Book Club Reads Perfect for Summer Reading

Summer is here and you know what that means: it’s time for avid bookworms like you to start your summer reading list and find new favorite books! Getting lost in a new book is the best way to fill the longer days of summer…and it’s even better if you’re at the beach.

But where do you turn to discern a good book from a great book? Whose advice turns a might-read into a must-read? If you aren’t part of a book club and your best friends aren’t book lovers, it can be hard to pick your next read. Sure, you could look at the New York Times list of bestsellers. Celebrity book club picks from readers like Oprah are another option. And, of course, you could also check out Goodreads reviews. But sometimes the suggestions aren’t individualized and the reviews aren’t always reliable!

At Cratejoy, we have numerous book box subscriptions that might fit the bill. Some subscriptions surprise you with a monthly read, eliminating any cumbersome guesswork. Others treat you to an immersive experience with added goodies to bring stories to life. And some boxes are curated by expert book authorities like independent bookshop owners and more!

To help you choose the best book box subscription or book club for you, our Cratejoy crew hand-picked subscription box options based on books you may have read and loved. If one of these popular books is a go-to of yours or a new-to-you novel you recently enjoyed, we know which subscription you’ll appreciate most. Read on for your book club recommendations!

Book Club Recommendations Based on Books You Read and Loved

1. Now in Books


If You Read: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

We Recommend: Now in Books

Why You’ll Love It: Just like how The Vanishing Half tackles timely issues of racial identity and family relations, the bestsellers featured in Now in Books tackle today’s most relevant social issues. Plus, each book is paired with curated music to bring another dimension to your reading experience.

What You Pay: Starting at $14.99/month

What Subscribers Say: “I loved my first box! It came in a lovely box with quality materials. I downloaded the music list immediately and binge-read the book. I would not have selected the book or the music on my own, but loved them together as an experience. Really differentiated from other subscriptions I have. I will keep it going!” -Allyson

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2. Peruse Book Club


If You Read: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

We Recommend: Peruse Book Club

Why You’ll Love It: Exploring the intricacies of familial relationships, Little Fires Everywhere is an engrossing read that provokes thought and inspires discussion. If that’s your jam, you’ll love how Peruse Book Club includes discussion questions and themed goodies so you can hold your own book club discussion.

What You Pay: Starting at $40.83/month

What Subscribers Say: “Lovely book box, I have looked into a lot of different book boxes and I was pleasantly surprised with this box. It shipped very quickly. I love the new pens and the notecards. It was nice to receive some items that I would have not have typically picked out for myself.” -Daisy

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3. Down The Rabbit Hole Book Box


If You Read: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

We Recommend: Down the Rabbit Hole Book Box

Why You’ll Love It: If you binge-read the irresistible Big Little Lies, Down the Rabbit Hole Book Box specializes in dark dramas without happy endings. You’ll enjoy the extra novelties included in the box too — you’re to open them at specific spots in the storyline to bring the story to life. It’s a clever way to keep you reading (even though we both know you don’t need much encouragement).

What You Pay: Starting at $43.95/month

What Subscribers Say: “One of my absolute favorite subscriptions. There are a few book boxes that have you open gifts at certain parts of the story but what sets this one apart is the quality of the books themselves. They deliver their promise on dark storylines so if that’s your jam, this is the box for you. The two I’ve received thus far have been excellent, and coincidentally are based around books I likely wouldn’t have selected myself so they were also wonderful surprises. The gifts are often useful and certainly facilitate engagement with the events in the story. Shoutout also to the attention to detail in the packaging - each month’s stickers, colors, and general designs fit the books so well. Bravo!” -Emily

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4. Authentic Books


If You Read: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

We Recommend: Authentic Books

Why You’ll Love It: While reading is often a transportive experience, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue takes you on a journey across several centuries through the course of the book’s storyline. Authentic Books delivers similarly immersive new releases! And, this book box subscription elaborates on the immersion with American artisan-crafted goods that allow you to experience the stories with all five senses (while also indulging in a bit of self care).

What You Pay: Starting at $48/month

What Subscribers Say: “Wonderful, beautiful book box! So thoughtfully and well curated to fit around your book selection. I really enjoyed opening my book box, and it was obvious there was much time and thought put into it. The products are all high quality and smell/taste amazing! I’m in love with the candle!!! Such an amazing box for 'me time' when I need it most. Thank you for enhancing the reading experience to all senses and for all the time and thought put into making these amazing boxes. Looking forward to the next one!” -Nicole

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5. Feminist Book Club Monthly Subscription Box


If You Read: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

We Recommend: The Feminist Book Club

Why You’ll Love It: For progressive women and nonbinary folks who crave meaningful connection while deepening their understanding of intersectional feminism, the Feminist Book Club is a monthly subscription box that provides tools, resources, and opportunities to connect and give back while challenging you to dismantle systems of oppression.

What You Pay: Starting at $52/month

What Subscribers Say: “This box is put together with love. You'll look forward to getting the box as well as the note from Renee. What I love the most about this box is the group. There's a diverse group of women that subscribe to this box and you'll appreciate the opinions and support that you get from them. This is the first box that I've subscribed to that has substance and really contributes to my overall well-being.” -Jasmine

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6. Culture Carton


If You Read: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

We Recommend: Culture Carton

Why You’ll Love It: What makes life fulfilling and worth living? The Midnight Library brings these questions to the limelight, and in turn so does the Culture Carton subscription box. With a focus on male subscribers, each delivery includes a book cultured gentlemen should include in their home libraries, plus added bonuses to enhance aspects of one’s self: confidence, sophistication, and knowledge.

What You Pay: Starting at $45/month

What Subscribers Say: “I purchased this as a gift for my husband, and planned for just the 3 months. Turns out my husband has loved everything he’s received and we’ve kept it going as something just for him each month. He’s had several awesome pairs of Sunglasses, pretty nice watches, socks, ties, and other great stuff. He’s also really enjoying all the books. Communication with this crate has been super quick and accommodating/helpful. I highly recommend this as a gift or just because!” -Krysta

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7. My Sci-Fi Club Subscription Box


If You Read: The Martian by Andy Weir

We Recommend: My Sci-Fi Club

Why They’ll Love It: If you love out-of-this-world science fiction like The Martian, My Sci-Fi Club is the monthly book club you’ll love. It’s all books, no fluff, for an awesome price. (And even more impressive, the science fiction books you receive are all hardcover editions.)

What You Pay: Starting at $16/month

What Subscribers Say: “My Sci-Fi box is awesome!!! The quality of the books and book selections each month is phenomenal!! I can’t believe the quality I get for such a low cost. I will without a doubt be a lifetime member. If you are looking for a book subscription crate each month- you will not regret purchasing this crate! It’s value far outweighs the cost.” -Rachel

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8. My Thrill Club


If You Read: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

We Recommend: My Thrill Club!

Why They’ll Love It: If gruesome page-turners like The Guest List are how you unwind, My Thrill Club! has got you, boo. This premium horror, mystery, and thriller subscription box delivers two new hardcovers right to your door. Get the edge of your seat ready.

What You Pay: Starting at $16/month

What Subscribers Say: “Okay, first of all, go follow this guy on social media, he posts hilarious and creepy things all the time! And the subscription is totally awesome: every month I get books I wouldn't have picked for myself, and I've loved almost every single book they've sent. I love my subscription so much I bought one for my sister and my best friend too! Subscribe NOW, you won't be disappointed!” -Jennifer

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9. Read & Relax - By Introverts Retreat


If You Read: Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

We Recommend: Read & Relax by Introverts Retreat

Why You’ll Love It: People? They’re exhausting. Plans? Cancel them. If “go big and stay home” is a mantra near and dear to your heart, Read & Relax by Introverts Retreat is the subscription book club and self-care service made for introverts like you. This subscription sends you a bit of pampering along with a great new book...and, you can make it a modern love story like Party of Two, making for one sweet escape.

What You Pay: Starting at $25.49/month

What Subscribers Say: “Wonderful box! This is my first shipment, and includes a book (you pick the genre), scented candle, soap and bath salts, and a bookmark. I’m so excited to read my new book—I’m counting down the hours until I can log off from work.” -Pierina

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10. Coffee and a Classic


If You Read: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

We Recommend: Coffee and a Classic

Why They’ll Love It: If classic love stories and other time-tested novels have permanent residence in your heart, Coffee and a Classic delivers only the greats! And, as the name of the subscription service suggests, you’re also treated to something to sip on, plus a couple extra goodies to keep things interesting.

What You Pay: Starting at $39.89/month

What Subscribers Say: “Gave this as a gift to my husband for his birthday. Adorable assortment of items with The Great Gatsby book. High quality coffee too. We are both excited for his next arrival!! I have a strong feeling we will be extending this beyond the 3 month subscription I bought him!” -Danny

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11. Magical Reads Crate YOUNG ADULT Monthly Crate - all sales from this website are final please make note of this before making a purchase.


If You Read: Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo

We Recommend: Magical Reads Crate

Why You’ll Love It: Romance! Adventure! Fantasy! Magic! Shadow & Bone brings all this into being beautifully...and so does Magical Reads Crate. Every month this book subscription delivers a young adult new release hardcover accompanied with a curation of cool finds that complement the month’s extraordinary selection.

What You Pay: Starting at $34/month

What Subscribers Say: “I'm totally blown away, especially since the October box was my first box! The quality of the items was perfect and curated around a spooky theme. The items themselves are very useful and I love that the items are geared more towards adults, making their products useful and usable! The book was a pleasant surprise as not many boxes had that book and I loved how they have individualized themselves from other boxes! I can't wait for my upcoming crates!” -Suzanne

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12. The Book Drop


If You Read: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

We Recommend: The Book Drop

Why They’ll Love It: If you enjoy World War II historical fiction like The Nightingale, The Book Drop has a “Books for Tea” selection that’s perfect for readers like you. It’s their historical fiction option, specializing in a bit of time travel every month. And, because the books are selected by an independent bookstore, you can trust that the book you’ll receive is a gem you probably haven’t heard about yet.

What You Pay: Starting at $17.50/month

What Subscribers Say: “It's all in the curation with this sub. The Book Drop is like having a personal shopper just for books. I feel like every order was picked out just for me by a good friend. Even when the book isn't something I'd have selected for myself, it's always a stellar read which I enjoy immensely. Also, I like knowing that I'm supporting an independent bookseller. Is this the cheapest way to find new reads? No, but it's one of the most fun if you like a surprise and sometimes enjoy a feeling of exclusivity.” -Carrie

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