4 Boxes to Live Sustainably in Style

As people around the world call for action to combat global climate change, more people have become aware of just how large an impact the beauty industry is having on our planet. Fast fashion has made the textile industry the second-largest polluter in the world, playing a role in everything from ocean pollution to rainforest deforestation. Unfortunately, this problem isn't isolated to fashion, and upon further inspection, the beauty and jewelry industries aren't all that pretty either.

Because you care about your health and the health of the planet, we scoured the Marketplace and found 7 new green-friendly boxes that are doing their part to provide all-natural alternatives made from sustainable materials -- or otherwise help you reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Soap by Amanda


The bath and beauty industry produces over 120 billion units of non-biodegradable single-use plastic packaging items every year. But getting clean and looking pretty doesn't have to be so wasteful.

Small producers, like Soap by Amanda, are heading back to the basics. At the height of the microbrew craze in 2007, Amanda began experimenting with making all-natural "hoppy soaps" from craft beer. From there, she moved into soaps made with vegan oils and skin-soothing botanicals, producing a wide range of products made from wholesome, sustainable ingredients.

In addition to providing detailed information on the local breweries that helped to make each hoppy soap, every mix of delightfully scented soaps comes with handmade bath accessories and cleaning products and comes packaged in compostable materials.

Wicked Good Perfume


Reducing your carbon footprint and making more environmentally-friendly choices doesn't mean you have to forgo what you love. Many small companies are offering superior products that are principled and sustainable.

One such company is Wicked Good Perfume, a box that delivers small-batch, handcrafted natural perfumes and was created by the same founder as the popular vegan beauty box Orglamix. Every monthly box of Wicked Good Perfume offers a limited-edition set of seasonally-inspired scents. Described as truly one-of-a-kind, this is the perfect subscription for anyone who likes to try new things and experiment with a range of liquid and solid perfumes and body products.

Dedicated to making products that are healthy for the body and environment, each Wicked Good fragrance is formulated without phthalates, parabens, and petroleum, using responsibly- and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Every product is guaranteed to be vegan and 100% cruelty-free. Also, subscribers can get in on selecting the next box theme, as each theme is crowdsourced. Become a part of the Facebook community or check in through another social media channel to join in!

Favorite Heirloom Jewelry


The modern jewelry industry is now known for using harmful mining practices and suffering from a lack of supply chain transparency, leaving consumers with a shortsighted understanding of the impact of their purchases. But thankfully, there’s no need to ditch all accessories when there are many opportunities to reuse and repurpose the treasures of the past.

While some people relish the #ThrilloftheVintageHunt, others would much rather enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of thrifted or vintage jewelry pieces without having to deal with the hunt at all. Favorite Heirloom Jewelry is here to offer a solution.

John, the founder of this monthly subscription, offers up a mix of vintage jewelry pieces sourced from a family-run estate liquidation business that acquired each one-of-a-kind piece from private collections. Having years of experience evaluating and sourcing quality vintage jewelry, this jewelry box steers clear of silverplate, offering a beautiful mix of sterling silver pieces. All items are packed and sent in recyclable materials, making this a much more eco-friendly way to add some sparkle to your OOTD.

Sticker Savages


Environmentalism is spreading well beyond the beauty industry and inspiring a whole new generation of kind companies -- companies that are dedicated to committing a percentage of proceeds to environmental charities. Appealing to consumers in all types of markets, these companies are looking to make an impact by giving back.

Sticker Savages is one of these companies. Founded by a tried-and-true sticker lover, Damon decided to grow his passion into a career. Sourcing sticker designs and art from indie artists on Instagram, each monthly pack is filled with an assortment of high-quality, colorful and unique stickers that are perfect for anyone who’s looking for stickers that are out of the mainstream.

And it’s something you can feel good about purchasing, because 10% of all proceeds -- every month -- are donated to charities committed to fighting climate change. Now that’s a win-win!