Ideas for Wine Tastings at Home with He Wines, She Dines

Welcome to Day 10 of Camp Cratejoy! Today marks the last day of camp, and we couldn’t be happier with all of our “counselors.”

Today, we had the opportunity to spend time with the husband-and-wife team behind the delicious wine-delivery subscription box He Wines, She Dines! Tim and Jen were full of ideas to jazz up your next virtual get-together while enjoying some delicious wines. Watch the video below for some inspiration. Cheers!

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Meet the Duo Behind He Wine, She Dines


We are Tim and Jennifer McCallum, owners and operators of He Wines, She Dines. We have been married for over 25 years and share a passion for fine wine and great food!

By day, Tim runs a marketing agency in Dallas, TX and Jennifer works as a therapist. In our free time, we like to travel and find new places to drink wine! We love sharing wine with all of our members and we hope you love your boxes!

Tips for Virtual Happy Hour from He Wines, She Dines

Blind Wine Tasting... Of Sorts

  1. Grab all the wines you have around the house (or from your He Wines, She Dines box) and pour them into a variety of glasses. (Or plastic cups, whatever you have -- just something clear.)
  2. Separate the reds and the whites into two groups.
  3. “Shuffle” (move around) the different glasses until you can’t remember which wine is which.
  4. Clink glasses with your housemate, partner, or family member, take a sip, and try to guess!

Formal, Virtual Wine Tasting

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw circles on it as big as your fist (or otherwise wide enough to take notes). Write the name of each wine to taste at the top of each circle.
  2. Hop onto your video call.
  3. Take turns sipping wines and rating them.
  4. Vote on your favorite!

Learn More About He Wines, She Dines


What inspired you to launch He Wines, She Dines?

He Wines, She Dines began long before the name. Tim and Jennifer McCallum fell in love with each other over delicious food and great drinks two decades ago when they started dating!

About two years ago, Tim gave Jennifer a blank journal and bought the website to celebrate a new chapter in their lives as their children left the nest for college. The goal was to create He Wines, She Dines, a unique couple’s foodie site for restaurant reviews, food and drink recipes, and blog features.

Each review is from a his-and-hers perspective because they know men and women have unique experiences and see food and drinks differently from one another. Their site is dedicated to promoting and uplifting great eateries, awesome drinks, time-tested wines and the wonderful people who pour their souls into making their experiences enjoyable.

After traveling the world and meeting growers from all over, Tim and Jen decided that they wanted to start their own wine club, and thus Club Jeroboam was born. Club Jeroboam is a unique subscription luxury wine club, where members can enjoy a rare selection of wines hand-picked to fit their personal profile. They source wines from small family-owned vineyards whenever possible therefore many of their wines are hard to find in the states. They have also created their own label of wine, He Wines, She Dines, which you will only find on their site and in a few restaurants in the Dallas area.

What makes He Wines, She Dines unique?

Our box is unique because we send you bottles of wine that we know you will love, based on your taste preferences. Every bottle we send is high-quality and has been personally tasted by us. We also produce a line of wines from our personal winery that we often include in our boxes. Our champagne club is extremely unique because we partner with growers in Champagne, France that don’t sell their wine anywhere else in the United States. These are small-batch growers and every bottle they produce is very high-end.

Anything else that you want customers to know?

We love to get to know people that are in our wine club, so we often invite members out to wine events and sales if they live in the local area (Dallas, TX)!

We also have a blog where we review restaurants, share original recipes and post other entertaining features. We also invite other couples to contribute to the blog with their own restaurant reviews!

Read Along With the Video (Transcript)

TIM: Hey y'all! It's Tim and Jen from He Wines, She Dines.

JEN: We know everybody's bored at home right now with not much to do, so we wanted to, you know, come to y'all today with some fun suggestions and things to keep things busy. Lighthearted.

TIM: Yeah, absolutely. So we're here at our wine cellar, just so we could grab a quick glass and then go through a couple of cool ideas on some things.

So last weekend, we were here -- actually, we had a little mix-up, and that may be a first great idea.

JEN: We kind of did a blind tasting of sorts. It ended up that way, anyway. So, we have fun using these little carafes, and we got mixed up on which was which. You know, somebody had poured one and we didn't remember what it was, and so we had fun just tasting it and trying to guess which one it was.

So that's a great way to just do a blind tasting of sorts at home! Fill some different carafes and with friends, partners, you know, virtually of course, right now… But have fun tasting it and guessing which ones you think it is.

TIM: Yeah! And if you don't have a fancy carafe, you can use a plastic cup or something -- clean and clear glass, or just anything -- and then, you know, you can each sort of... we did that and it was a lot of fun. I think we figured out what most of them were, but --

JEN: I think we did! I think we were right!

TIM: (laughs) Yeah, it was pretty good!

JEN: I’ve even seen a lot of bottles now come in cute little bottles, so you can find smaller amounts of your favorite wine, too.

TIM: Yeah, absolutely.

One of the other ideas we had is -- of course, this one's a little more fancy, because we use it here at our facility for wine tastings -- but you can make something like this really easily at home.

JEN: Yeah! Get your kids doing homework for you. _(chuckles)

TIM: Yeah, so if you have... you can just use a piece of paper and draw some circles on it and write the names of the wines, and maybe put a little note -- or if it's white or red or whatever -- and make your own little sort of wine tasting, if you just got a box from us, or if you've picked up some wine from the store while you're quarantining. You could write them on here, and then you and the folks in your house could get together and just do a little more formalized wine tasting.

But it's fun! [To] write your notes and that sort of stuff. And what are some of our other ideas?

One of the things that we're talking about is [that] not all good wine is expensive.

JEN: Ah, oh that’s right, yeah. That’s a good idea.

TIM: So, maybe each of you pick up some wines, or if you have some wines and you know what they cost, have a challenge to see which wines -- try the expensive, try the not-so-expensive, side by side without anybody knowing the price. And see if everybody can guess which one was more expensive.

JEN: Not always, but sometimes, you’ll surprise yourself. Something that’s not quite as expensive can still be really delicious.

TIM: Absolutely, absolutely. So, those are just a couple ideas we had, so…

JEN: And hey -- we want to see y’all’s pictures, so be sure to tag us on your social media accounts. We want to see it.

TIM: Absolutely. Tag us at @hewinesshedines, and we hope you guys are staying busy and enjoying some wine and some time together.

JEN: Cheers.

TIM: Cheers!