Have a Pretty Little Vintage Teatime with These Decor & Tea Boxes

Care for a spot of tea? Maybe it’s time to host an afternoon tea with friends, complete with fresh-baked scones, mini cupcakes and all the rest. Break out your most decorative cake stands, pop a pretty pastel centerpiece on the table, string a little bunting overhead and, of course, brew up a delicious pot of tea for a good ol’ fashioned vintage tea party.

Come to think of it, tea parties are perfect for so many special occasions. Whether you’re planning to throw a Mother’s Day garden tea party, a classic afternoon tea party decked out with doilies and scalloped table covers, or an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party including a Mad Hatter tea party where you serve color-changing butterfly pea tea from a topsy turvy tea set, your options are endless!

Monthly subscription boxes can help you put your tea party ideas in motion with everything from tea party decorations to yummy tea party table spreads and top-quality loose-leaf teas. Here are some of the best subscription boxes to get the par-tea started!

Tea & Decor


Vintage Teacup Club Duo - Teacup and Saucer

From $30.00 per box
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Build your collection of vintage teatime tableware with a monthly subscription to the Vintage Teacup Club Duo. Every monthly delivery brings a vintage teacup and saucer set that features delicate floral designs, along with a selection of premium tea bags and biscuits. Serve teatime to your closest gal pals, or display the sets proudly to bolster your shabby chic decor.


The Enhanced Vintage Teatime Box

From £45.00 per box
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Looking for something beyond just tea cups and saucers? The Enhanced Vintage Teatime Box brings a beautiful vintage English tea service, including teacup, saucer, 1 small and 1 large dessert plate, tea, biscuits, a charming gift item and a feel-good read. DIY a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) tea-for-two, or pull out all the stops and throw a tea-for-me party!


Teacup and Scones of the Month Subscription Box

From $60.00 per box
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Functional and delicious, Teacup and Scones is a monthly box that will help you grow a classic collection of floral tea party supplies and make sure you have something to nibble on alongside your cuppa. Sending a bone china cup and saucer set, along with a half dozen fresh-baked scones, you’ll unbox an instant tea party with every monthly delivery.


Tea Time Box, Bringing Tea Time To You | Hugz in Mugz

From $36.00 per box
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Whether it’s self-care Sunday or not, Hugz in Mugz is bringing teatime to you! Pull out your prettiest tablecloth and your decorative teapot and treat yourself to an afternoon of warm, tasty sips with a monthly box that brings an artisanal tea, a teatime accessory, like a tea strainer or a colorful kitchen towel, and a sugary treat to sweeten the deal.

Tea Kits


The Personalized Tea Subscription Box

From $48.00 per box
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Since we all have different tastes and preferences, Free Your Tea has created the Personalized Tea Subscription to serve up the perfect cup! First you (or a lucky gift recipient) will get a special delivery of 5 tea samples, and you’ll get a chance to rate them based on your personal likes and dislikes. Then, every month, you’ll get 2 tea selections handpicked just for you.


A Mad Tea Party Mystery Tea Tour - Tea for Two

From $50.00 per box
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Why is a raven like a writing desk? There’s no sense in heading down the rabbit hole to answer unanswerable riddles, but if you’ve made your way down, take a mystery tea tour with the Mad Hatter and all your favorite Wonderland characters. Each month sends 50-65 servings of delightful teas and herbal blends, all made from the finest ingredients and packaged in resealable pouches.


Simplicity Teas | Loose Leaf Wellness Teas of The Month Club

From $14.50 per box
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From baby showers and bridal showers to tea party birthdays, Simplicity Teas can be your go-to tea club to ensure you pour out a delicious brew. Beyond amazing flavors and variety, each month’s box puts a special emphasis on wellness, highlighting the many healing properties of high-quality tea, including everything from reducing inflammation to balancing your blood sugar.


Tea Runners

From $22.08 per box
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New year, same great you, so as an act of self-love, treat yourself to some of the world’s finest teas with Tea Runners. Whether you prefer black tea, pure tea, herbal blends or you’d like to mix things up with a sampler, you’ll enjoy 30-50 cups of loose-leaf teas from some of the best small-batch producers, along with brewing instructions and tasting suggestions.

Food to Pair


Tinned Fish Club

From $29.99 per box
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It doesn’t matter if you’ve set the table with your finest dinner plates or some colorful floral paper plates, because it’s all about what goes on them. When you join the Tinned Fish Club, you get some of the finest canned fish out there — just what you need for whipping up fancy hors d’oeuvres, finger sandwiches and homemade salad dressings. Bon appetit!


Marshmallow of the Month Club

From $18.00 per box
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What do you get when you merge marshmallows with tea time? Warm, squishy goodness, of course! With the Marshmallow of the Month Club, you’ll be served freshly made marshmallows in an array of yummy flavors. Assemble a gooey s’more to serve alongside your tea, float one on top and watch it form a sweet, foamy layer, or pass them out as party favors to all your guests.


Cookie of the Month Subscription Box with Custom Tea

From $31.49 per box
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Once you see your special delivery from Susan’s Cookie Jar, get out a few table decorations and throw yourself a tea party! Invite your kiddos, get the girls over to sip (and spill) the tea, or limit the guest list to yours truly and enjoy a fresh brewed cup served alongside cookies. You’ll enjoy 2 dozen mini snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies or the special cookie of the month.