Cat Lady Box Review | August 2015

Posted by Lindsey

I was so excited when I received this box. However, I recently lost my kitty baby of 13 years, so it was very difficult for me to review this box. There were many items in this box that I knew she would love, but her sister still lives with us so she was able to play with the toys in the box and enjoy them in her sister’s honor. This box was a great reminder of my love for my kitty, and I will be cherishing these items in memory of her.

Here’s what I received in this month’s Crazy Cat Lady subscription box:

Cat Lady Item #1: Exclusive “MEOW” Original Design T-Shirt

I love this t-shirt, but it is a little too big for me. I absolutely love showing off my love for cats. I love that it is so soft and I definitely felt like I’d worn the shirt before. It had that soft vintage feel that I love about t-shirts that are loved. The photo quality isn’t the best, but I still love this t-shirt!

Cat Lady Item #2: Handmade Ceramic Cat Pendant Necklace

I love this necklace. I wear it all the time. It is a perfect reminder of my sweet kitty. I will cherish this necklace forever. It makes me feel like my sweet kitty baby is always with me, even if she isn’t with me physically.

Cat Lady Item #3: Natural Lip Balm With Organic Cat Nip

This lip balm is amazing! It’s actually one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used. It’s perfect for the upcoming winter months when my skin dries out.

Cat Lady Item #4: Organic Catnip Fortune Cookie

My sweet kitty would have loved this toy. She loved anything with catnip in them. She would go absolutely insane for it. Mittsee, her sister, loves catnip even more, if that’s even possible. She has been playing with this toy nonstop since I’ve received it.

Cat Lady Item #5: Omega Paw Cocktail Inspired Treats

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive this item, which was a major bummer. Mittsee loves treats so much!

Cat Lady Item #6: (From Front) Featured Cat Lady Artist: PrintsOfHearts

I love this item. It made me teary eyed when I opened it. It was absolutely perfect for me with what’s been going on. I immediately framed it and it is now hanging on my wall.

August Cat Lady Verdict

Despite the tragic loss of my kitty of 13 years, I loved everything that was in the box this month. I know that my cat would have absolutely loved all of the items in the box. I will definitely be giving this box a 5 out of 5 stars. It was so perfect, despite the fact that it was missing an item. I will probably get this as a gift for my sister and her kitty for the holidays!