Bokksu Review + Unboxing | February 2019

Bokksu subscription box

Bokksu's February “Love Story” box is filled with 15 decadent Japanese snacks and tea pairings to satisfy the curiosity of those who love to explore gourmet foods from other countries. This is an international foodie’s dream because the box is specially curated for you each month based on a fun cultural theme.

Bokksu subscription box

The box includes a detailed menu with a wonderful narrative of the current month’s theme that sets the mood for exploration and exemplifies the beauty of Japanese culture. You will feel like you’ve experienced a guided tour of Japan from its rich descriptions of each snack to the discussion of each snack’s region of origin which is mapped out visually on the menu.

Bokksu information card

You will find special chocolates, cookies, crackers, chips, and candies with unique and unexpected flavor fusions that are exciting and delicious. You just might find yourself developing an addiction like me!

The Cost: $23.50 per month
Shipping: Ships to select countries with free shipping!

Overall Ratings:

Shipping: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality of Products: 5/5
Retail Value: 5/5
Curation: 5/5

Packaging and Unboxing Experience

The package looks exactly as advertised. It arrived inside of a larger brown shipping box. When you open the package it reveals the orange Bokksu box ready to open without any further packaging to be removed. It is a beautiful presentation when you open the box. It’s like opening a luxury gift box or present. It’s a well-thought out and expertly packaged box whose contents are laid out in a very neat and organized manner.

Bokksu information card

You are greeted with a detail menu or what I would call your “Gourmet Itinerary” that will take you on a culinary tour of Japan through each snack. The menu provides an introduction and story of the box’s theme for the month and a thank you card signed by the Founder which is a nice personal touch.

At the very bottom of the box is a message and a 10% discount code to use for your next purchase. The packaging definitely reflects the brand’s aesthetic with its clean modern minimalistic design which is elegant and chic.

Bokksu baked strawberry chocolate

Snack #1: Baked Strawberry Chocolate (included 2)

The baked strawberry chocolate is a fascinated dessert. It’s like a strawberry version of a Ferrero Rocher confection but looks like a mini cupcake. The rice puffs actually feels like layers wafers that melts in your mouth with gives a nice strawberry-chocolate cake taste. It’s a truly marvelous dessert.

Bokksu arigato no kimochi

Snack #2: Arigato No Kimochi Senbei (included 2)

This darling heart shaped thick cracker has a savory soy sauce flavor to it. Although I would say it’s not my favorite snack in the box, I think it would nicely accompany a bowl of Japanese soup or Vietnamese Pho noodle soup.

Bokksu thai chocolate

Snack #3: Tai Chocolate (included 2)

The Tai Chocolate is a wonderful large fished shaped wafer cookie with a rich chocolate moose center that melts in your mouth. This dessert would be great with a bowl of ice cream.

Bokksu milk chocolate

Snack #4: Cubie “Hi” Milk Chocolate

The Cubie “Hi” Milk Chocolates are mini milk chocolate bites that are cubed shaped and has a rich creamy flavor that’s reminiscent of fudge. These babies are especially crafted to keep from melting with an outer layer similar to a candy coating but much softer. Its amazing that you can handle these chocolate pieces without your finger getting stained with melted chocolate! It’s truly unique snack experience.

Bokksu spicy heart senbei

Snack #5: Spicy Mini Heart Senbei

These are spicy heart shaped crackers that come in an assortment of colors that packs a kick. I like the presentation of the crackers in a package with a red ribbon that can make a nice savory gift and a nice change from the usual sweet candy gifts normally given on Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the taste as I am not big on spicy foods. However, if you love spicy food you will find these crackers that’s sprinkled with chili powder and other species delightful.

Bokksu chocolate anpan

Snack #6: Chocolate Anpan

The Chocolate Anpan is large round shaped dessert that looks like a whoopi pie but tastes like a brownie with a super soft center. It has a light chocolatey flavor to my surprise as I thought it would have a much bolder chocolate flavor judging by the size. I find this a little bit disappointing as this snack doesn’t delivers the magic that it looks like it would.

Japanese strawberry KitKat

Snack #7: Japanese Kit Kats Strawberry Tiramisu

The Japanese Kit Kat Strawberry Tiramisu is an exclusive Kit Kat limited edition flavor commemorates their 45th anniversary in Japan that was created as a result of fan votes. It elevates the familiar white chocolate Kit Kat with its unique flavor fusion of strawberry and tiramisu. I was very excited to try this flavor as I love unique and odd flavor pairings. I often like to get a blended Frappuccino from Starbucks with pumps of raspberry syrup mixing the coffee and berry flavors and this is what these Kit Kats taste like in candy form. It is a dreamy masterpiece that you want to close your eyes to savor every bite!

It pairs very nicely with the Beauty Red Herb Tea. It is the most luxurious snack in the entire box and by far the most exciting snack to try.

pancake langue de chat

Snack #8: Pancake Langue De Chat (included 2)

The Pancake Langue De Chat is a buttery cookie filled with a white chocolate center that has a strong aromatic of caramel or maple syrup and tastes like a maple syrup covered pancake. It’s a delightful snack that celebrates the popular American breakfast staple.

Beauty red herb tea

Snack #9: Beauty Red Herb Tea

If love had an aroma, it would smell like the lovely aromatics of the Beauty Red Herb Tea! As the name suggest, this tea is a beauty inside and out. From its ruby red color to its amazing fruity taste this tea pairs nicely with many of the snacks in this Bokksu box. The tea is so flavorful it really doesn’t need any sweeteners. I believe even honey will take away for the quality of the flavor that’s infused with rosehip, rooibos, hibiscus, kiwi, apple and strawberry. It’s by far one of my favorite items in the entire box.

Final Verdict

February’s 2019 Bokksu Box is a special box of gourmet snacks that will leave you intrigued. Each snack perfectly captures the “Love Story” theme and is presented beautifully in an elegant orange and white trimmed box with a menu (and custom thank you card) to narrate and give you a regional tour of your Japanese tasting experience.

This month’s box really expounds on the Valentine’s Day theme from the packaging to the heart shaped snacks and the predominate strawberry and chocolate flavorings. I would give the Bokksu box an A+ for the presentation, layout, and written narrative.

Of the 9 variations of snack types there were only 3 out of the 9 that I didn’t like. The majority of the snacks are delicious especially if you are a fan of Japanese food and culture. Learning about the specific area each snack originated from was intriguing and made the tasting experience thrilling.

You are getting a good value for the number of snacks you receive in this box. I recommend this box as it would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for the beloved foodie in your life.

Check out Bokksu's listing page for more information or to sign-up today!