Creative Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck At Home

With more daycares, schools and businesses closing nationwide, parents and caretakers are just beginning to wrap their heads around the idea of spending weeks indoors with the kids. Facing new social distancing guidelines, restrictions and closures can leave parents feeling overwhelmed.

First things first. Deep breath in, then let it out nice and slowly. We can do this! Here's a repertoire of indoor games, at-home hobbies and rainy day activities for a list of indoor activities that will come in handy during this moment of togetherness.

Get Crafty


It’s important to keep in mind that everyone in the family is adjusting to a new normal, so we may all expect to see a little uptick in screen time as we sort out new work-from-home and homeschooling situations. That said, none of us want our kids watching movies on repeat and spending hours on end playing Fortnite. Instead, let kids dive deeper into the scenes behind those screens!

Instead of watching their favorite shows, let the living room become their stage. Focusing on the production side of things, help them act out a favorite fairy tale or create an original skit. From script-writing and scene-setting, to costume designing and filming, there are so many opportunities to turn one of their favorite pastimes into a new creative outlet.

Alternatively, let them check out the flip side of apps and video games with a subscription to Bitsbox. Arriving just days after ordering, they'll get a box filled with basic coding projects that teach kids how to make everything from games to greeting cards. A valuable skill to have for the jobs of the future, evidenced by some intriguing new app ideas, kids between the ages of 6-12 begin learning with examples and quickly progress to creating their own inventions.

Inspire Future Leaders


While we're trying to ensure that kids still have fun while spending so much time indoors, there's not much sugarcoating the truth about what's going on in tens of thousands of homes around the world. Now is as good a time as ever to teach children, especially older kids, about the importance of being bold and leading with compassion and empathy.

Looking for a place to start? Wonder Crate can help kids learn about a wide range of forward-thinking role models and take a closer look at how personal passions can inspire fearless action. Order now for a box that lets kids grow their own pet croc while diving into Steve Irwin's passion for wildlife. Crikey! Or, enroll kids between the ages of 5-10 into the Superhero Academy for a monthly delivery of "Secret Missions" that bring a social-emotional learning element that aims to create a new generation of resilient and courageous superheroes.