Calming Music for Home & Work: Fall 2019

Even in Austin, we're eager to welcome the changing season -- and the cooler temps that come with it. (Sweater weather? Yes, please!)

If we have anything to do with it, this fall will be our coziest yet, with all the artisan candles, tea subscriptions, blankets to keep us warm, relaxing crafts and hobbies, and legendary Netflix binges we can manage.

Whatever form #mycozylife takes, though, it's never truly as cozy as it could be until there's the right music to go along with it. So the Cratejoy team put our heads together, compared notes, and curated the perfect playlist for a cozy fall evening!

Feel cozy no matter where you are, whether you're cooking in the kitchen or commuting in the car. With this mix of mellow beats and soulful sounds, tap into #mycozylife this fall.