2021 Gift Guide: The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids (Ages 0-13)

Kids live to make noise, get dirty, and have fun! Learning through play is what their lives are all about. From Lovevery to Kiwi Crate to Little Passports, kids subscription boxes are a great gift idea for your little one. The Cratejoy Marketplace is full of subscription boxes for kids that focus on what kids love: books, pretend play, legos, crafts, and hands-on learning.

Fun for the grown-ups in the house too, these amazing monthly boxes promise to put a smile on the faces of your little ones right from the very first box. Start a new family tradition and promote extra bonding time with your children or grandchildren from the first month onwards.

We’ve handpicked 20 of the best subscription boxes for kids that are jam packed with unique items you can't get on Amazon. With everything from early learning activities and kids book clubs to fun toys and discovery boxes, these subscription services will have something for your little one no matter their age. Sit back and watch the excitement they get with each special delivery!

What are the best subscription boxes for kids up to 13 years old?


Little Kids Sticker Pack

From $9.00 per box
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Regardless of your child's age, they'll love this subscription box! Everyone from supervised 2-year-olds to your favorite tweens will have fun with the bright and colorful mix of stickers packed into the Little Kids Sticker Pack. Whether they want to decorate their things, collect their favorites, or trade them with friends, this monthly happy mail brings tons of sticker fun. Each month they'll get 8 sticker sheets that include puffy and scented stickers, an activity page, and a postcard, too!

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The Preschool Box

From $38.91 per box
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Laying the foundation to give them a love of learning starts with our littlest learners. Give them a head start and prepare them for the school years ahead with The Preschool Box. Each box brings an instructional guide for parents and an activity book filled with age-appropriate activities that teach the basics––phonics, numbers, shapes, and colors!


eat2explore explorer subscription box - a family educational food & culture box

From $29.25 per box
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What's Included: With eat2explore, your kiddos can grab their little passports and set out to explore 17 different countries through tasty treats every month. The box arrives at the front door filled with essential spices, hard-to-find ingredients, and a shopping list to cover the rest. And, beyond their kitchen creations, they'll enjoy interactive activity sheets and educational collectibles like country stickers and flag pins.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 7 days of ordering, then on the 11th of future months


DIY Kids Crafts Kit – Award Winning Kids Art and Craft Box

From $30.00 per box
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Simplify making and doing by investing in a monthly subscription box like We Craft Box. Every box centers around a fun theme and an original story, and brings a variety of coordinating craft kits filled with easy-to-follow instructions, high-quality materials, and supplies. Not only does it make the experience low-stress and low-mess, but it's the perfect way to make lasting memories.


Superpower Academy

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Give your kids a real role model to look up to! With Superpower Academy, kids in all age groups can don their capes and find strengths and powers they never knew they had. One of the best subscription services to teach that superheroes are just ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary, kids will get a monthly mix of projects, comics, workbooks, and fun surprises that will inspire them to be superheroes, too!



From $24.95 per box
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We all know that screen use can get a little out of control. Instead of putting a ban on screen time, transform it into a learning experience with Bitsbox. All about technological exploration, kids in the age range of 6- to 12-year-olds can learn the ins-and-outs of what's behind the screens. Thought-provoking app-building projects, complete with colorful guides, will have them coding and laughing every month.


Disney Inspired Bibbidi Box

From $59.00 per box
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A great gift idea for your favorite Disney fan, Bibbidi Box delivers a customizable, interactive shopping experience. Each monthly subscription box equals ClubBB membership, which allows you to create a shopping list of licensed and small-shop Disney collectibles and accessories. Then, every month, they can unbox the happiest place on earth with an assortment of Disney goodies.


Monthly Premier Paletteful Pack

From $36.50 per box
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Let kids unlock their artistic potential and unleash their creativity with Paletteful Packs. Every month they’ll get a doodle crate filled with essential tools and high-quality art supplies like brushes, paint, pens, and sketchbooks. Choose the Young Artists pack to restock their supplies and give them the inspirational spark they need to create their next masterpiece.


Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

From $28.00 per box
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What's Included: Another great option for at-home science experiments and STEM activities is Green Kid Crafts, a popular educational box that uses sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to make each DIY activity kit. Choose a subscription option for kids ages 2-4 or 5-10 years old to get prepped activities, crafts, and projects that explore all things science, technology, art and engineering.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between 1-4 days from ordering



From $36.66 per box
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Celebrate one of the best construction toys of all time with a monthly subscription to BRICKBOX. Perfect for all the LEGO lovers in the house, each monthly box brings plenty of brick loot, including authentic construction sets and mini-figures, unique accessories, special building parts, T-shirts, LEGO swag and more. Add something new to your brick collection month after month. You can have a box delivered monthly or every three months, depending on your needs.


Kid's Club Classic

From $17.95 per box
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What's a simple way to have a little fun? Stickers! Now your littles can peel, stick, and squeal with delight every time they dive into their special delivery from Pipsticks. The Kid's Club Classic is loaded with 15 sheets of colorful, happy stickers, along with a postcard, a sparkly storage pouch, and an activity book. Enjoy designs featuring everything from dinos and mermaids to hearts and smileys!


Messy Play Kits monthly subscription

From $41.58 per box
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It's time to give your toddlers a hands-on experience to remember with Messy Play Kits and Sensory Bins. Perfect for kids ages 3 and up, choose the Messy Play Kit for science, sensory toys, and art activities, or the Sensory Bin, a themed selection of reusable materials and props for imaginative tactile play, like water beads, scoops, and small toys.



From $25.00 per box
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Cost: Starts at $25.00/month

What's Included: CHIC & UNIQUE is a monthly subscription box curated to help kids and tweens express their creative personalities and celebrate what makes them unique. Each month’s delightfully themed box features plenty of fun and whimsy, sending 6-10 exciting (and useful) items like stationery, socks, pencil cases, washi tape and more.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 18th-25th each month


Sensory TheraPLAY Box!

From $38.50 per box
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Curated specifically for children with sensory processing needs or on the autism spectrum, the Sensory TheraPLAY Box sets out to provide hours of stimulation. Ideal for helping kids do everything from learning self-soothing techniques to improving fine motor skills, subscribers will get their hands on tactile stimulating toys, textured toys, hand fidgets, sensory toys and more.


My First Reading Club

From $17.99 per box
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Cost: Starts at $19.99/month

What's Included: Guided by a true passion for reading, My First Reading Club includes 3-4 hardcover books each month. Select from 5 distinct age groups, including the Just Starting Out box for newborns or the Established Readers box for pre-teens, all sending books specifically selected for a particular reading level. Send the joy of reading to children and watch them grow and learn. Plus, each box includes a bonus activity book and fun a gift for mom!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. within 48 hours from receipt of order


Learning Crates

From $21.67 per box
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Cost: Starts at $22.07/month

What's Included: Learning Crates is an educational subscription box, but what sets it apart is the customization and personalization for each kid. Simply fill out their short survey before signing up, with questions like age, favorite subjects, and hobbies, then each box is curated for each individual child with 7-10 items including lots of books, plenty of hands-on activities, and engaging experiments.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. by the 15th of every month


Loop Lab Box

From $28.33 per box
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If you want a STEM subscription box for the older kids in your house, look no further than the Loop Lab Box. Created by the experts and science enthusiasts behind Mad Science, each box aims to mix entertainment with learning. And since it's designed for kids ages 8+, the activities require minimal adult supervision, allowing kids to play and discover at their own pace.


STEMist Series (8+) | Groovy Lab in a Box Monthly Subscription

From $29.95 per box
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What's Included: Groovy Lab in a Box is one of the best kids subscription boxes for anyone looking to have some high-quality, inventive fun! Each box offers an ingenious way for children to develop their problem-solving skills, sending kids ages 8+ a themed box that explores the scientific method and the engineering design process through pre-planned STEM activities and DIY experiments.

Shipping: Ship to select countries from the U.S. at the end of each week, and international orders ship on the 30th of the month


Monthly Tinkering Toddler Crates for Ages 3-5

From $39.99 per box
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Explore everything from reptiles to shapes with the Monthly Tinkering Toddler Crates designed for 3- to 5-year-olds. What is a tinker crate, you ask? It's an invitation to play (and a useful educational distraction) for the littlest of learners. Each themed box captures preschool minds with easy, pre-planned, DIY craft and activity kits that come with all you'll need––easy-peasy! This box is great for child development.


Electronics (12 Projects ANNUALLY)

From $104.97 per box
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When the kids have grown beyond picture books and kiddie, DIY crafts, get them learning by doing with Creation Crate. This monthly STEM subscription box is perfect for tweens and teens who want to get hands-on and learn the skills needed for the STEM fields. Budding engineers, electricians, and the like can enjoy online video lessons, step-by-step tutorials, bonus challenges, and more through this monthly discovery box.


Club SciKidz Lab Box

From $32.95 per box
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Cost: Starts at $28.95/month

What's Included: Club Scikidz Labs is a monthly subscription box that delivers fun and challenging tech and science experiments. Each box includes activities around different careers (like robotics, geology, and astronomy) with fun engineering projects, supplies to build an at-home science lab, an interactive lab notebook, and extra science surprises! Activities are generally geared for kids ages 7-10.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. on the 25th of the month


Little Learners Busy Box

From $13.50 per box
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Created to be an open-and-go subscription that helps kids ages 2-4 learn the basics while having fun, the Little Learners Busy Box is specifically designed to bring 5 or more prepped activity kits to mix-and-match for more than 30 different activities. Plus, it’s practical, packed in reusable storage bins, and meant to be used again and again!


Snail Mail Weekly Letter from Sunny the Mail Snail for ages 3 to 8

From $15.00 per box
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Cost: Starts at $14.00/month

What's Included: Snail Mail for Kids puts a clever spin on the word by having Sunny the Mail Snail send kids a weekly letter. Kids love getting mail, so they’ll be thrilled by Sunny’s letters, telling tales of silly adventures, engaging animal facts and details about exciting locations from around the world. In addition, kids get a stuffed toy, a poster and a letterbox. Sunny’s a delight for the whole family, becoming a quick friend, and leaving everyone waiting for his next letter to arrive!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. each week


BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside)

From $31.63 per box
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Cost: Starts at $24.00/month

What's Included: BOTI stands for "beautiful on the inside" and that's exactly the message delivered in each monthly BOTI box. Designed for girls ages 8-12, each themed box focuses on empowerment, sending positive quotes affirming the power of inner beauty, along with fun items including bath and beauty products, jewelry, and fun girly accessories.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 4th of the month


Petite Princess Box

From $25.00 per box
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Cost: Starts at $20.00/month

What's Included: Little ones love to dream of becoming a princess, and with the Petite Princess Box, that dream can come true month after month. Each box centers around an enchanted theme, delivering 4 princess accessories and items that are perfect for pretend play and make believe. It’s a unique box of princess goodies sent directly to their modern-day castle.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 7th of every month


Toy Box Monthly - Kids Toy Subscription

From $28.33 per box
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Cost: Starts at $24.00/month

What's Included: Toy Box Monthly is all about toys, toys, and more toys! When shopping with kids, they will invariably spend some time in the toy aisle wanting to take it all home. Instead, spend that time playing with a box of curated toys sent to the house. Affordable and fun, choose either a boy or girl subscription to get a box of 4-6 of the latest and greatest toys, including fan favorites like Shopkins or Tech Deck.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 20th-23rd of every month