Subscriptions with the Most Bang-For-Your-Buck Value

Have you thought about trying out a subscription box before, but always thought they were out of your budget? Don’t worry—you don’t need to clip coupons, you just need to know the right places to look! Meal kits and luxe skin care can get costly, but for less than $15, a monthly delivery service of freshly ground spice blends from Piquant Post Flavor Kits can turn bland chicken into an exotic meal, and FaceTory will refill your glam bag with a fresh supply of the best beauty sheet masks. There’s no reason why you need to wait until payday with these budget-friendly subscription boxes.

If you’re up for paying a little more, some of these boxes pack in amazing value at a great price, like Club Jeroboam, a wine subscription that aims to have you sip a mix of wines that match your personal tasting notes. Offering a range of subscription options, you can get high-quality full-size products and everyday essentials, like hot sauce, cruelty-free skincare, loose-leaf tea blends, and even a book-of-the-month club for a great value!

So say goodbye to coupons and hello to subscription services filled with budget-friendly goodies! If you find yourself stretching the last of your small-batch coffee or skimping on your fave beauty products, it’s time to give Cratejoy’s best subscription boxes a second look.


Succulents Box

From $4.95 per box
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Succulents Box is proof that you don't have to splurge to add a little extra touch to your workspace or home. Each month, subscribers can expect a 2-inch succulent from a different genus, plus detailed care instructions. Plus, subscriptions can be upgraded to up to 4 succulents a month.

Why Subscribers Love It: "Love this box it was so cute and I love the little cards that give the info and care for each succulent. Everything was well package and customer service was great in answering my questions I cant wait to see next months sneak peak of succulents.” – Angela C.

Shipping: The first box ships within 3 business days of order, and additional boxes ship between the 18th and the 20th of each month. Only ships within the United States.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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Anything that promotes a little "me time" is always worth it. TheraBox is a fan-favorite self-care subscription box that delivers a new therapeutic activity each month, plus 5-7 self-care and wellness items like aromatherapy, body and bath products, natural skincare, and lifestyle goodies. With over $100 in retail value in every box, subscribers always get their money's worth.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I received my first TheraBox and I LOVE it! It’s got all the essentials to help you relax and get your mind flowing with positive vibes. Can’t wait to receive my next one! 😍” – Tiara W.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. during the last week of each month.


Piquant Post Flavor Kits

From $10.99 per box
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Trying new recipes from unfamiliar cuisines can be a daunting task, but Piquant Post makes it easy to create globally-inspired meals right at home. Each month's box includes 4 freshly ground spice blends, plus step-by-step recipes for each blend. They also offer online access to tips and tricks, substitutes, and alternate recipes. Subscribers just simply add fresh ingredients!

Why Subscribers Love It: “My husband and I love cooking together. Now we can create meals with so many new flavors to try! We did a malva cake with the Zanzibar zest and it was loved by the family! This makes us excited to try all of them. If you love to cook and enjoy new flavors I would definitely recommend trying this!” – Casey W.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States around the 15th of each month.


SnackSack Classic

From $26.91 per box
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SnackSack takes the guesswork out of clean and healthy snacking. Each month, subscribers can expect a variety of 12 healthy snacks that are always non-GMO, organic, and fair trade. Choose between the Classic box, Vegan, or Gluten-Free for snacks like popped chickpeas, organic protein bars, dried fruit, and granola.

Why Subscribers Love It: “This was a great low-sugar snack box! Lots of brands I’ve never heard of.” – Cyndi M.

Shipping: Only ships within the United States mid-month each month.


Used Books Monthly

From $8.49 per box
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What sets Used Books Monthly apart is the personalization of the books chosen for each subscriber. When signing up, subscribers are prompted with a survey that includes over 20 genres to choose from, plus the ability to send the curators a message with details about reading preferences. Then each delivery is packed with 2 or 4 hand-picked, gently-used book for each subscriber, depending on the subscription chosen.

Why Subscribers Love It: “The selections were perfect in fantasy genre! I'm familiar with the titles and didn't read them before! Excited for what's to come next. Thank you!” – Tasnuva E.

Shipping: Only ships within the United States after the 15th of each month.


Club Cuvée - Champagne Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $110.00 per box
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Club Cuvée by He Wines, She Dines is here to make your life more sparkly and bubbly with a monthly delivery of some of the best sparkling wines in the world. Selected from some of the top vineyards in Champagne, France, and northern Spain, and tailored to your personal preferences, each box brings 2 bottles of premium effervescent wines.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I really didn't know what to expect from this box, and had no idea if it would be supermarket wine or something more along the lines of a wine club.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised with the wines I received! I'm super happy with this box.” – Amanda D.

Shipping: Only ships within the United States around the 15th of each month.


Gentleman's Box (Quarterly)

From $89.75 per box
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For the Renaissance Man inside us all, this quarterly or monthly subscription keeps you up-to-date with a delivery of a variety of goodies based around fashion, tech, and lifestyle. If you're always feeling like you're a little late to whatever is trendy, the Gentleman's Box can put you ahead of the curve with 4-6 premium accessories, lifestyle products and gadgets. This delivery service is also accompanied by blogs, YouTube videos, and the Premium Gentleman's Post to ensure that you are a well-rounded gentleman. Gentleman's Box is available in a monthly or quarterly subscription.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I have had this subscription for over a year. Each time I receive a Gentleman box, I know I am in for pleasant surprises.” – Stephen H.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the United States within 3 to 5 business days of order.


Vegancuts Monthly Beauty Box

From $26.99 per box
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If you're looking for ethical yet luxurious products to meet your skin and body care needs, this stunningly well-reviewed and longstanding vegan beauty subscription service is the perfect subscription box for you. Every monthly delivery includes 4+ deluxe and full-size beauty products for an over $50 value. Take a break from searching Amazon and let the Vegancuts beauty experts do the vetting: every carefully curated box is "100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free of harmful chemicals."

Why Subscribers Love It: “I loved my first box. It was well packaged, I loved all the products and it was all brands I had never heard of and I love new discoveries. I will definitely be sticking with vegancuts for a while and can't wait for my next box!” – Christine L.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States to most countries by the 17th of each month.


Scent Club Box

From $29.83 per box
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Make the switch to clean, ethical perfume without sacrificing your options with this perfume box subscription boasting wildly positive reviews. Similar to scentbird, this monthly box delivers a new perfume, along with 2-3 other scented goods. Consciously crafted in small batches by women and for women, every product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. A great treat for yourself or someone you care about — the gift of a new scent to give your day that little extra sheen.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I am in love with this box!! The scents are so good and the packaging is so simple and cute. It's a very box!! Love love love!” – Amy W.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States between the 10th and the 15th of every month.


Craft in Style: Monthly Craft Supply Kit

From $32.58 per box
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If you need the excitement of a DIY project on a monthly basis, you can't do much better than this glowingly-reviewed DIY art subscription. Construct a variety of stylish and beautiful projects such as terrariums, gold leaf gilding, sun-print photography, and much more. Each new box has everything you need, including easy-to-follow instructions. Subscribers can select what project they want shipped to them based on their personal styles, colors, and interests. Makes a great gift for older children as well!

Why Subscribers Love It: “I’m looking forward to my next shipment. These boxes are so fun! The packaging is gorgeous. They make a great way to have fun at home and they all make great gifts. What a treat!” – Carol C.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club - Monthly

From $14.99 per box
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People who love hot sauce really love hot sauce. The experts from Hot Sauce of the Month Club understand this love and scour the country to select the finest hot sauces around, often from major hot sauce festivals to include in this monthly artisanal hot sauce subscription box. Don't be afraid, you can choose your heat level: Mild, Classic, or Extra Hot!

Why Subscribers Love It: “On the classic plan, super great, super tasty. Not just heat but spice. Very happy with the variety and curation. Not one loser in the bunch. One of the easier gift boxes to give to the hothead in your life.” – Andrew M.

Shipping: Boxes ship on the 1st of every month.


Short Story:  Fashion for Petite Women

From $25.00 per box
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Think of Short Story like Stitch Fix for the short set — everyone deserves clothes that fit right and makes them feel good. So if you're under 5'4" and have ever struggled to find clothes right for you, this monthly clothing subscription is a pain-free way to refresh and revitalize your wardrobe. Short Story's expert stylists, specializing in petite women's sizing, will pick out outfits for you based on your size, style, and budget — then you try them on at home. You'll receive 5 items monthly and you pay only for what you decide to keep — and don't worry, shipping is free both ways! Your monthly styling fee is also put toward any item you keep.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I’ve only received one box but I’m very happy with the selections. The items arrive in a box which is much nicer than a bag. Easy returns. I plan to continue this subscription.” – Laurie S.

Shipping: Ships only within the United States within 3 days of order.


FaceTory: K-Beauty Subscription Box

From $11.90 per box
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Have you been wanting to add K-beauty products to your glam bag? FaceTory is the perfect opportunity! This K-beauty sheet mask and skincare subscription box is one of the most affordable and best beauty subscription boxes on Cratejoy. Curated by their sheet mask experts, every month you will receive 4 to 7 of the newest and most innovative masks on the market.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Just what it advertises—4 nice sheet masks per month is the perfect amount for a weekly mask. Love the simplicity, the masks, and the fun of getting a box each month.” – Lauri W.

Shipping: Boxes whip 1 to 4 business days after ordering.


The Standard - Wine Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $59.99 per box
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Skip the California winery tour and have high-end wine delivered right yo your door! Great wines at a great price is what makes the Standard Wine Club by He Wines, She Dines as awesome as it sounds. Take a quick survey to let the wine enthusiasts know what you like to fill your glass with, and they’ll get to work, selecting 3 bottles of wine matched to your tastes from small-batch vineyards. And they’ll even include fun extras, like detailed wine descriptions, pairing suggestions, and recipes!

Why Subscribers Love It: “The selection in our second box was great. We thoroughly enjoyed each one.” – Mary B.

Shipping: Boxes ship within the United States around the 15th of each month.


Color Curate Bag

From $20.95 per box
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Revitalize your makeup routine and lift your spirits with this adoringly-reviewed vegan beauty subscription box. Each month you'll receive a delightful makeup bag adorned with an inspiring quote holding 4 full-size products at an $80+ retail value. Innovative and color-intense, all Color Curate Bag products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. And did we mention you'll feel glam and pampered?

Why Subscribers Love It: “I've tried all my new makeup and I love it all! I felt like the colors were fun and unique. The bag is also cute and well-made. I'm looking forward to next month.” – Taylor B.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States on the 10th of each month.


Club Jeroboam - Fine Wine Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $119.99 per box
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Catered uniquely to the tastes of each individual, Club Jeroboam from He Wines, She Dines delivers just what you like when it comes to the world of fine wines. Having developed relationships with some of the best estate-owned, boutique vineyards, the experts select 3 bottles of delicious wine, package them with extra care, and include recipes, pairing suggestions, and an occasional treat before popping it in the mail to you!

Why Subscribers Love It: “As a wine drinker & a picky one at that, the wines I have received so far (2 shipments). They have come quickly & were fantastic if I do say so myself! Thank you for a great experience so far.” – Ann-Marie C.

Shipping: Boxes ship within the United States around the 15th of each month.


Everything Box

From $80.00 per box
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Dazzle your friends or treat yourself with world-class drinks you mix yourself with this premium cocktail subscription box. Every monthly box includes everything you need — including the alcohol — to make 4 servings. Expert-certified mixologists from around the country have been entrusted with the curation of these unique cocktails. These are not syrup-laden, tacky drinks: everything is "natural, fresh, low-calorie, low-sugar juice blends." All the flavors work standalone or in combination, allowing you to make an impressive variety of drinks simply and without fail.

Why Subscribers Love It: “My brother gave us this gift for 6 months. He is an awesome brother because this is an awesome gift. I am very grateful and highly recommend this fabulous club.” – Rick E.

Shipping: Boxes ship within the United States the third week of every month.


The Introverts Retreat Box

From $40.99 per box
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If you take your alone time very seriously, then Introverts Retreat is just for you. It's not just a book of the month club, but a total experience for the whole introvert: a new book in the genre of your choice plus a wide variety of accoutrements to complete it. Choose between snacks and a hot beverage, a candle and luxury bath products, or both (!) for the all-encompassing recharge you know you need. Backed by a landslide of five-star reviews, Introverts Retreat is your monthly sanctuary in a box.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BOX! I immediately ate the delicious caramel corn. I have had three boxes in the past and they are MAGIC! Thank you very, very much!” – Jan P.

Shipping: Ships to the United States and select countries every month depending on your original order date.


Classic Candy Box

From $28.97 per box
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Feeling nostalgic? This candy club is a great way to explore a huge variety of candy you enjoyed as a kid to candy from before your time! Every month you will receive a 1-1.5lb selection of candy from the 1980s to the 1900s, including hard-to-find classics and candy your grandparents may have talked about. This is a monthly box that will help your or someone you care about feeling like a kid again.

Why Subscribers Love It: “This is a great box! It was delivered fast and contained a ton of hard-to-find candy from my childhood! Awesome!” – Troy P.

Shipping: Ships to the United States and select countries on the 15th of every month.