10 Wellness Gift Ideas For Self-Care

Posted by Devonya Batiste

You tackle work projects like a superhero, but remember – even superheros take time to rest! By taking the few extra steps towards self-care, you can refocus and prevent overload burnout.

As you work on your routine of rest and relaxation, share the gift of self-care with these 10 unique wellness products that will have anyone ready to put their cape on again!

1. Tangerine And Sage Body Butter – $21.00


Hot showers and baths are a relaxing way to melt the stress right off! But all that heat dries up your skin and the Tangerine And Sage Body Butter can rejuvenate your body! The organic tangerine and essential sage oil in this body butter are guaranteed to uplift your spirits while doing wonders for that gorgeous skin of yours.

This body butter is made by Merkaela and they featured it in their Summer 2017 delivery!


2. Prim Botanicals Hair Oil – $44.00

Long hair, short hair, Prim don’t care! What they do care about is making sure your hair is heathy and with the Prim Botanicals Hair Oil, it will be shiny no matter what kind! While you are managing other parts of your self-care routine, you can leave this oil in your hair. After just 30 minutes, your hair will be as bright as the crown you deserve!

Prim Botanicals Hail Oil was recently featured in the July 2017 box of Goddess Provisions!


3. Sorbet Bath Truffles – $7.00

Grapefruit Bellini Sorbet Bath Truffles are also ready @willowbellasoaps. Our Truffles weigh in usually between 3.5 – 4 oz and have triple milks, lots and lots of cocoa butter and shea butter, sweet almond oil and apricot seed oil, arrowroot, kaolin clay and the bath bomb basics, baking soda and citric acid, with SLSa for gentle bubbles in every handcrafted, small batch. Available for $7 each, box of 4 for $26, or a box of 9 for $55. . The second picture is the test water color. . If the ones you want aren't listed on our Etsy site please let us know and we can add it or send you an invoice. . #sorbetbathtruffles #bathtruffles #bathtrufflescoops #bubbletruffles #brambleon #etsyshop #etsyseller #lushie #bathtreats #bathbombs #grapefruitbellini #bubbles #milkbath #willowbella #willowbellablue #myrtlebeach #grandstrand #sorbetbathandbody #bathandbody #bathandbeauty #handcrafted #smallbatch #luxurybath #girlboss #mompreneur

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Running your bath water to simply jump in and jump right out does not count as self-care (we’re looking at you, supermoms)! Take some time and submerge yourself in a homemade spa bath with the Sorbet Bath Truffles! Each one of these truffles includes a special kind of lactic acid that exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves behind younger skin! So all you have to do is just sit back, relax, and let these bath truffles do the work!

Bath Bevy believes in the miracle of organic bath bombs and included the Sorbet Bath Truffles in their July 2017 box!


4. Organic Lavender Honey Spoons – $18.99

Wellness is a wonderful concept but if you’re too tired to make a routine, what do you do? Luckily for us, honey is an all-natural source of energy and the Organic Lavender Honey Spoons can put a little pep in your step! The organic honey comes straight from the beehive and is mixed with oil freshly extracted from lavender plants. You can use these unbeeleivably delightful treats as a healthy option for your sweet tooth!

These honey spoons can be found in My Honey Crate’s June 2017 subscription!


5. Organic Sunflower & Sugar Scrub – $15.00

Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand, and with the Organic Sunflower & Sugar Scrub, you’re guaranteed to make your skin shine bright! This scrub has all-natural ingredients that contain organic essential oils, vitamin E, vitamin A, and sugar! The real chrysanthemum buds in this scrub-a-dub will leave your skin looking and feeling sun-kissed!

This little beauty was found in TheraBox’s June 2017 subscription!



6. Organic Pink Tea – $12.95

Thinking of weekend adventures on this hump day! 😍 🍁 🌹

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What better excuse to use your honey spoons than with some amazing Organic Pink Tea? Organic Pink Tea by Full Leaf Tea Co. is made from green tea that’s mixed with hibiscus and lavender in order to improve your circulation and balance your mood. Now, this is the kind of tea you could sip!
sips tea



7. 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask – $7.00

We're breaking you down on the benefits of aloe vera. Hop over to the BLOG to read more. 🌿

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You’ve been going to bed early for your wellness but the Rings of Exhaustion under your eyes just aren’t going away! With the 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask you can say goodbye to dark rings and hello to hydration! This vegan wellness product is meant to blast your skin with hydrating nutrients and caffeine, eliminating the look of perpetual sleepiness (even if it is true).

This is another wellness product that can be easily applied and was included in the April 2017 box of LOVE GOODLY!


8. Your Tea Face Mask – $25.00

Wearing your tea is just as fulfilling as sipping it and with Your Tea Face Mask, you can do both! While the water is boiling for you tea, you can apply this face mask made of healing oils and tea leaves. It gently removes dead skin while deeply nourishing your face and mysteriously healing scars and blemishes. Just imagine, wearing this face mask, sipping some delicious Organic Pink Tea and enjoying life’s little pleasures… We feel better just thinking about it!

This tea mask is popular enough to show up in Terra Bella Box’s August 2017 delivery!


9. D’anjou Pear and Cinnamon Organic Hard Candy – $3.99

A #PickMeUp is ready whenever you need it, wherever you need it! #TakeMeWithYou

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We don’t know about you, but snacking is one of our favorite past times! Part of your wellness should be focusing on which snacks you choose and D’anjou Pear and Cinnamon Organic Hard Candy is a great, healthy alternative to junk foods! Whether you take them with you to work or attempt to hide them from your roommates at home, this tasty candy is made from non-GMO ingredients, only has 12 calories a piece, and doesn’t have any corn syrup!

You can take a little moment to yourself when savoring one of these delectable treats featured in the May 2017 edition of My Reward Box!


10. Peach Orchard Soy Candle – $10.00

Nothing sets the mood quite like a well-scented candle. You can complete your spa experience by turning down the lights and using the Peach Orchard Soy Candle to focus on your wellness! This triple-scented candle burns cleaner than paraffin candles and lasts longer since it’s made from soy. Lighting this candle will enhance your home spa experience and would pair well with the Sorbet Bath Truffles during bath time!

Peach Orchard Soy Candle was popular enough to be featured in in Hopebox’s June 2017 subscription!


Self-care is mandatory for your wellness and these gifts are just what your super friends need to improve their everyday life! While individual items are wonderful, taking care of yourself is an ongoing process. You can find wellness subscriptions that will deliver enjoyable self-care routines to your doorstep on the Cratejoy marketplace!


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