to code. How amazing is that? Using this subscription, they’ll make video games, simulations, and even their own apps! It’s tech success, delivered.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Perfect for coding-curious tweens. No experience necessary!

Price: Starting at $24.95/month

What Subscribers Say: "We are on Binder no.2! My 8 and 10 year old kids really enjoy this one. They generally drop interest in other stuff after a few activities, but they've stuck with BitsBox the longest. They really love modifying the apps and sharing them with friends. For them it's just plain fun, but they are actually learning coding principles and an actual coding language (not like with scratch). Totally worth the money!" -909 N

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10. Peruse Book Club


Put reading into a teen’s wellness equation with Peruse. This monthly curated book box expands on your bookworm’s innate reading enjoyment with a selection of hand-picked items (think snacks, jewelry, decorative items, and more) plus discussion questions to fuel her very own book club. What a great way to connect with her best friends!

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Teens who need a little encouragement on the reading front.

Price: Starting at $40.83/month

What Subscribers Say: "Lovely book box, I have looked into a lot of different book boxes and I was pleasantly surprised with this box. It shipped very quickly. I love the new pens and the notecards. It was nice to receive some items that I would have not have typically picked out for myself." -Daisy

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11. Fruit For Thought Scented, flavored, colored gifts


Nothing invigorates the doldrums of teenagehood like a splash of citrus or a watermelon wow. Fruit For Thought is a care package that delivers a sensory experience around a fresh, fruity theme with every unboxing. Think self-care, snacks, accessories, decor, and more.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Your teen (and her coolest friends).

Price: Starting at $34.66/month

What Subscribers Say: “I purchased this box as a gift for a co-worker and she was absolutely delighted! The box was fun & fabulous! She loved that so many items were sourced in the USA and were of excellent quality! This box has a WOW factor for sure and is clearly curated with thoughtful care! Will purchase again!” -Sydney

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12. Box of Matter


Bring the museum home and treat teens to some of the coolest artifacts with M-A-T-T-E-R. Each month, subscribers get interesting items from around the world like fossils, scientific tools, historical artifacts, and other objects that spark fascination. It’s the perfect way to get them to unplug from brain-draining apps and turn your teen into the brightest on the block.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Science lovers and kids who like to collect.

Price: Starting at $29.99/month

What Subscribers Say: "I can't believe I now have an authentic dinosaur tooth and a vial of cephalopod ink! This box is a real treat for anyone interested in science and natural history, and I can't wait to receive my next box. I promised myself I would only keep a subscription to a truly amazing box, and this one has exceeded my expectations! Thank you for making these artifacts available to us." -Hannah

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13. The Accio! Box


Inject a little magic into every single month with Accio! Inspired by the world of Harry Potter, this monthly subscription box delivers magical goodies all Potterheads would appreciate. Even better, each curation includes cruelty-free, high-quality handmade items that support small businesses. It’s part escapism, part altruism, and altogether awesome.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Only the proudest of Potterheads.

Price: Starting at $32/month

What Subscribers Say: "I have been subscribed to Accio! Box since December 2017. I got it as a gift for my husband and ended up renewing the subscription for the whole year. We absolutely love the products in the box and the value is great! Everything we get is unique and high quality and most of it is handmade/supports small businesses which is extra awesome. Give this box a try if you are a Harry Potter fan. You won’t regret it!" -Zilandra

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14. Scribbler Box Subscription


Perfect for teen writers developing their skills and honing their craft, Scribbler sends inspiration for writing one’s own bestseller with writing prompts, tips from successful writers, and insider looks at the publishing process. For teens looking ahead at a writer’s journey through life, this perfect gift is a beautiful place to start.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: New writers seeking monthly inspiration.

Price: Starting at $27.50/month

What Subscribers Say: "Great subscription box geared toward the writer / reader! Each monthly box is built around a carefully chosen theme. The book, writerly advice and inside publishing booklet are great for writers to see the theme in action. And the bookish goodies are an amazing plus!" -Sharon

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15. FaceTory


Did someone say slumber party? FaceTory is self-care in a box your teen can share with her friends or explore on her own, delivered every single month. Each shipment includes an epic selection of Korean skincare masks, perfect for addressing skincare concerns...or just getting her glow on before a big selfie session.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Teen girls interested in embarking on a skincare routine.

Price: Starting at $11.90/month

What Subscribers Say: "I have the 7 Lux subscription and I love it! All of the masks are great quality and they are packaged and shipped with care. I have enough masks to throw into gifts for friends and still have plenty to use for myself. The variety is great. I always have a mask for what my skin needs at the time, calming, acne, brightening, moisture, etc. I can’t wait for this subscription every month. It’s a little gift of self-care I deserve and enjoy." -Susan

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16. Balms Pack of Two (2) All Natural Lip Balms


Talk about beautiful. The two lip balms delivered in this beauty subscription box are all-natural, organic, and vegetarian-friendly. Plus, each lip-loving delivery includes a random selection of age-appropriate tinted and non-tinted options, making every month a delicious surprise.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Anyone who appreciates top-quality lip balms for a great price.

Price: Starting at $4.58/month

What Subscribers Say: "I first received a Jersey Shore Cosmetics lip balm in my Ipsy bag about a year ago and have been obsessed with this brand ever since. When I found this subscription on Cratejoy I was super excited!" -Amanda

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17. My Thrift Box


Teenage years are the perfect time to try new looks and experiment with style. But for teens, a professional styling session is definitely out of budget! That’s where My Thrift Box steps in. This subscription service delivers two affordable and adorable secondhand styles (either vintage or modern), specifically chosen just for your teen. They might get a t-shirt and a matching mini, a vintage bag with a coordinated dress...each month is an awesome surprise. That best-dressed yearbook shoutout is in the bag.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Creative teens who want to express themselves with unique styles.

Price: Starting at $41.66/month

What Subscribers Say: "If you're looking for something to treat yourself or a friend with do NOT hesitate to get this! This is like getting a present delivered monthly. Remember that feeling as a kid on Christmas Eve? That's how I've felt in anticipation of each package. I loved what I've received and it suited me perfectly. Not to mention the customer service is unreal tbh incredibly friendly and personal helped me tweak my style and I really felt heard. Response was fast and easy. You really can't go wrong with this, I don't think anyone couldn't love it." -Katie

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18. Goddess Provisions Box


Early womanhood is a magical time of life. But it’s also fraught with high stress and treks across totally foreign territories. Invite young women to a monthly wellness and self-care sesh with the Goddess Provisions Box. This centering, once-a-month subscription helps her embrace her inner goddess and hone her spiritual practice with a gram-worthy curation of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks, and spiritual tools.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: All goddesses in need of a calming monthly care package.

Price: Starting at $27.75/month

What Subscribers Say: "I've received about 4 boxes from Goddess Provisions so far and love all the beautiful and magical products it includes. For the most part, I can see myself using the products and even if I don't, it's so pretty! I also subscribed to their Moon Wisdom subscription. I love getting their monthly astrology guide. It comes with pretty wallpaper, puzzles, questions that are helpful for spiritual growth and all that astrology good stuff! I wish there were more companies like that but then again, my wallet may not like that haha :P" -Janice

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19. Paletteful Packs


If you have a young artist in your family who’s a beginner, pro, or somewhere in between, they’ll adore Paletteful Packs. This monthly art subscription brings high-quality art supplies directly to your door, plus each delivery has everything needed to create a DIY work of art. Your teen will discover new brands and learn about old favorites––without once having to hit a crafts supply store or scroll through Amazon.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Teens on their way to an art degree...or who simply want to explore a fulfilling new hobby.

Price: Starting at $22.50/month

What Subscribers Say: “This box is definitely worth the price! It is wonderfully, and thoughtfully curated. Such a fabulous way to try out and learn new mediums! Definitely going to be sharing this one around! Thank you for such a great box!” -Jonathan

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Black is beautiful, and BlackLit celebrates and empowers the Black community with the direct intention of closing the literary gap. Each box, curated by a Black author, includes a collection of items and a new book that all support Black-owned businesses and authors. Plus, each box includes discussion questions so you and your teens can engage in thoughtful dialogue together.

This Subscription Box Is Perfect For: Teens who want to celebrate their community and culture and cause-driven allies who want to show support for the Black community.

Price: Starting at $32.50/month

What Subscribers Say: "Someone gifted me a Black Lit box and I LOVED it! It was well packaged and everything included was great quality. I’m so looking forward to using everything in my box! Also, the box was identity affirming, and served as a gentle reminder to celebrate myself and other women of color in my village. I would highly recommend this box as a gift to yourself or a special person in your life!" -Paris

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