Bokksu Review + Unboxing | March 2019

Bokksu's March “Spring Picnic” is filled with 21 decadent Japanese snacks and tea pairings to satisfy the curiosity of those who love to explore gourmet foods from other countries. Bokksu also includes a detailed information card with a narrative of the Spring Picnic theme to get you ready to explore Japanese culture.

Bokksu information card

You almost feel like you are getting a guided tour of Japan with the detailed descriptions of each snack and history of each snack’s region of origin, that is also mapped out visually on the information card.

Each box includes a mix of specialty chocolates, unique crackers and chips, cookies, and candies with unexpected flavor fusions that are both delicious and exciting.

Bokksu march 2019

The Cost: $23.50 per month
Shipping: Ships to select countries with free shipping!

Overall Ratings:

Shipping: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality of Products: 5/5
Retail Value: 5/5
Curation: 5/5

Packaging and Unboxing Experience

When you open the package it reveals the orange Bokksu box that feels like you're opening a special gift box or present. It’s a carefully packaged box that is very neat and organized manner, and first thing you see is a detail menu that takes you on a culinary tour of Japan with each snack.


The menu includes an introduction and story of March's "Spring Picnic" theme and a personalized thank you card signed by the Founder. The box also included a 10% discount code to use for your next purchase. Overall, the packaging is very clean with a minimalistic design that feels nice and elegant.

honey butter potato sticks

Snack #1: Honey Butter Potato Sticks

By far one of my favorite snacks and most addictive snacks in the box. Imagine French Fries in a potato chip version marinated in honey butter! This snack packs a rich and buttery taste that I found irresistible. You will find yourself devouring the entire bag and wanting more. You’ll be bummed out that there is only one of these magical potato sticks snacks in the box.

uni fried rice rackers

Snack #2: Uni Fried Rice Crackers (included 2)

like popcorn with a very nice buttery salted flavor. Sea Urchin is an unexpected flavor that tastes surprisingly good. You will also find yourself devouring these as well. It’s a tie for first place of savory snacks between the Uni Fried Rice Crackers and the Honey Butter Potato snacks in my book. You will find yourself craving for more as it is another highly addictive snack!

gobochi yuzusco

Snack #3: Gobochi Yuzusco

Gobochi Yuzusco are thin strips that resemble veggie chips or thin fresh cut sweet potato fries. Very flavorful like a spicy teriyaki flavor although it’s made from burdock root in a yuzu vinegar pepper hot sauce which gives it a nice spicy kick. It’s the right balance between sweet and savory.

sapporo chokoro

Snack #4: Sapporo Chokoro (included 2)

When I first tasted these crunchy soybeans covered in a strawberry white chocolate coating my reaction was “Wow!” I am not a big fan of eating soy beans but this snack was a pleasant surprise. It’s a nice snack to enjoy with a cup of Kuromame tea that’s included the box or nice cup of coffee.

mogumogu cranberry chocolate

Snack #5: Mogumogu Cranberry Chocolate

Many of us have had chocolate with rice crispy pieces in them before like a Nestle Crunch Bar. Now imagine mini rice crispy filled chocolate bites accompanied by bits of cranberry too! This is how the Mogumogu Cranberry Chocolate tastes with its strong cranberry flavor that really comes through balancing out the bitter dark chocolate. Enjoy this snack with tea or as something sweet after having one of the savory snacks.

mocchan dango mochi

Snack #6: Mocchan Dango Mochi (included 2)

These very cute and playful packaged gummy snacks are the candy version of the popular Japanese ice cream dessert “Mochi.” For those who aren’t familiar with Mochi it’s a Japanese rice cake made of a short-grain japonica glutinous rice that’s pounded into a paste and molded into a shape. The Mochi ice cream dessert is flavored ice cream that is wrapped in this rice cake dough. It’s a very soft and squishy dessert that you can hold in your hand and take a bite out of like an apple.

I am very familiar with the mochi ice cream dessert as I have enjoyed it countless times in several different flavors with Match Green Tea and Red Bean being my favorites. Therefore, I had high expectations for the Mocchan Dango Mochi candy and looked forward to enjoying the familiar flavors that’s reminiscent of my time as an undergrad at UCLA where I took 3 years of Japanese learning the language and culture. My Japanese professors were the ones who originally introduced me to this beloved dessert.

However, I don’t feel that the gummy candy version of the original dessert translated well. I was disappointed as I could not decipher between the pink, green, and white candy pieces because they all tasted the same. I assumed the pink candy piece would taste like the red bean flavor, the green candy like the matcha flavor and the white candy like the vanilla bean flavor but they did not. Despite the whimsical packaging the candy was a big disappointment for me and my least favorite snack in the box.

edamame chips

Snack #7: Gourmet Edamame Chips (included 2)

If you like edamame, you will find these edamame chips to be very delightful. These diamond-shaped mini crackers have a very strong edamame flavor that comes through with every bite. I am not a big fan of edamame but again I found myself unable to stop eating this flavorful snack that delivers a nice crunch!

gourmet shrimp chips

Snack #8: Gourmet Shrimp Chips

The Gourmet Shrimp Chips are the shrimp flavored version of the edamame chips. One observation I must make about the Bokksu box is that they’ve worked very hard to make their flavored snacks really taste exactly like the actual item it resembles. These shrimp flavored crackers taste EXACTLY like fresh shrimp in a shrimp cocktail! The flavor is simply amazing! Just like the bold flavor of the edamame chips that taste like you are actually eating edamame but in cracker form, the shrimp version does the same thing. If you are a shrimp lover you will be blown away by this snack. This is by far the most impressive snack in the entire box.

century pear langue de chat

Snack #9: 20th Century Pear Langue De Chat (included 2)

The Century Pear is a sophisticated gourmet butter cookie with a pear and white chocolate center that melts in your mouth. I was very excited to try this cookie as I am a big fan of pear and white chocolate and it did not disappoint! This is an amazing cookie that is absolutely delicious! I found myself cherishing the one remaining package like hidden treasure, something I definitely wanted to keep for myself to enjoy later as I didn’t want to share with others! My only regret is that the box only included two packages. This snack is a close second to the Alfort Mini Chocolates as being one of the best snacks in the Bokksu box.

white strawberry

Snack #10: White Strawberry (included 3)

The White Strawberry is another amazing snack in the Bokksu box. It’s a freeze dried strawberry perfectly infused with white chocolate! It’s almost like eating a white chocolate truffle that looks like an actual strawberry…(and it is an actual strawberry). The snack is simply mind blowing! You will be busy marveling at the look at taste of the snack with every bite thinking “how did they do that!?” Fortunately, there are three of these lovely snacks in the box to enjoy.

kuromame tea

Snack #11: Kuromame Tea (included 2)

The Kuromame Tea was an experience! I think it was clever to have a mini pack of soy beans you open and pour into a cup of hot water. The soy beans in your cup serve as your “tea bag” transforming a simple cup of hot water into actual tea then doubling as a snack you can eat afterwards.

The tea reminded me of the Taiwanese Boba drink because you can eat the soy beans after you finish the tea just like the tapioca balls at the bottom of a Boba drink. The tea has a very earthly flavor that you can enjoy as is or with honey, lemon, and maybe a little ginger. If you are a tea lover you will find the Kuromame Tea very exciting to try.

alfort mini chocolate

Snack #12: Alfort Mini Chocolate

I am not sure if this is a bonus snack or a snack that was included in the Bokksu box by mistake because it is not featured on the menu. But in the words of Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents” as I was elated to discover this wonderful box of Alfort Mini Chocolate hidden at the bottom of my Bokksu box!

The Alfort Mini Chocolate is a gourmet box of mini chocolate biscuits topped with a luscious layer of strawberry chocolate and will be one of the best things you’ve ever tasted in your life! Needless to say this is the BEST snack in the entire box! Decadent is an understatement. It’s evident that the strawberry chocolate is made from real strawberries as it has a bold flavor that is luxurious and smooth.

In addition to the amazing taste, the strawberry chocolate has a sweet lovely fragrant that is wonderfully aromatic. You will feel like you died and went to heaven with every bite! The embossed pirate ship design on each rectangular piece perfectly gives this gourmet snack an expensive look and feel. This snack joins the Century Pear Langue De Chat in my treasure chest of cherished snacks I don’t want to share with anyone.

Final Verdict

The Bokksu's March 2019 box is a fascinating assortment of gourmet snacks that will leave you speechless. There are far more snacks in this month’s box compared to last month and I think this month’s box was even better. Each snack perfectly captures the “Spring Picnic” theme and is presented beautifully in an elegant orange and white trimmed box with a menu (and thank you card) to narrate and give you a regional tour of your Japanese tasting experience.

The majority of the snacks are delicious especially if you are a fan of Japanese food and culture. Learning about the specific area each snack originated from was intriguing and made the tasting experience thrilling. You are getting an extraordinary value for the number of snacks you receive this month, again 21 snacks in total!

I highly recommend this box for cultural food enthusiasts and foodies in general who are curious to try new and exciting foods. You get more than just fantastic snacks in the Bokksu Box, you truly get an experience. I give the box 5 out 5 points. The quality of this box by far surpasses the 1-2 snacks I didn’t like and is worth purchasing.

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