10 Candle Subscription Boxes To Illuminate Your Home

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The moment a candle is lit the atmosphere and ambience of a room is altered, while indulgent aromas erase the stress of a long day away.  Appreciate the simple pleasures that a candle-lit lifestyle inspires. Bask in the glow, set a mood and create a delectable atmosphere with one, or more, of the best candle subscription boxes.

A monthly candle subscription allows you to experience the joy of unique, exceptionally crafted, artisan candles in scents and aromas perfect for any occasion.


1. Raven Lake Originals Candles

Raven Lake Originals candle subscription box

Price: Starts at $25.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Raven Lake offers exclusive fragrances for subscription members. Every month you will receive delightful handcrafted, hand poured candles and candle accessories. Raven Lake candles are delightfully fragrant and presented in a lidded tin.

Details: Ships anywhere in the US the 8th of each month

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2. Wickbox

Wickbox candle subscription

Price: Starts at $29.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Based on your subscription preference, you will receive a large or medium Wick Box candle in a seasonally appropriate candle jar or container. Plus, your candles are selected based on your fragrance profile.

Details: Ships worldwide on or around the 15th of each month

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3. Wicksly

Wicksly candle subscription box

Price:  Starts at $15.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Wicksly crafts a unique candle specific to each month of the year. Every month you receive a hand poured, luxury natural soy candle. Soy candles are known for their ability to retain their fragrance, and each Wicksly 5-ounce candle will burn for approximately 40 hours. Every Wickly candle is a fragrant, unique surprise.

Details: Ships within the US around the 10th of each month

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4. Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co

Cowboy & Cricket Candle subscription

Price: Starts at $10.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Cowboy and Cricket Candle Company provides unique scents not available anywhere else. Your candle subscription box will contain one six cube, hand poured wax melt that are made with natural soy wax in tiny batches.

Details: Ships worldwide on the first Monday of each month

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5. The Kandle Box

The Kandle Box candle subscription

Price: Starts at $39.99/mo

What You’ll Get: After selecting your favorite scents for each month, you will receive one 16 ounce jar candle, two 9 ounce jar candles, 3 small box wax melts and a decal. Every month you will get candles crafted with care and appropriately scented for the current season.

Details: Ships worldwide on the 4th of each month

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6. The Tealight Company

The Tealight Company tealight candle subscription

Price: Starts at $11.95/month

What You’ll Get: Once you experience the joys of handcrafted tea candles, you may never look back. Each Tealight subscription includes 6 tealight candles in one scent, or, indulge in the Spa in a Box subscription that includes a 3 ounce scented candle, 3 bath products, and 3 skin care products, including shower steamers, salt soaks, facial masks, lotions and more.

Details: US shipping between the 1st and 4th of each month

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7. Brunch Candle Box

Brunch Candle Box

Price: Starts at $12.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Every Brunch Candle Box showcases a candle from a different artisan across the country and features a surprise gift to complete a theme. With every box purchased, a meal is provided for a hungry child through organizations such as “No Kid Hungry” and “UnicefUSA”. While you indulge your senses, take a moment to acknowledge that you are helping a child in need.

Details: US Shipping on the 15th of each month

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8. Torch

Torch candle subscription box

Price: Starts at $38.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Each monthly box of candle gifts from Torch feature a candle crafted from locally sourced soy products, with hand-made wicks that burns for up to 100 hours. Each 12-ounce Torch candle is poured and presented in a lovely cocktail glass, a great addition to your glassware collection!

Details: Ships worldwide on the 16th of each month

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9. Earth Wax and Fire

Earth Wax and Fire candle subscription

Price: Starts at $27.00/month

What You’ll Get: Local Israeli artisans have been crafting candles for generations. Every Earth Wax and Fire box brings you a wonderful artisan candle, plus a hand-crafted ceramic dish signed by the artist. The artwork is inspired by natural surroundings and local events. Each candle gift set will also contain a special surprise, included to enhance the presentation of the ceramic and candle combination.

Details: Ships worldwide at the beginning of each month

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10. Bee Good

Bee Good candle gift box

Price: Starts at $10.00/month

What You’ll Get: Each Bee Good 4-ounce organic beeswax candle is fragranced with therapeutic grade essential oils and purifies the air as it burns. Experience the therapeutic benefits of customizable, high-quality, natural plant essence as each candle burns. Every candle burns for approximately 30 hours, or choose from 60 or 90-hour subscription options.

Details: Ships worldwide on the 4th of each month

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Looking for more candle boxes? Take a look at these!


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