8 Best Foodie Subscription Boxes For Curious Eaters

Posted by Karen Li

Are you a diehard global foodie who loves trying cuisines from all different cultures? Sadly, if you don’t live in a major US city like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, it can be difficult (and expensive!) finding global cuisine and ingredients.

Luckily for you, Cratejoy’s rounded up a collection of food of the month subscription boxes to help satiate your global foodie appetite. No need to search far and wide for a worldly food experience when we’ve got a plethora of gourmet food subscriptions. Plus, these make great foodie gifts for your world-traveler friends – read on!


1. Spice Madam – Starting at $20.00/month

Spice Madam

Get immersed in a new culture’s food with Spice Madam: explore, discover, and experience a new destination each month through gourmet curated boxes of spices, recipes, cultural info, and a music playlist from the region. Plus, 5% of each box is donated to a charity supporting children!

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States



2. Exotic Noods – Starting at $15.00/month

Exotic Noods

If the only noods you care about are the ones you can eat, then you will love Exotic Noods! Each monthly delivery is packed with delicious specialty noodle treats from around the world featuring 4 different flavors, or styles, all of which are taste tested by their very own Ramen King. Ramen hack: crack an egg into your still piping-hot noodles. Thank me later.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States



3. Abuela Mami – Starting at $19.99/month

Abuela Mami

Have you been craving a cafecito or pastelitos de guayaba? Abuela Mami is here to satisfy your Cuban food cravings: each box contains 4-9 items of hand-picked Cuban culture goodies. Boxes can include kitchen tools, games, snacks, sweets, coffee,  and more! They send ‘Cuban’ products that are manufactured by U.S. Companies in Miami, Florida. ¡Qué rico!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States




4. SnackFever – Starting at $14.00/month


When you subscribe to SnackFever, they’ll send you a monthly surprise box of hard-to-find Korean snacks and treats carefully selected by their team of expert snackers. You’ll get sweet and savory snacks along with ramen, drinks, and other goodies. Shipping is free in the US.

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States



5. MiamMiam Box – Starting at $11.00/month

MiamMiam Box

Fun fact: “Miam Miam” means “Yum Yum” in French, and MiamMiam BOX is chock-full of treats that’ll make you say just that! When you subscribe to MiamMiam BOX, they’ll send you a monthly surprise box of French snacks, candies, and other goodies carefully selected by their team of expert snackers. Choose from mini, organic, maxi, or gourmet boxes.

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States



6. TopMunch – Starting at $29.00/month


If you have the (global food) munchies, then The TopMunch Cultural Experience Box is for you! They deliver a complete experience of different cultures every month, aimed exclusively at world food explorers. Each box is filled with delicious hard-to-find snack treats, a travel guide, plus a curated music and language guide.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States



7. Takeout Kit – Starting at $35.00/month

Takeout Kit

Do the mere mentions of Thai crab curry, Indian tikka masala, or Spanish paella make you drool with hunger? Well what if you could make them in your own home? Good news: you can! Takeout Kit brings global cuisine to your front door with everything you need, minus the perishables. Plus, each kit has a 2 month shelf life!

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States


Feeling hungry for more box options?

Browse all of our food subscription boxes here.


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