How Cratejoy Helped Me Create My Best Life


You may already know the Cratejoy team as the people who help you: find your new favorite hobby, enhance your self-care routine, treat friends with gifts that keep on giving, and indulge yourself once a month. But we’re subscribers, too! And just like you, each of us has found an experience on Cratejoy that sparks something better in our day-to-day.

Some of us feel happiest in a house packed with plants, while a few others on the team dig delicious dinner kits and wine pairings. Several of us relax by treating the furry members of our families to toys and (well) treats. And most of all, we want to feel good and do good by supporting the small businesses – and causes – we care so much about.

Below, we’ve pulled together a selection of Cratejoy staff picks across the Marketplace. These are just some ways Cratejoy sellers helped create our best lives – and how they can create yours, too.


My Garden Box

As one of Cratejoy’s cofounders, Alex has subscribed to a lot of subscription boxes over the years, from niches as varied as natural soap products to everyday meal prep. So what makes My Garden Box stand above the rest? “Killer quality and presentation,” he says. The plant quality is curated to be so killer, in fact, that it’s hard to kill them – even without a green thumb. Two of the glossy, gigantic shrubs lining the pond in Alex’s garden (as you can see above) grew from plants curated by My Garden Box. “Everything is perfectly prepared,” he explains, “individually wrapped, with instructions and info on the plants.”

Every month, My Garden Box ships everything you need to cultivate your own gorgeous garden. You can join Alex and start your own here.


Brothers Coffee Company

Cold brew is definitely having a moment. For those of you who don’t have the wallet for fancy coffeeshop cold brew, however – or want to dig into the craft of coffee yourself – Cratejoy’s engineer Miguel suggests making it at home. How? “It’s not that fancy at all,” he says. You too can have the same stellar experience you’d get at an expensive or busy coffeeshop in just a few simple steps!

For this purpose, Miguel recommends a light roast subscription from Brothers Coffee Company. “The coffee was amazing, plus a really great price, even with international shipping,” he says. “And light roast works best for cold brews.” To do it, add 4oz. of coffee grounds to a nut milk or cheesecloth bag, then place the bag in 8 cups of water and let it soak in the fridge overnight. A single 12oz. bag of Brothers Coffee Company amounts to a month’s worth of cold brew for Miguel. Commence your cold (or hot) brew journey with Brothers here.



Sustainable, ecologically conscious box Earthlove is a no-brainer for marketer Erin. “I care a lot about sustainability and want to learn more about how to incorporate more earth-friendly products into my life,” she says. As a big fan of Austin’s farmer’s markets, she’s gotten a lot of use out of Earthlove’s sturdy, reusable canvas totes. Even better, Earthlove’s quarterly book selection helps her keep track of – and improve – her eco efforts all year long.

“This box has a great curation,” she says. With Earthlove, she gets to try out vetted products “while saving time.” Erin’s not getting stuck in the vast ocean of research around what products are best to support the environment; she’s just supporting. And with Earthlove, that means automatically donating part of your seasonal purchase to environmental nonprofit organizations for conservation and protection. “It feels great supporting a cause I care about!” Erin exclaims. You can support the earth with Earthlove here.


Sensory TheraPLAY Box

Kiran, one of our engineers, recommends Sensory TheraPLAY for anyone with children. “Our family loves it,” he says. “The box always meets our 3-year-old son’s sensory needs with multiple kinds of toys, games, fidgets and puzzles.” Each product included in Sensory TheraPLAY’s monthly shipment – from plush animals to squishable putty and other purposefully textured toys – is designed to be therapeutic and fun. Kids can relax, learn, and explore something new with every curation. “This is a great box for kids with and without sensory needs!” Kiran says.

You can help your child with their needs and explore new experiences here.


International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit

As one of our engineers, Ryan is always juggling a variety of projects. So it’s nice to have dinner on the table sooner rather than later – he just doesn’t have time for lengthy meal preparation. For a speedy, savory supper, he recommends Takeout Kit’s variety of global cuisine. The Burmese Curry Noodles, in particular. “The recipe was easy to follow, quick, and most importantly — delicious!” he says. Delivery was almost immediate: Ryan ordered his meal kit on a Friday and it arrived at his family’s door on Saturday so he could cook at home that night. Even better? Takeout Kit makes 4 servings, so he and his wife had leftovers for Sunday night!

After subscribing to Takeout Kit himself, Ryan liked the meal kit so much that he ordered it as a gift to a friend. If you’d like to do the same – or gift yourself – take the first step here.


The Dapper Dog Box

Rocky, who belongs to manager Eliza, is one of the best dogs we know. (Fact.) So it means a lot that The Dapper Dog Box meets the standard Rocky deserves. “I love that it includes a mix of treats, toys and bandanas,” she says. “Each month has a new theme, which makes it fun for humans and dogs alike.” One month, Eliza and Rocky received a box themed around birthdays, so Rocky had the chance to celebrate himself with his very own, nutritionally-healthy cake. “The birthday box was a huge hit!” she says. But whatever the theme, Dapper Dog makes it possible for Rocky to exercise, play, and (with their trademark monthly bandanas) look extra-adorable while he does it.

Got a Rocky or two of your own at home? You can deck them out in a dapper bandana here.