Bookroo Review | March 2015

Posted by Lindsey

This is my first Bookroo box. First impression: sheer delight! Every book was wrapped beautifully with turquoise and coral wrapping paper, coordinating twine, etc. I felt like I was being given three different gifts.  To me, that sets a good precedent—a book is always a good gift, and each of these had a personal touch included.  Someone must have hand wrapped each book carefully. I absolutely loved this presentation!

Here’s how it look when I first opened it (what a sweet note on the inside too!), followed by my thoughts on each box:

BOOKROO PART 1:  “Hopper and Wilson” by Maria van Lieshout

The illustrations in this book are very unique—a watercolor element that fits the story. This book has a lot of words and is probably geared toward children ages 5-6.  The story turns dark and tragic (one of the characters is swallowed whole by the ocean), and although there were light-hearted elements, this isn’t a story that I would select for my son given his age. Overall though, I did enjoy the idea of the book and may read it to him when he’s a bit older.

BOOKROO PART 2:  “What Am I?  Owl & Friends” by Joyce Wan

This book is so cute and has a great progression in the story line. I prefer nature-related books for my son, and this one is full of squirrels, mocking birds, raccoons and caterpillars.  Each page has bright colors and large illustrations—very easy to focus.  The foldout surprise ending is one that excites our son every time and steals the show. Wonderful book!

BOOKROO PART 3:  “The Going To Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton

This book is cute, very humorous, and has simple message and illustration.  I like that it is a sing-song rhyme and progresses through the steps of getting ready for bed.  The book also displays a very unusual group of animals (lion, pig, moose, bunny, etc.) which is adorable. Another wonderful selection that my family really enjoyed.

Bookroo: The Verdict

I approve 2 out of 3 books in this box.  I lean toward thick board books with a 1-year-old, so it’s good to build up a unique collection.  Yes, I would keep the subscription because you can never have too many books with young kids.  As a parent I look for books that I enjoy reading too, not just my son. If more of the books included were like the latter two in this review, I would absolutely continue with the subscription.