Bring Family Together With Experience Gifts


The idea of experiences over possessions is trending upwards as Millennials are having families and looking at the world through a different lens. Material goods once viewed as a necessity for previous generations are being bypassed to free up funds to get out and experience all that life has to offer. Whether it’s heading into nature for an outdoor adventure, crafting DIY lifestyle items, or planning a dedicated family game night, people everywhere are embracing trying over buying!

When it comes to gift-giving, the trend is similar, and both a majority of gift givers and receivers say that experience gifts are less stressful, easier and more enjoyable -- to give and to get! Developing a sense of community and spending quality time bonding as a family is growing in our collective conscience. So, whether it’s the holiday season, Valentine’s Day or a milestone birthday, the time has come for families, friends, and partners to change it up in the gifting department, moving away from Amazon gift cards and towards more adventurous, unique gifts.

Both mental and material clutter is getting pushed aside to make space for excitement and social connection. We sat down with a few new sellers to create a little gift guide of these 3 small businesses that cater to hobby and experiences... and make great experience gift ideas for your nearest and dearest.

The Happy Glamper


If you’re anything like Brandi, the Founder and HGIC (Head Glamper In Charge) at The Happy Glamper, then you believe that becoming one with nature shouldn’t have to involve suffering. Now, with a box dedicated to meeting the needs of all outdoor divas, you can give an experience gift that will allow even the most reluctant camper to pack the kids up and head out into the breathtaking scenery across the U.S.

An adventurer in her own right, Brandi achieved "road warrior status" by the age of 14, when Mom and Dad packed up the whole family for an incredible coast-to-coast journey. Visiting the country’s iconic monuments and awe-inspiring natural beauty of the National Parks gave her a lifelong wanderlust that now keeps her on the hunt for new adventures to enjoy with her loved ones.


From the Florida Keys to the Alaskan frontier, even those who are less than thrilled about the idea of roughing it can activate their adventurous spirit, tick off a few boxes on the bucket list, and focus on making memories with a new kind of outdoor experience. “Glamping is like camping, but elevated. It's not a sleeping bag, it's a down comforter," Brandi says. "It's less sweaty and more air conditioned. It's enjoying nature, but still looking on point for pictures. Glamping brings the comforts of home so you can enjoy the outdoors!”

Focusing on a different state and a new theme every month, each box from The Happy Glamper brings an assortment of local, artisan products, handy glamping gadgets and exclusive discounts to some of the top glamping destinations across the U.S. A great gift idea for girly girls and mimosa-loving moms, now even the most outdoor-averse can reap the benefits of communing with nature, while not straying too far outside their comfort zone.

This monthly subscription box is one of the best gifts to encourage outdoor adventures, experience everything the country has to offer and gain a deeper love of travel. And -- Brandi makes this point crystal clear -- “Most importantly, we want everyone to go out and make memories!”



IndieStitch has high hopes to be a blessing to and a favorite gift for proud members of the sewing community, bringing talented designers and pattern makers to women who love to sew clothing! With weekly email tips, Q&As and a virtual sewing group, this monthly subscription is striving to create a supportive community “from the beginner trying to get her hems even to the expert trying to get her pant fit just right.”

Before IndieStitch was ever on the horizon, founder Amber had a passion for sewing clothing, exploring the vast catalog of independent sewing pattern companies, checking out new designers, testing patterns and obsessing over fabric. But being a busy mom -- and running her own freelance sewing business -- left little time for what she loved, and when a search for a way to source patterns, sew, and support women-owned sewing businesses came up empty, she decided to do it herself, explaining, “I can source amazing patterns from talented designers that flatter women of all sizes and share them with others in the sewing community.”


Each monthly box showcases a digital garment pattern from a small, independent, and woman-owned pattern designer and includes all you need to complete the month’s project. Fabric and notions are sourced from a company specializing in quality products, and any sewing-inspired gift items come directly from small business owners within the sewing community.

Supporting and developing a real sense of community is the guiding thread that makes IndieStitch a truly unique monthly subscription, and the perfect gift for anyone looking for a more experiential hobby. “We want our community to be loving, supportive, and all-inclusive," Amber says. "All our featured patterns are all-inclusive in sizing, meaning that they go from XXS-5X. And we host a sewing group to support women on their sewing journey and ensure that their projects are successful!”