Learn to Make Springtime Crafts at Home with We Craft Box

Welcome to Day 2 of Camp Cratejoy!

We were lucky enough to sit in with Betsy, Max, and Owen -- the team behind creative subscription box We Craft Box -- this week for an exclusive peek at some new crafts. Follow along at the video below and learn how to make these cute crafts with your own kiddos at home!

Meet Betsy, the founder of We Craft Box


Hi! I'm Betsy Wild. My favorite color is anything fun and bright, I love pizza, coffee, wine and rainbows, I crave creativity in all things, and am a happy wife and mom of two rambunctious boys.

After 13 years in the design industry and many years of ceramic sculpting, I took a leap of faith and followed my passion project. I'm now beyond thrilled to be doing what I love and bringing families together through creativity every day.

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Betsy’s Step-by-Step DIY Tutorials

How to Make a Basic Towel into a Bunny

What you'll need:

  • Towel (any size -- whatever you like!)
  • Googly eyes
  • Ribbon or string
  • Rubber band
  • Something for a little bunny nose (get creative!)
  • Cotton ball
  • Elmer’s glue


  1. Roll up the towel like a burrito. Then bend the rolled towel in half, twice.
  2. Hold it tightly and wrap a rubber band around the towel, making sure to keep the ends long (these will be ears!).
  3. Glue on googly eyes, a cotton ball for the tail, and your nose.
  4. Tie the ribbon around the bunny’s head to give him (or her) a bow.
  5. Ta-da! You’ve got a brand-new bunny friend!

How to Make Bubble-Print Greeting Cards

What you'll need:

  • Paper
  • Food coloring or washable/acrylic paint
  • Bowls
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Straw


  1. Pour a small amount of water into the bowl (say, about an inch). Add a squirt of dish soap and the coloring of your choice.
  2. Mix it all up with your straw!
  3. When the mixture is thoroughly combined, fold your paper into a card.
  4. Carefully blow into the straw to create colorful bubbles in your bowl! Keep going until the bubbles rise (way) over the top of the bowl.
  5. Gently place the front of your card over the top of the bubbles, then take a look. See how you’ve made a pattern? Cool, right?
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you love how your card looks.
  7. Let the card dry and send it to a friend!

Learn More About We Craft Box


Tell us your story! What inspired you to launch We Craft Box?

I’m a wife, mother, and artist, with my BFA from Art Center College of Design. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of crafting with my mom. Now I’m a mom myself and want to create these moments with my own children.

But when juggling family and a full-time job as a creative director, I found it difficult to find time to prepare for crafting. So I came up with my own solution and have since turned it into a product that is now helping thousands of families unplug from the screen and connect through creativity.

Each month’s We Craft Box features a unique theme and story about the crafts. When it arrives at your doorstep, it’s a complete creative unit! All the materials needed are inside the box -- and can be shared between two children! With 2-3 crafts and easy-to-follow photo directions, parents can enjoy a stress-free creative experience with their children, as it's both priceless and valuable at the same time!

After all, with We Craft Box, it's the gift that helps families craft, connect and create together.

What makes We Craft Box unique?

We Craft Box is a complete creative art unit that can be shared by two crafters. When you open the box, you can read and enjoy a story written by my mom! It sets a fun and imaginative tone for crafting. Each box comes with quality materials, and teaches new techniques to implement the materials.

Not only are we encouraging imagination and creativity, but we are also enabling family bonding to grow too. We are connecting families in the home and outside of the home -- we hear from our grandparent subscribers how much they love getting FaceTime calls from their grandkids when they are crafting.

Read Along With the Video (Transcription)

Hi guys! I’m Betsy Wild, founder of We Craft Box, a kids’ crafts subscription box sent to your home, and we are here to show you some crafts that you can do with materials that you already have in your house.

(Betsy introduces her two little helpers, Max and Owen, and they announce the crafts!)

First up: DIY Towel Bunnies

That’s right! Bunnies, we’re going to make out of some towels, and we’re going to do some bubble prints -- some really cute Easter cards that you can send, or just some fun spring cards.

(to kids) Okay, should we get started with the bunnies? Max helped me make all these bunnies here.

So, let’s get started! We’re going to roll [the hand towel] up like a burrito -- oh! First, what you need: any kind of a towel, or a washcloth, or hand towel will work, any kind of color, and some googly eyes, some ribbon or string, a rubber band, anything you could use for a nose, a cotton ball, and some white Elmer’s glue.

All right… now, we’re going to roll it up like a little burrito. (Max rolls up the towel.)

Great job, Max! Okay, then we’re going to bend it in half and bend it in half one more time -- see, it already looks like a bunny. We’re going to hold it tightly and put the rubber band around to hold our bunny together and make the head. (holds up towel) So there is our little bunny!

Now Max is going to add some eyes… one and two… and (to Max) can you glue the nose on? Wanna put it on? (Max glues nose on.)

Now we have a little bunny face, and we’re going to put a little string on him, and Max has the finishing touch as the cotton tail. We’re going to tie a little -- oh, here comes the cotton tail, guys! -- we’re going to tie a little bow…

And you can finesse it if you’d like, but then, there -- you’ve got a little happy bunny family that you can put on display for spring!

All right! Next we’re going to clean up and we’ll show you bubble prints.

Beautiful Bubble-Print Greeting Cards

Hi again! Here we are, and we’re going to do our bubble prints. It’s super easy, all you need is a little bowl with just a little bit of water -- maybe about an inch -- with dish soap. You can use food coloring or any kind of paint -- this is Crayola fingerpaint -- and a straw, and some kind of paper. We’re actually using these to send as spring Easter cards to family and friends.

So, I’ll show you how we’re going to do it…

We’re going to add some soap, and we’re going to add some paint. You can be generous if you want it to be a bright color. And then you can mix it up using your straw -- mix it up really good! -- and then, this is what’s going to happen.

(Betsy demonstrates blowing bubbles into the bowl with a straw.)

All right, boys. Do you want to blow some bubbles and we’ll do some prints? Ready, steady, go!

(Betsy, Max, and Owen blow bubbles into their bowls with straws until the mound of bubbles reaches above the bowl.)

Then you’re going to take the card you have and you're gonna -- whoop!

(Betsy taps the card gently on top of the bowl of bubbles, then displays the pattern on the bottom side of the paper.)

See? It’s pretty cool already. And they dry really neat. Then you keep going!

(Betsy and the kids continue to blow bubbles to fill each bowl, then tap the cards against the bubbles.)

Great job, Owen! Great job, Max!

And these are kinda fun! You can draw a picture on top of this, or just have a pretty abstract image, or write a sweet poem to a friend.

("All done!" Max and Owen exclaim.)