Unique Ideas for Date Night at Home

While your favorite restaurant meal and trips to the movie theater are (frequently) out of the question, you can still keep date night alive and well, even while social distancing. And, continuing to stay connected and have fun with your partner is crucial for managing stress levels and lifting the mood through difficult times like these.

So, how can we continue to keep our relationships thriving while practicing social distancing? Well, we went on a little mission to come up with some answers to that question, and found plenty of at-home date night ideas that will help us all keep the love alive.

Realizing that everyone’s circumstances are different, we’ve come up with both virtual dating ideas for singles and couples, as well as at-home date ideas for couples who are having to navigate a new normal. No matter what life looks like, you can create a fun or romantic date night and get that connection you crave!

Single, but Forbidden to Mingle

So you were wading into the dating scene, meeting new people and seeing plenty of potential, only to be thrown a coronavirus-shaped curveball. Instead of taking it as a blow, get creative! If you felt a little something for someone, don’t let uncertainty stop you from asking them out on a virtual date!

Get Face-to-Face Online


The early stages of romance are all about getting to know one another, so invite your love interest to enjoy an online meetup -- doing anything from sharing stories over an ice cream sundae, playing a game of "Would you rather?", or singing karaoke, each from your respective homes. Need a little help breaking the ice? Enjoy friendly conversation over a craft cocktail with a home delivery from the American Cocktail Club, a box that specializes in sending all that’s needed to get your drink on -- booze, syrups, garnishes and more!

The Experience Date 2.0


For people who have a DIY approach to dating, there are still ways to experience what the world has to offer from the comforts of home. FaceTime each other and see who's got the best skills in the kitchen making fondue or rolling sushi. Hop on your computers together and head to the amazing world of online museum and zoo tours, or get crafty together with The Adults & Crafts Crate, a box that brings all the necessary tools and supplies to make a trendy project from start to finish. And even though it might not be the best date ever, it's the perfect way to keep things moving forward.

Social-Distance Dating

You’ve been seeing one another for awhile now, but you’re not move-in ready, so to speak. Since those are decisions that take time and consideration, there’s no sense rushing anything, especially in such an unprecedented time. So, despite living in the same city, you might find yourself in a "long-distance" dating situation while you’re sheltering in place. Use all your virtual dating options, and take it a step further.

Send a Sweet Surprise


Used to showing up at the door with a favorite takeout meal or some fresh flowers? There’s no need to stop those sweet gestures of love. Put a new spin on those surprises by sending everything from delicious and authentic Italian specialties to homemade marshmallows and gourmet cocoa. It's a surefire way to stay connected and score some extra brownie points!

Keep Things Steamy

Not exactly the time for close cuddles, there’s nothing that says you can’t keep your love life alive from a distance. The Mystery Pleasure Box is here to help stimulate the senses and bring intimacy to couples with toys, lotions and all types of pleasurable persuasions. Offering a box that caters to all types of relationships, you can find new ways to explore while keeping your distance.

Staying Connected In Close Quarters

In theory, being confined at home with your partner can seem like a great opportunity to spend more time together. But throw in work, kids and plenty of stress, and those close quarters may start getting a little too close for comfort. Prevent stir-craziness from setting in by prioritizing date night and creating that special time to communicate and maintain an emotional connection through it all.

Old Traditions and New Ideas


Whether you're looking for a little mental challenge or you want to take a night to focus on family, bring something new to game night with an at-home escape room adventure that arrives ready to go. Complete with puzzles, clues, codes and more, dive into a historical mystery with Escape the Crate, explore new cities and cultures with Finders Seekers Mysteries, or choose your own adventure with The Conundrum Box that brings a challenging game, plus themed recipe and drink cards, an accompanying music playlist, and other goodies to create a full-on gaming experience.