The Best Gift Boxes for Those Living with Chronic Illness (2021)

TLC can be a game changer for anyone who is battling a serious health condition or chronic illness (often referred to as a "Spoonie"). There are times that the weight of it can really hit like a ton of bricks; feeling the heaviness from chronic pain and suffering is a lot to ask of anyone. Fortunately there's something you can do to help: send a chronic illness subscription box to help ease a loved one’s pain.

What are the best care packages and subscription boxes for those with chronic illness?


Bath Bevy | Bath & Body Goodies

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Bath Bevy is designed to deliver the healing and restorative power of baths to chronic illness sufferers so they can enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience. Featuring 6-10 thoughtfully crafted and curated bath goodies in every box, including scrubs, soaps, skincare, and bombs, this subscription sends a healthy dose of chill vibes that go a long way to replenish both mind and body.



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The Hopebox is a monthly self care subscription box that delivers time for reflection. Since keeping hope alive is key to healing, give the gift of encouragement to help get through the ups and downs of the journey. Delivering 6-15 handmade treasures crafted by talented artisans, from smile-worthy greetings to thoughtful personal care items, each of the 3 available subscription levels send a monthly dose of joy.


Do A Shot Of Yoga Deluxe Box

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If you’re looking for the perfect spoonie gift, go on and Do a Shot of Yoga! This monthly subscription is just right for the days where spoons are in short supply. Unbox a yoga lifestyle book and 3-4 yoga accessories and self care items each month, and unlock access to members-only digital content with easily digestible 10-minute shots of yoga, meditation, and trainings. An interactive community helps offer moral support along the path to wellness and health.


The Adults & Crafts Crate

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The Adults & Crafts Crate is a subscription box that delivers crafty fun for grown ups! A great way to take the mind off the realities of a difficult diagnosis, this box arrives with everything needed to make a trendy, Insta-worthy craft or DIY project. Unpack all the materials, accessories, tools, and step-by-steps to get inspired, dive right in, and get down to crafting a functional piece of art.


Meditation Essentials Box

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When it comes to chronic disease and personal well being, there’s really no quick fix. Instead, find healing through the slow and steady art of meditation with the Meditation Essentials monthly subscription. Featuring books, affirmations, and quality products aimed to deepen the practice of meditation, this box can help to reduce stress and improve mood and mindset.


Finders Seekers Mysteries

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Sometimes those dealing with the day-to-day struggle of chronic illness just need to have a night of fun. The Finders Seekers Mysteries subscription sends a game night in each month’s box. Become immersed in a new city and culture, while facing challenging puzzles and complex codes. Each month’s theme highlights a new and exciting setting for the enclosed mystery that can be played as a solo mission or as a group effort.



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Nothing helps to brighten someone’s day and bring a little good cheer like a colorful bouquet of flowers. BloomsyBox wants to bring smiles along with colorful, delightful blooms. With fresh flowers selected from sustainable farms around the globe, each hand-picked bouquet is cut to order. From traditional to seasonal arrangements, these beauties will not disappoint.


Yarn Bits Shop Monthly Crochet QuickProjects Box

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Happy Hook Crocheting can provide the perfect distraction from daily pain by engaging the mind and occupying the hands. Choose from the BlanketBox or the QuickProject subscription and unpack an exclusive project pattern and the yarn to crochet it to completion. Whether working at crocheting a throw blanket or trying different yarns out with smaller projects, this subscription offers a great pick-me-up of relaxing fun.


Peace & Pages Monthly Subscription

From $24.75 per box
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When it comes to recharging and unwinding, self care is king. But you can take your pampering package delivery to the next level with Peace & Pages. Not only does this box of joy send your loved one bath and beauty products, it also provides an escape into the pages of an intriguing book in the genre of your choosing. Equal parts self-care and book box, this subscription is perfectly curated to help sufferers of chronic illness read, relax, and recharge.


Anchor of Hope Box

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Send a smile to someone who needs a little extra joy while supporting inspiring artisans with The Anchor of Hope Box. Providing dignified work to refugees and survivors of human trafficking, each box delivers 2-4 handmade items, from jewelry to ceramics, with proceeds going directly to the artisans to help them overcome life's challenges.


Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

From $45.00 per box
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Those treating a chronic illness know that when it comes to yummy treats, moderation makes sense. If you’re looking to treat someone special to a taste of the good life (but you want to make sure they don’t overdo it), a subscription to the Phivi Box is the perfect fit. It sends tasty, top-quality desserts and delicacies in a just-right amount: 8 hand-baked, perfectly portioned treats in a different, decadent, delicious theme every month.


Nail Shack Pack

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When it comes to finding joy, sometimes it’s the little things that matter so much. Something as simple as having beautifully manicured nails sends a signal to the world (and the person subscribing) that they're beautiful and they matter. Nail Shack sends enough nail strips for a full month of manicures that can be done at home, nail salon needed. Perfect!


Crystal Variety Box

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Some find them powerful, some find them simply pretty, but everyone can agree...crystals are cool. A subscription to Enchanted Crystals lets subscribers experience the magic of crystals every single month. Soon subscribers will have quite the collection to admire, learn about, and love. It’s like having an art collection from the earth itself. And that’s pretty amazing for those in need of a beautiful distraction.


Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit

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Chronic illness like fibromyalgia, crohns, and other causes of chronic pain can often be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening. Assist anyone on a spiritual journey with the Chakra Box. This very special subscription leads your loved one through a 9-month awakening experience with hand-picked spiritual items and meditations to enhance body, mind, and spirit. It’s exactly what’s needed to aid anyone on a newfound quest for total well-being.