Learn the Benefits of Bathtime from Bath Bevy

Welcome to Day 6 of Camp Cratejoy!

Today, we sat down with Samantha, the founder behind relaxing self-care and spa subscription box Bath Bevy. Did you know that baths have huge benefits for stress reduction? Watch the video below for some tips and inspiration to make bathtime part of your relaxation routine!

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Meet Samantha, the founder of Bath Bevy


Hi! I’m Samantha, the owner and founder of Bath Bevy. I curate each month’s box and along the way, I’ve developed a deep love and appreciation for making many of the products included in the subscription.

Learn The Benefits of Bathtime for Self-Care

How can taking a bath make a difference day-to-day?

Baths can relieve stress, muscle tension, and other pains. They can even help you reduce calories, symptoms of a cold, and blood pressure!

Think of it as a kind of mindfulness: you’ve carved out this time just for you to be still and in the present moment. And if you use essential oils or other forms of aromatherapy in your bath, that adds another layer of relaxation to your time.

In short? Giving yourself the time and space to pamper yourself with a bath is good for self-care, mental health, and overall wellness!

Samantha’s recommended bath products:

  • Bath bombs: They fizz, they smell great… what’s not to like? As a bonus, they help moisturize and soften your skin.
  • Bath salts: From Epsom salt to aromatherapy salts, these help muscle aches and pains, and can be good for sensitive skin.
  • Whipped scrubs: We all need to exfoliate once in a while.
  • Bath melts: These have a lot of the same skincare benefits as bath bombs, but melt directly into the bath.
  • Bubble baths: Did you know that bubbles help maintain the warmth of the water? Go ahead and treat yourself!

Learn More About Bath Bevy


Why baths? What inspired you to start Bath Bevy?

My love for baths started as a way to ease my aches and pains from living with chronic illness. A hot bath made such an amazing difference for me that I’ve started nearly every day with a bath for the last 4+ years.

There are so many amazing bath products available from bath bombs, bubble baths, bath melts, bath salts, and more, and so many wonderful indie bath and body companies. Hand-crafted, small-batch bath and body is my passion. I truly believe that making the time to consistently care for yourself in a way that you enjoy can change your life.

What makes Bath Bevy unique?

Many of the bath and body products featured in our boxes are custom-made just for Bath Bevy subscribers! There’s something almost magical about handmade, small-batch items, and I’m delighted to curate each month’s box.

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

I’ve heard a lot over the years from people who are interested in Bath Bevy, but they don’t have a bathtub. I’m working on a TUBLESS subscription option and will be launching this option soon!

Read Along With the Video (Transcript)

Hello, Camp Cratejoy! I'm Samantha, and I run Bath Bevy, the subscription box for the bath lover. We send a carefully curated collection of bath & body goodness around a theme every month.

As you could probably guess, our family's pretty passionate about bathtime, and I wanted to share with you some of the ways that we’re using baths to connect, disconnect, and relieve stress.

Did you know that there's a ton of great benefits that baths can provide? They can improve sleep, they can relieve muscle pain and tension, they can reduce blood pressure, they can burn calories -- and even reduce some of those cold and flu symptoms if you have them. The other great thing is the aromatherapy aspect -- when you're using a lot of the scented products, and the aromatherapy piece can help to regulate mood and reduce stress, and I know in our family we could use a lot of both of those!

These days, we’re all home together trying to learn remotely or work from home, and we have a kindergartener, the teenager, and me. My husband is still able to go to work because he's essential, but the three of us are here all together, all the time.

We've been using a lot of baths to help break that up and practice self-care, and for our kindergartener, that means she gets my one-on-one attention -- and she can tell me what she's having fun with, what she wants to do today, what she doesn't like that's going on, whether that's what's for lunch or complaining about her sister, or whatever that is -- but she gets my one-on-one attention.

And for a teenager, that's all about her alone time away from the rest of us -- away from her sister, away from her mom -- and she can really kind of de-stress, too, because everything that's going on right now is stressful, definitely, for all of us.

There's a ton of bath and body products available these days. I would say in our family, one of our favorites is definitely bath bombs. There's a ton of fun shapes -- my kindergartener definitely really gravitates towards those different shapes and the smells and the colors. And so it's kind of nice to focus on, you know, to be in that warm water, and have the scents around you, and the bath bombs are really good for your skin and can be really moisturizing and softening.

And our teenager loves bath bombs too, but is definitely more partial to bubble baths -- and she'll tell anyone who will listen about a study she read that the bubbles will actually keep your bath warm longer.

And for me, I've been taking a bath everyday for a long time. I find that it relieves a lot of pain, a lot of tension, and stress, and just having that regular time every day to myself that I can kind of look forward to and the rest of our family really respects is amazing, and I keep doing that as long as I can.

So there's just a ton of great products -- there's bath bombs, bubble baths, bath salts, bath and body oils... there's whipped scrubs, there's bath melts. There's a ton of stuff. And with everything going on right now, we could all use a little extra self-care.

I hope that you and your family are finding some great ways to get some time-out and really care for yourselves. (I know for us, having everyone smell good has been really fabulous with these close quarters!) And I hope that you and yours are doing really well. Thanks! Stay safe.