The Deadbolt Mystery Society Review | February 2019

The Deadbolt Mystery Society subscription box

The Deadbolt Mystery Society is a subscription box service that sends you monthly mysteries to solve. You will be given a sheet of instructions with tips on how to solve the mystery along with loads of evidence and clues that ranges from pictures of suspects, text and phone records, letters, notes, and QR barcodes to scan that will reveal additional information.

You will even be given access to groups on social media that can help you solve the mystery. If you love puzzles, thrillers, and mind-bending mysteries then you will love being the detective in solving the mystery of “The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame” making this the perfect subscription box for you!

The Cost: Starts at $22.50 per month
Shipping: Ships worldwide except for the U.K.

Overall Rating:

Shipping: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality of Products: 5/5
Retail Value: 5/5
Curation: 5/5

Packaging and Unboxing

The Deadbolt Mystery Society box

The package comes in its own box Deadbolt’s logo and information and no additional external packaging. It’s easy to open and simply filled with the contents you need to solve the mystery. The packaging reflects the brand’s aesthetic with a clean modern design that is relevant to the message of the brand.

Because it’s a mystery a lot of the materials aren’t labeled so you have to use common sense to decipher what the items are. However, Deadbolt Mystery Society provides a content list on their website so you can verify that you have received all the contents that are supposed to be included in the box. After reviewing the content list online, this particular box checks out and has all the necessary contents to solve the puzzle (33 items in total!)

The Deadbolt Mystery Society subscription box

About Deadbolt Mystery Society's Puzzle

The Deadbolt Mystery Society’s “The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame” is a suspenseful murder mystery where Mr. Mindgame pulls all the strings serving as your twisted host throughout the game. There is a Mr. Mindgame sheet that explains what’s going on and how you will know that you have solved the murder mystery when the “last man is left standing.”

There is also a collector’s card that gives you a synopsis of who Mr. Mindgame is “–a vigilante who takes the law into his own hands by kidnapping all those who are suspects and doing his own twisted version of detective work.” Mr. Mindgame is also thought to have been a patient at an asylum. However, his identity is unknown.

Mr. Mindgame is known for turning investigations into games which is where you come in as an amateur detective to solve the mystery. You are the detective in his mindgame where your goal is to solve the murder of Jennifer Cochran, a school teacher who was brutally murder in her home.

The Deadbolt Mystery Society puzzle

There are 33 pieces of evidence, information and clues that come in the box that you must use to connect the dots in order to solve the murder which includes items like a journal, letters, pictures of the victim and suspects, text messages, to interesting items like a short story by Edgar Allan Poe “The Masque of the Red Death” and riddles and puzzles from Mr. Mindgame himself.

In addition, you are given even more information on Deadbolt’s website which includes content lists, hint files, and solutions for the game. The mystery provides a lot of information and if you’re not in love with solving mysteries and figuring out puzzles it can be a little bit overwhelming.

The mystery is enjoyed best in a group or a family game night where everyone can work together to solve the murder. Having a second pair of eyes and another brain can help you connect the dots to clues and solve riddles that unless this is your thing can be challenging. It’s also important that your smartphone is able to read the QR codes or you will need to download a QR code reader.

Final Verdict

I found Deabolt’s “Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame” to be very intriguing especially with the process of elimination that Mr. Mindgame has of “removing” a suspect once you solve one of his puzzles, which I found to be really exciting. The parallels between Mr. Mindgame’s story and the mystery you are set to solve are also very interesting.

The plethora of information, clues, puzzles, downloads, QR codes and social media groups to access will keep you guessing for hours. It’s a well thought out mystery with puzzle pieces that really makes you feel like you are literally in a movie solving a murder mystery.

If puzzles aren’t your thing you will be turned off by this box because the information can be overwhelming. If you don’t love it and have the patience for this type of investigative work, I wouldn’t invest in this box. However, if you love solving puzzles alone or with a group you will appreciate the elaborate work that went into crafting this box and you will be entertained every step of the way.

I highly recommend this box for lovers and connoisseurs of puzzles, escape rooms, and mysteries and give it a 5 out of 5.

To sign-up or learn more, visit The Deadbolt Mystery Society's listing page on Cratejoy!