Capricorn-Inspired Subscription Boxes That Gift Practical Delight

True winter babies, Capricorns are those born from the winter solstice to January 20. Represented by the sea goat, oddly they aren't all that interested in being the GOAT, and are much more concerned with proving their abilities to themselves than they are by seeking attention from others. They are in constant competition with themselves and love a pat on the back for a job well done, because it helps them to acknowledge their successes.

Caps will seek out best friends and partners who can handle their intensity. This star sign likes to go toe-to-toe with those who have exceptional understanding of something (anything), and are impressed by technical details, philosophy, and current affairs. Those that can speak with passion and knowledge on whatever they're interested in will be those they enjoy to be around most.

So, what about Capricorn gift ideas? While they're not attention seekers, when you give a Capricorn in your life a gift, they get confirmation of your love and support––and that means the world to them. From birthday gifts to holiday gifts and more, this gift guide offers up plenty of great astrology gifts for all your favorite goats!

What are the best gift boxes for Capricorns?


Herbal Apprentice Box

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Those born under this astrological sign love a good education, and the Herbal Apprentice Box will give them the skills they need to dive headfirst into the wonderful world of plants and herbs. Each month brings a themed kit filled with DIY medicine-making projects to begin building a home apothecary. They'll unbox study guides, easy-to-follow recipes, seeds to start a personal medicinal garden, essential oils, and more!


Smartass & Sass *SHIRT-ONLY* Subscription

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When you befriend someone born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, we can guarantee you they'll have strong opinions that need to come out! They're much more likely to blurt it all out than to sugarcoat the truth, making Smartass and Sass a gift box right up their alley. Now you can add some snarky humor to their wardrobes with graphic T-shirts and a mix of other skillfully selected artisanal goodies.


Craftee DIY Box

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Remember that Caps are out to prove their skills to themselves, so hands-on gift ideas are going to be well-received. Enter Craftee DIY, a great zodiac gift box for your gal pals. Not only will they love learning the ins and outs of new crafting techniques, but they'll love the ease and organization, too. Designed to be an open-and-go box, each kit comes complete with all they need to make an Etsy-worthy craft in no time!


Penspiration by Cloth & Paper

From $20.00 per box
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The work ethic of Capricorns goes above and beyond, and they strongly believe in the ethos "push yourself to succeed." Since you know they're not shying away from hard work anytime soon, send them Cloth & Paper, a gift box that's perfect for adding a little fun to their work space. Focusing on sophisticated stationery and planner items, they'll unbox luxe, practical supplies, including planner pages, stickers, pens, and organizational tools.


greenUP box | Sustainable & Plastic-Free

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The greenUP Box is a great gift for an earth sign who's a natural leader and always looking for ways to improve. On a mission to rid the world from unnecessary plastic waste, this zero-waste subscription service sends a bi-monthly box themed around a particular area of life––like the market, the kitchen, and more––and supplies eco-friendly alternatives to everyday, single-use items, such as stainless steel lunch boxes, reusable cutlery, and more.