12 Ultra-Fun Birthday Gifts for Kids of All Ages

For as much fun as strolling through toy aisles can be, it also can be downright intimidating and overwhelming. Plenty of sensory stimulation with bright colors, sounds and lights, but when you’re looking for the perfect gift, it isn’t all fun and games.

Searching for birthday gifts for kids, whether they're your own children, your nieces and nephews, or classmates and friends, always carries a risk of picking up something they won’t enjoy or getting duplicates of games and toys they already have.

We’ve got an idea for a gift that we think is even more memorable and delightful. A gift box from one of the many kid-friendly subscriptions on the Cratejoy marketplace is a great way to gift a surprise they’re sure to be excited about. Whether you opt for just one box or a monthly subscription, they’ll get plenty of joy just from the mystery of it. Curated especially for children, here are some of our top choices for birthday gifts for kids.

1. Unicorn Dream Box


Price: Starts at $22.00

About the Box: You might wonder what all the fuss is about unicorns, but for kids, unicorns are on par with glitter, rainbows and wishes, and the Unicorn Dream Box helps them celebrate all that is magical and colorful. Depending on which of the 3 unique subscription levels is chosen, each box packs in anywhere from 4-15 unicorn-themed items, from stickers and makeup, to paper goods, masks, sweet treats and more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 15th of the month

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2. GeekGear


Price: Starts at £14.99 GBP

About the Box: One of the best gift ideas for Harry Potter-obsessed kids is GeekGear, a subscription that delivers a monthly box of wizarding magic right to the front door. With 4 subscription tiers to choose from, they'll join hundreds of happy fans receiving a box packed with officially licensed goodies, like wands and wearables, exciting collectibles and figures, art work, accessories and edibles.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.K. between the 21st-26th of the month

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3. Paletteful Packs


Price: Starts at $22.32

About the Box: Paletteful Packs makes a great kid's birthday gift for the little artists in your life. Each monthly box lets kids explore their imagination and unlock their creative potential by delivering a fun mix of essential tools and high-quality art supplies, including pens and sketchbooks, brushes and paint. Packed with unique, hard-to-find supplies, every month delivers value and variety.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 1st or 2nd of the month

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4. Mermaid Kid Box


Price: Starts at $17.99

About the Box: Here's a birthday gift idea that's all about letting imaginations run wild. Geared more towards birthday girls, the Mermaid Kid Box will have her dreaming up under-the-sea adventures, unboxing either 3-4 or 6-9 mermaid-themed items, depending on the chosen subscription level. Sending a box of mermazing stuff, unpack a variety of figures, crayons and coloring books, jewelry, treats and other seasonal items.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 15th-20th of the month

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5. Bitsbox


Price: Starts at $24.95

About the Box: Created with kids ages 6-12 in mind, there's finally a unique gift that delivers some high-quality screen time. Bitsbox is a monthly subscription that helps kids create and build apps all by themselves. Available in either a digital format or in a Basic or Deluxe box delivered in the mail, each monthly box delivers thought-provoking app-building projects, along with add-ins, like stickers, trinkets and gadgets in every Deluxe box.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. shortly after receipt of order

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6. Slime


Price: Starts at $13.00

About the Box: Bringing plenty of sensory fun to kids of all ages, Slime is a monthly subscription that they can really sink their hands into! Slime has become a way of life for kids, and boys and girls alike will love the gooey-squishy goodness packed into every box. Backed by plenty of happy slime-lovers, each themed box brings a variety of stretchy, softly-scented premium slime in an array of colors, along with a few sweet-tasting add ins.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. in the 1st week of the month

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7. ComicCrate


Price: Starts at $24.91

About the Box: Get even the most reluctant kids to enjoy reading with the ComicCrate. On a mission to create reading superheroes, choose from 3 subscription levels based on the age and reading level of each child to get a curated mix of 6 new comic books every month. One of the best birthday gifts to help make reading a treat, each box delivers a fun surprise mix, from Star Wars to Looney Tunes, all handpicked by comic-loving parents.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. every week throughout the month

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8. Em and Liz Box


Price: Starts at $21.25

About the Box: Determined to bring the magic of girlhood month after month, each delivery of the Em and Liz Box sends 5-7 high-quality items curated around a central theme. Bringing beauty products, like lip gloss and other age-appropriate makeup items, crafts and whimsical accessories, along with 2 sheets of custom stationery to promote creativity, each monthly box makes a great birthday present that celebrates the fun of being a girly girl.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 25th-31st of the month

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9. Kid Curated Books


Price: Starts at $31.99

About the Box: With a quick 5-day delivery time, a perfect last-minute birthday gift for kids is a monthly subscription to Kid Curated Books. Tailoring each subscription to the age, reading level, and interests of every child, this is a uniquely customized book box that aims to provide books that are both challenging and fun, with the intent to inspire, empower and motivate all kids through well-written stories.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. within 5 days of receipt of order

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Price: Starts at $26.66

About the Box: BRICKBOX is the perfect gift for kids who are passionate Lego-lovers. Packed with everything from authentic construction sets and minifigures, to unique accessories and building parts, tees, gear and more, each month encourages plenty of imaginative design and creativity. It's a monthly box that offers a great opportunity for interactive solo or group play, while adding to a growing collection of bricks.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 21st of the month

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11. Green Kid Crafts


Price: Starts at $17.95

About the Box: A best seller for a reason, Green Kids Crafts is committed to inspiring kids to be creative, while also being a conscientious and sustainable monthly subscription. Designed to bring engaging STEAM craft and learning projects to kids from ages 2-10, each kit contains products and supplies for 6 fun activities, lessons and DIY projects, that are also carbon-neutral and earth-friendly!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 1 week of receipt of order

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12. Terra Create


Price: Starts at $30.00

About the Box: With Terra Create, there's no need for video games to keep the hands busy and the mind occupied. A birthday gift that will have them crafting everything from light boxes to dream catchers, each monthly box delivers artisan-quality tools and natural materials, full-color printed instructions and photographic step-by-steps, everything that's needed to make 1 trendy, gender-neutral craft project that's just right for those 9 and up.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. around the 20th of the month

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