2 Spiritual Boxes to Become More Centered This Year

No straightforward definition exists for what it means to be a spiritual person, because at the end of the day, spirituality is variable and deeply personal. Living a spiritual life may include communing with a higher power, or it may include connecting with your higher self.

Some people may have a clear vision of what spirituality looks like and means for them, while others are looking to embark on a journey of self-love or want to take time to acknowledge gratitude on a daily basis. Spending time exploring your own version of spirituality may simply look like taking a moment to slow down, take a deep breath and try new things.

Monthly subscription boxes here on the Cratejoy Marketplace can help to motivate you to set intentions, cultivate mindfulness or attract positivity. Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been walking along your spiritual path for some time now, here are two new boxes that can help you focus on how to become more spiritual this year.

Spiritual Crate


Keep the wheels of energy flowing throughout the body and mind by clearing any stagnation or blockages with the Luxe Chakra Box. Designed as a 9-month subscription, you will be guided from Earth Star through each of the 7 main chakras, concluding with Ascension.

Aiming to create the ultimate sense of balance in mind, body and spirit, Stefanie and her team curate each successive box to include a mystical mix of vegan spiritual items and meditations that will help you focus on a particular energetic field, working to overcome any personal challenges and limitations. Including everything from aromatherapy, energized crystals, and herbal teas to guided meditations, yoga pose suggestions, and a curated list of meditation music, each box acts as your own personal guide towards chakra alignment and spiritual growth.

Every item is handpicked and sourced from trusted suppliers, enhanced with Reiki, and moon- soaked prior to packaging to set the scene for solid spiritual work. Focusing on your chakras, the most sacred of spaces where the physical body meets your consciousness, can help you revitalize your life force by calming emotions, relieving stress and bringing mental clarity into your daily life.

Magickal Earth-Bath Box


The owners of a beautiful "unique boutique" that caters to all things magickal, Janet Barto and Christina Barger have always wanted to connect people to the powers that lie within themselves by introducing them to high-quality spiritual tools and practices that will enhance their well being and help them on their path of personal growth. In addition to their storefront in Washington, they curate a number of subscription boxes that focus on teaching different facets of spiritual development.

Bathing has long been revered as a spiritual ritual, elevating itself to much more than just cleansing the body. Spiritual baths offer one of the best ways to clear your chakras, revitalize your aura, and create a blissful space that’s ideal for intention-setting. Each Bath Box from the Magickal Earth aims to do just that by acting as a source of inspiration -- a way to ignite each individual’s transformational process and simply help them to feel good!

Highlighting a new small business every month, each box is packed with an assortment of handcrafted artisanal products, including vegan body care items, essential oil-infused crystal candles, spiritual salt soaks, and a crystal chosen to match the month’s energy. Use every monthly delivery to create an enchanted bathing experience that releases negativity, attracts positivity and renews your body and soul.