13 Subscription Boxes for Trendy Teens and Tweens

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With new fads popping up every week, the interest of teens and tweens are constantly changing.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with a teen in your life while allowing them to explore their personal identity, we have the perfect hands-off solution they’ll want and you’ll love to give.

The people who made these subscription boxes know what’s trending on social media. These 13 subscription boxes for teens and tweens can do it all. From helping them explore new hobbies, stay up-to-date with fashion trends, fuel their fandom love, and be grateful to you for letting them do their own thing.



1. OwlCrate Jr.

Owlcrate Jr. kid's book subscription box

Price: $27.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Tweens don’t have as much time to go to the library, but OwlCrate Jr. insures they keep reading for fun. This box delivers a newly-published middle grade novel every month, plus 3-5 fun bookish items curated around a new theme. From pirates to coming of age, OwlCrate Jr. is designed to inspire creativity and curiosity.

Shipping: Ships worldwide between the 15 and 20th of every month

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2. Creation Crate

Price: $29.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Creation Crate is the perfect subscription box for the teen that needs to build things with their hands. Each box contains an educational project that can teach anyone in middle school or older how to build electronics, making this subscription great for anyone who enjoys a challenge or likes to figure things out on their own.

Shipping: Ships worldwide within a week of ordering

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3. The Nailed It Box

The Nailed It Box

Price: $11.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Ready to take your nail game to the next level? The Nailed It Box is perfect for the young nail diva who want to express herself through nail art. Receive stickers, jewels, stamps and more to embellish your nails each month. Every box includes instructions and tips to elevate your nail greatness to nail fabulousness. The Nailed It Box is a pedi good deal.

Shipping: Ships worldwide during the 1st week of every month

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4. Sports Box Co.

Sports Box Co

Price: $29.99/mo

What You’ll Get: If your young athlete needs new products for their practice, Sports Box Co. is the way to go. This sporty subscription box provides them with the best age-appropriate training gear, accessories, practice drills, and more for a handful of popular sports. The clothing has adult sizes so you can join in with them too

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada between the 20 and 25th of every month

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5. Slime


Price: Starts at $11.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Slime box is the subscription box for any tween and teen who loves to play with slime or even just can’t keep their hands still! Each month brings them a themed box filled with slime they can play with for hours. There are 3 different box sizes depending on just how much slime they’ll want to get their hands on.

Shipping: Ships during the 1st week of every month within the U.S.

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6. Fandom of the Month Club

Fandom of the Month March 2017

Price: $13.00/mo

What You’ll Get: If your teen is OBSESSED with movies and TV shows, Fandom of the Month Club is the subscription box for them. Every month your teen will receive themed high-quality, fan-inspired designs. So yes, this is the fandom box the drones are looking for.

Shipping: Ships worldwide by the 25th of every month

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7. Charm With Me Club

Price: $19.99/mo

What You’ll Get: It’s quite chic to be a well-versed geek! Increase your gloriously geeky charm collection with the Charm With Me Club subscription box. Your themed set of charms each month are particularly trendy and include jewelry for you to sport your fandom love everywhere you go. Trendy teens will Harley be able to wait.

Shipping: Ships worldwide before the 14th of every month

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8.  Terra Create

terra create

Price: Starting at $27.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Teens and tweens can easily get sucked into virtual games and “mobile” socializing. However, creating or growing something on their own gives them a sense of accomplishment that they can gift to grandma. Terra Create provides all the supplies for crafting for one or two people.

Shipping: Ships between the 15 and 20th of every month within the U.S.

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9. SoBakeable

SoBakeable Box Contents

Price: $36.95/2 months

What You’ll Get: Baking is a great stress-reliever and your teen will be loved by all their friends when they show up at school with a plate of brownies. SoBakeable gives you all the dry ingredients for two sets of baked good so you don’t have to worry about measuring ingredients.

Shipping: Ships on the 16th of every month within the U.S.

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10. My YA Reading Club

My YA Reading Club

Price: Starts at $9.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Start your own personal book club with this box. Teens will receive two hardcover books and get to choose from genres like Real World (teens and relationships), Fantasy, and Surprise Me! The box also comes with a gift ranging from DVDs to body lotion. Curl up under your covers and get immersed in a new world with these YA novels!

Shipping: Ships to select countries within 1 week of purchase.

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11. Comic Mystery Box

comic mystery box

Price: $27.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Comic fans can be quite particular with their selections, and ComicMysteryBox does an excellent job of delivering the best comics around. Your comic-loving teen will receive a whopping 15 first-print comics each month, some of which are even vintage. It’s the perfect subscription for viewing old-school comics and witnessing the gradual shift towards the new-school artistic designs.

Shipping: Ships only within the U.S.

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12. mintMONGOOSE


Price: Starts at $12.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Trying to find high-quality jewelry that is on-trend is pretty hard to do when you’re a young teen! mintMONGOOSE is a jewelry subscription box providing the ultimate solution. Each box contains 3 to 4 pieces of jewelry plus unique accessories (all depending on the box size). Accessories may include scarves, nail polish, small handbags, and more!

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 15th of every month and your first order ships within 48 hours

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13. Gen YZ Box

Gen YZ Box

Price: $50.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Gen YZ Box is a “box of awesomeness” curated for all of the young people! With box choices for Gen Y and Gen Y, this subscription delivers unique accessories, cool room decor, stationery, and more that your tween or teen is bound to love. Plus, proceeds from the boxes sold are donated to help women in need who live in Ecuador and Kenya.

Shipping: Ships worldwide during the 1st week of every month

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