The Gift Boxes That College, High School, & Middle School Grads Actually Want

Graduation marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of something new, so no matter whether they’re moving on up into high school, college or out in the world, this is a moment to celebrate! Students deserve to be recognized for all their hard work, so we’re coming at you with unique, curated graduation gifts for all different stages. We put together graduation gift ideas that go beyond gift cards and candy bouquets; grad gifts that support and carry your students now and beyond.

Whatever the future holds for them, you can say congrats grad with care packages that show up every month — a token of your continued support and never-ending encouragement. With monthly subscription boxes, you can send keepsakes they’ll treasure, DIY projects they’ll enjoy, tasty snacks they’ll love, and so much more. Watch those graduation caps fly high, throw a graduation party, and surprise your special grad with the perfect graduation gift.

Welcome College Grads to the Real World


Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

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College grads over 21 can toast to their future with the Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club. Every month’s themed BYOB gift set focuses on a different spirit, delivering a recipe for 3 unique craft cocktails, along with the curated ingredients that will help them become a momentary student of mixology. Now they can leave keg stands behind and move into more sophisticated sips while building their mixed drink repertoire.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

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Looking for a graduation gift basket that will help your fave student complete their transition into adulthood in the most healthy and positive way possible? TheraBox is a monthly care package that’s all about inspiring joy. Each therapist-curated box brings a mix of self-care and wellness essentials, like pampering products and aromatherapy candles, along with a happiness activity to promote everyday mindfulness.


Craftsman Crate

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Graduation year might mark an end to formal education, but learning is lifelong. Craftsman Crate is a DIY graduation gift that promotes learning by doing! Perfect for crafty students who like to learn new things, each box is an all-inclusive craft kit that focuses on a different crafting technique, and comes complete with all the materials, tools and tutorials needed to make a fun project from start to finish.


The Book Drop - Adult Readers

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Say congrats with a straightforward book club from The Book Drop. Because their curators focus on lesser-known must-reads, they’ll bypass the bestsellers and Top 10’s and bring that indie bookstore vibe of college towns right to the front door. One of the best graduation gifts for avid readers, each monthly book is wrapped and packaged with care in environmentally-conscious mailers.

Transition High School Grads into a New Space


Air Plants Monthly

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Moving on to a college dorm or first apartment? Here’s a high school graduation gift that will help your student spruce up their space with super easy-care air plants. They’ll unbox 4 beautiful and hardy air plants, along with care instructions to keep them thriving. Not only will they be greeted with impressive variety and quality, they’ll love that air plants need just a spritz of water every now and again to live their best life!


SnackSack Classic

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Whether they’re heading off to college or starting their first gig, you can’t go wrong with snacks! Send a graduation gift box that’s packed with delicious and nutritious grab-and-go goodies — just the thing to toss in the bag when they’re heading out the door. Available in Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free or Vegan + GF, this box is also a great gift idea for different lifestyles and students with food sensitivities.


Escape the Crate: An Escape Room Adventure shipped straight to your door.

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Once the tassel switches sides and the confetti’s been tossed, it’s time to have a little fun! And, with Escape the Crate, you can send them on an adventure right from the comforts of home. Whether they want to go solo or call over a group of fellow grads, each box will get them flexing their mental muscles, solving puzzles and uncovering clues on their way to solving the mystery and making an escape.



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Skip the money cake and send your budding artist a fun and simple gift that gives them the encouragement they need to put pencil to paper and draw! Whether they’re in the mood for a quick sketch or they’re going all in on their next masterpiece, this monthly box brings a lay-flat, spiral-bound sketchbook complete with a daily drawing prompt that will spark their creativity and keep them motivated.


Hot Sauce of the Month Club - Monthly

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The Hot Sauce of the Month Club is the perfect grad gift to keep things spicy. More bold than an Amazon gift card, membership in this monthly club will give them the chance to explore taste sensations from artisan makers from around the world. Stocking a whopping 600+ hot sauces, hot sauce lovers are in for a fiery treat in their choice of Mild, Classic or Extra Hot.

Gift Confidence & Creativity to Middle School Grads


Box of Matter

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It’s time to celebrate moving beyond middle school with a collection of cool curiosities from Box of Matter. Ideal for those with an inquisitive mind, this monthly box is just what’s needed to pique curiosity and get your student exploring everything from NASA relics and crystals to natural specimen, like shells, claws and fossils. No junk here — just intriguing matter that’s perfect for self study. And, be sure to click the coupon at checkout for extra savings!


Finders Seekers Mysteries

From $26.40 per box
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While a cash-filled graduation card is always an option, Finders Seekers, a best-selling mystery box will get middle school grads learning in a fun, new way. Gamers 10+ will enjoy the mental stimulation they get from using their STEAM fundamentals and critical thinking skills to go the distance, exploring global cultures and solving mysteries.


Mix Box

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Even if your favorite student is moving on from middle school, we’re sure they haven’t outgrown the spoon-licking phase, so here’s a box that will get them in the kitchen baking up a batch of celebratory cookies or cupcakes. Mix Box is a baking kit that makes it easy for young and old to enjoy home-baked treats, sending pre-measured dry ingredients and a picture-filled, easy-to-follow recipe card.


One Girl Inspired

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Now that your graduate is onto the next phase, send a gift that will keep her optimistic about what lies ahead with a subscription to One Girl Inspired. Focusing on personal development and journaling, she’ll learn to have a growth mindset, set goals and dream big, while also enjoying spa gifts, jewelry, school supplies and more. One girl is really all it takes to create a bright future!


Camp Wildcraft Art Box

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Dioramas, paintings, homemade stamps and more, with the Camp Wildcraft Art Box your grad’s creativity can come to life through imaginative, nature-filled art and craft projects. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to crafting, this box focuses on free-flow activities, thoughtfully curating each box to help your budding artist learn new techniques and create a home-base art studio filled with useful tools and supplies.